You congratulate me again? I am very pleased that Mr. Ji congratulated me because I got Taishiyi. It seems that white hair is no less important than righteousness.

Being original is a talker, how dare General Taishi be compared? Demonism is unexpectedly modest.
That’s not entirely true, Jia Xu laughed. Do you have high and low points for each other?
Mr. Wen and this statement is great! I clapped my hands and said, White hair, you are my country. You don’t have to sell yourself short.
Yes, he bowed his head slightly.
I suddenly reacted, Guys … should we get down to business?
Six soldiers came to block the water and have means to cover it.
I waded back to my hometown in Shanxi.
I entered the period of January and stayed at home.
Cheng Yu smiled a low since hay can be guaranteed, other things are not a problem
What do you mean? My heart is wide
The socalled soldiers will block the water and cover it with the elite military forces in the master’s hands. Are you afraid of just a few days? His words are everywhere.
But … Millimeter level.
I gave two quick smiles. Mr. Zhong is certainly a little emboldened to say so.
In the past two years, Wen and Lao Di have not been idle. He glanced at Jia Xu. He formed a special force for the master.
Oh? I can’t help flashing eyes nasty turned to the fatherinlaw special forces? Show me first!
The number of this army is small and it is not to fight. Jia Xu said slowly with one hand caressing his beard. Xu trained some people for more than a year and then let them sneak into various counties to fill their eyes and ears …
品茶论坛I was surprised and happy. Mr. Wenhe … has been prepared long ago? In a year and a half, then say little. He started preparing when I was the prefect of Liaodong.
The public is not a person who lives in Gansu, especially in today’s court. His eyes smiled.
I was deeply moved and slightly choked up My fatherinlaw still understands me
But it’s too short, too few people, and it won’t play much in the short term. He poured a cold water on me again to cool down.
Don’t worry, don’t worry, take your time! I’m already elatedat least I don’t start from scratch by choosing people!
But … even with these eyes and ears, there seems to be no specific countermeasures? Gan Ning also comes to splash water.
How can there be such a specific countermeasure? Their cheng yu this …
I quickly introduced him to Gan Ning Gan Xing Ba
Oh, battalion commander Gan thinks highly of us old men. He laughed. I’m not the old Bai Daochang. It’s not enough to know when Yuan Shao and Cao Cao will attack, and it’s not enough to know whether they will fight by themselves.
My heart moved Mr. Yuan Shao and Cao Cao …
Isn’t that possible? He asked.
Of course, everyone who has been in junior high school knows that Cao Cao and Yuan Shao went from two small guesses to having you and me. In three or five years, how can there be eternal friendship and eternal interests in this world?
You can’t see that the master is very thorough about the world at a young age. Wang Lie gathered his beard and laughed
I waved my hand and said modestly, Don’t take it seriously. I hope to establish a longterm friendship with these uncles.
It seems that the male hand is still a cavalry? Jia Xu suddenly had a problem.
Yes, I nodded. What’s the problem?
Of course there is something wrong with this. He played a few bullets. Even if the cavalry is mobile enough to attack the city, you can’t expect the cavalry to defend the city, can you?
I know what you mean, sir, but now that young and middleaged people are tight, I can take the elite cavalry route so as to maximize the existing forces. I am also very resistant
That’s your lack of foundation, Jia Xu said, but it’s different now.
Although we have Liangzhou Sili, the original population of Liangzhou is small, and you and General Marten have taken away too many military forces. It is too difficult to recruit again. Although the Sili has a large population, it is also difficult to plow the fields in recent years. I am no stranger to these two States.
He shook his head. It’s still easy to make a garrison of 10,000 or 20,000 places only by the division.
Then let’s do it. It’s also urgent to strengthen local garrison. I no longer object to Sir, just give orders to the counties for me.
Got it. He nodded.
Speaking of expanding the army, I suddenly remembered another person, Boan, should you expand some people in the trap camp?
Seibel was silent for a long time from beginning to end and finally nodded yes
The scale of 500 people is too small to expand to 2,000 people, otherwise it will be difficult to play in the future battlefield.
I’m afraid it’s too much. He shook his head. It’s better to lack than to abuse.
Then 1500 I took a step back.
He continued to shake his head 1000
I’m really angry with him. People are always afraid of not having enough troops. Does he think there are too many people? !
I want my master to be idle without armor. He looked at me seriously.