Master! Pang Gan shouted outside the house, There is a messenger reporting from China!

I Huo Ran got up and said, Come in quickly!
The messenger strode into the account and came to me with his hands flat holding the letter barrel. Little people visit the great protector!
Sitting by, Jia Mu took the letter barrel from him, turned around and handed it to me.
I held out my hand and asked, Where are you from?
The messenger slightly bowed his head. The villain belongs to Jia Xu Jia Daren!
I took out the silk paper from the bucket and laid it flat on the table.
Jia Xu’s lonely and proud handwriting jumped out
A few days ago, Yuan Shao, an animal husbandry in Jizhou, borrowed Wu Huan’s riot to attack the soldiers. Several counties in the north of Youzhou looked at the wind and surrendered to the secretariat of Lu Zhi. Lu Zhi gathered his troops in Jixian County, and the court had ordered Qing, Yan, and Sanzhou to attack Ji and Qiu Zhang Gong personally went north for half a year earlier, or it could be chaotic.
Jia Xu scribbled in Luoyang on October 16th.
32 late decision
There are more than ten people sitting around in the big account.
The Central Plains is really in chaos. I took a look at the white hair. You are not bad.
The Taoist priest smiled humbly.
Since the Central Plains is in chaos, Tuoba Ye suggested cautiously, Does your master want to kill it back?
His brother Qin array immediately angry response master has been waiting for the opportunity, isn’t it? It is now!
I nodded slightly. I do have this intention, but I want you to discuss it carefully for the sake of caution.
Master, when you order your subordinates to be the pioneers! Chuyan patted his chest.
Exactly! Qin array cried, how long has it been since I was a little black? !”
Compared with these people, Chen Chen was much calmer. He asked the Jia Xu messenger sideways, Is Jing Zhaoyin still Huangfusong when passing through Chang ‘an?
Yes, the messenger nodded firmly.
Please think twice, master. Chen turned to me and explained with a slight hand, Huangfusong is a famous contemporary, and it is not advisable to move our army with him guarding Sanfu.
A famous contemporary? Qin Zhen yi tooth discontentedly you mean … we can’t beat him?
Chen to shake his head to know, of course, master you brave HuangFuSong even holding hundreds of military forces can’t stop our army but … so brothers casualties will be very heavy
Qin array does not agree with HuangFuSong hands can have hundreds of military forces? Huh?
I motioned for him to stop for a while and then said, Uncle Huang Fusong is tough and … I don’t want to play against him unless I have to. After all, the elder Huang Fusong is qualified.
Taishi Ci looked out of the window and said, It’s snowing …
They all turned their heads to see the glittering and translucent snowflakes hovering in the middle, and the whole western region seemed to have this kind of color.
This kind of weather at this time … I sighed. It’s really not suitable for sending troops …

On the 10th, trotters from all over the Central Plains came one after another.
Cheng Yu, Li Dian, Xu Huang, Zhang Liao, Seibel, Du Ji, Zhang Ji, Wang Lie, all of them have handwritten letters.
The news brought by Jia Xu is generally around October 20 when things are signed.
I feel very gratified when I look at the full case.
After giving the replies to the messengers one by one, I once again took Sun Yatsen’s art of war and tried to enrich my military literacy.
But I rummaged through thirteen articles, but I didn’t even read a word.
Yuan Shao, Lu Zhi, Cao Cao, Sun Jian, Zhang Wen, Huang Fusong …
I can’t shake these names with my eyes closed.

After entering December, I completely gave up the idea of moving troops to the snowstorm.
桑拿I looked up at the sky and murmured, His grandmother … how many days has it snowed?
It’s been five days, Jia Yu replied, rubbing his hands while sitting by the brazier, wrapped in fur.
The western regions are terrible! Shuang’er muttered complaints.
Shuang’er, do you regret following me to the Western Regions? I turned back and said with a smile
How can I regret it? Shuang’er leaned out of the quilt and pouted his mouth. It’s too cold here …
I patted the only shirt I wore, So I asked you to practice kung fu.
She is a face of injustice. People can’t learn …
I can reach out and pinch her pink face. Your sister still has some talents …
As early as in Shuofang, I transferred the first center of gravity method of Jiuyang magic to several women around me. Unfortunately, all the other women except Xiao Zhao made great progress. On the one hand, it may be limited by talent, but more … because they are not interested at all.
However, even the most accomplished Xiao Zhao can still shiver in the heavy cottonpadded clothes in the face of the winter in the western regionsafter all, there is only a heavy realm
I reached out and grabbed the poker and fiddled with the charcoal fire in the basin, which sparked several sparks.
Outside the window, the snow is still blowing with a strong wind and snowflakes, dyeing heaven and earth the same color.
It seems that it is impossible to assimilate the western regions in a short time, isn’t it? I lightly sigh a way
What did Gong say? Xiao Zhao asked his eyebrows.
I waved at her and threw the poker.
There was a muffled sound when the poker fell to the ground.

This December is really the coldest December I have ever experienced.
Because I have to wear a fur coat when I’m out walking!
In such bad weather, the soldiers have already stopped their daily drills and moved outside in the afternoon when the sun is shining.
Even a simple exercise like exercise is hard to seeit snows every day.
Most soldiers can huddle in the barracks to keep warm.
I have to say here that although I have prepared as much as possible, there are still people killed in the blizzard.
It was a dark, windy night in a month, and a foot soldier went out to relieve himself. He fell directly into the snow with more than one person, only to be found by the patrol sentries the next day …
As soon as this happened, I immediately lit up the military forces, cleared the snow area near the military camp and prohibited everyone from leaving the military camp without authorization.
Soon after this military order was reached, it was strongly opposed by the stubborn representatives of Qin array