Although Wright at the moment,Singularity rule perception,And Bill who died before·Sistan is quite,Even slightly inferior,Dou Qi has just stepped into the sanctuary level。But the difference in the fighting style of the two led to a completely different direction of the battle.。

Bill·Sistan’s swordsmanship is based on the law of fire,Count and Wright’s‘Flame style’Is the same style,Strong attack,Overbearing moves,Face a weaker opponent,Crush it easily。But the defense is relatively weak,Confronting Hamlin, a stronger Dark Saint Magister,Hard to resist。 Wright after stepping into the sanctuary,But derived from the law of water system【The Profound Meaning of Water·Flow-through】As the main means Read More

“I’m really crazy,So maybe you think my actions are a bit frivolous……I must admit,I will be more reserved if I can;Please forgive me,It’s the night that leaked the secret of my heart……”

“Bailing classmates,I wish you a good result in the competition!” “Hahaha,The video is so interesting!Zhang Song,You must be watching Lu Yi successfully confess the goddess,Want to learn,is not it?It seems,Our dormitory is about to hold an order-free training class,one class100Bucks,Estimated to be able to make a profit。”Dong Ge said with a smile。 “Is not,I……”Zhang Song Read More

And the six angel-like predators,It must have been fully reimbursed at the moment,Shajir regrets not seeing Li Tianchou’s battle,But he knew he could tackle six predators at the same time in such a short time,Absolutely powerful,No one around me can match it。

Shajir’s eyes flashed with excitement,But also quite confusing,The previous two samples are much worse than this young man named Li Tianchou in terms of strain and survivability,Aren’t they from the same organization?The boss got the information from no way?It seems that there is still a lot of moisture。 Li Tianchou, huddled in the groove of Read More

there is a problem!

“Doctor Fang……You too!This patient has an accident……I think you will be better here!” Doctor Qiu said seriously Fang Yu looks at the patient,Doesn’t look like a big problem。 but,Most likely internal injury! At this moment。 The patient’s mother is here,“My son just got skin trauma,No need for treatment!Is your hospital ruining money?……” “son,You stand up Read More

such,Can focus on what General Hui Lei is good at,Carry out some targeted measures。

For example,General Hui Lei is good at fighting alone,Evacuation is extremely fast,Strong attack,The defects are also obvious,Taoism is not strong,If it’s the world of mental flow,Or other good at illusion,And a practitioner who has a powerful secret technique will restrain her。 If you know in advance that the opponent is good at methods,Can be prepared。 Read More

Zhang Teng Daxi,I went out quickly to make arrangements。Xia Jianyi looked at his watch,It’s past seven o’clock in the evening,No wonder the stomach is a little hungry。Recognizing acupoints and getting acupuncture is also a troublesome job,Others don’t seem to have anything,But actually very tiring。

It’s finally time for an hour,Xia Jian moved quickly to remove the silver needle from Zhao Longlong’s back,Then the six silver needles were soaked in another bowl with white wine。 “So comfortable, Mr. Xia,Can i get up?“Zhao Longlong laughed,My butt keeps twisting。Zhang Teng saw,Happy in heart,So many days,It is really rare for Zhao Longlong to Read More

Luo Yicai doesn’t care about this,Very aggressively pushing Luo Jun out of the office,And locked the door from the inside。Look at Luo Yi’s cute look,Xia Jian couldn’t help laughing。

“This old man,Just like to be nosy。If grandma is there,Promise to scold him again”Speaking of grandma,Luo Yi couldn’t help but sighed again。 Xia Jian smiled and said:“Uncle Luo seems to know something?How did he know?” “Let’s go home for dinner today noon,Maybe Ali told him something。The old man gets excited when he gets in the Read More


First1133chapter Action begins Venture Group,Inside Wang Lin’s office。 Jin Yimei drank the coffee Wang Lin made for her,She smiled slightly:“Renjia Yunmao Group is worthy of being a well-known national enterprise,This cooperation agreement has just been signed,30 million is already on our account” “For this,I can’t sleep well for days。Now the hanging heart is let go,If Read More

“What is going on?”

Seeing your fist is no effect on Li Hui,Han Shanshan is also from giving up the intention of continuing to teach Li Hui。 “It is definitely the matter of the vegetable factory.,Didn’t you find more and more vegetable factories??” “Um,Found,It is definitely the hot quarter of the vegetable factory,But we don’t know,So being drilled in Read More

“Unfortunately,We haven’t reached the top,I’m going to pass my golden age,And the possibility of us being on the first team is slim……”

“do not talk,Big brother,Master Hua is getting in the car!” “Ok,Ok……”Lirenjian put away the complaint,Actually he doesn’t do anything else,Just because it’s empty“Huaxi Team”Good salary,But I can’t play an important game and worry…… As for Hua Wuxiang’s eyes,What he hired heavily can be summed up in two words——Beater,What he needs is their ability,But not responsible Read More