The girl’s light body fragrance in the nose is nervestirring.

This ….. master Zhao Cheng holding a pile of stationery have your letter …
eh? I was reluctant to let it smell fragrant. Shuang’er opened a letter.
The font is very delicate and pretty … Cough, cough.
I quickly reassembled the letter. You put it in your room and I’ll read it later.
Wenchi quickly winked at Shuang’er. Shuang’er got the message and grabbed the stationery and handed it to the hostess.
Feed what good rob I touched the nose with a wry smile.
Yo, husband, there’s a letter from an admirer. Cai Yan smiled sweetly.
I shook my hair to drive away the chill.
… I’ve been famous for a long time, looking forward to replying. Cai Yan winked at me by raising the thin writing paper in her hand.
You know it’s not my fault … I typed another letter.
The Story Of Diu Sim also came to help. Well, it’s quite good. Please consider it.
Cicada, you’re joking. I just throw away these chat stationery and take advantage of it. I’m so busy with wives and concubines now. I’m afraid I’ll have to worry about which room to sleep in later.
Now … I’m worried. She chuckled.
I said that after all, manpower sometimes runs out, and I’m not a monster. I admit that I’m also an ordinary man. Although I can sow, I’m not a professional seeder.
Understandable Cai Yan nodded and threw these stationery into the trash can. Today is the 19th?
It seems to be
… that’s Xiao E … She seems to be very resentful after only one calculation.
Hey, hey, don’t do this, okay? It seems that I have abandoned you … I solemnly said, You don’t want your dearest husband to die young because he worked too hard late, do you? !”
Both Cai Yan and The Story Of Diu Sim spat.
Well, well, you girls can usually read, play the piano, raise flowers and plants or do some needlework to cultivate your body and mind. I suggested, Oh, you can also learn to dance with cicadas to strengthen the feelings of a sister.
Blare Xiao Zhao suddenly let out a plaintive cry Gong … you still dislike Xiao Zhao’s inability to read, play the piano and dance … She made an initial cry and felt sorry for herself.
Although I was often defeated by Xiao Zhao’s killer, I didn’t learn the experience. This time I was still defeated by her. I rushed to comfort her. Ahem … these three skills … I can’t know any of them …
What are you doing dancing and playing the piano alone? She Chen way
You don’t understand this. Men can also be artists … Of course, I will never stimulate her again. Fortunately, she touched her back gently. I said Xiao Zhao … You are so powerful. Although I know that you are intentional, I can’t stand it at the sight of your weeping eyes! By … You can be less at ordinary times.
Xiao Zhao break cry smile jiao way it’s all your fault …
Her charm is another powerful stimulus to my nervous system.
I hurried to see the eyes, nose and heart, and repeatedly recited in my heart, When weeding, I will sweat and drip rice at noon …
Grandma, what is this weeding for lunch? ! Why are you so arrogant? !
Chapter 57 Peaceful years
On the 21st, Huang Fusong, Zhu Di and Zhao Qian, the three secretariat officials, made another performance.
A few days ago, the Coalition forces of the three States won another victory, destroyed the main army of the Black Mountain Thief and captured the enemy chieftain. Both of them were beheaded in the military camp.
In particular, Huangfusong also pointed out that Wuyuan satrap Lyu3 bu4 was outnumbered, and the Xiongnu leader Yu Fuluo led the army to defect. After all, Huangfusong, the leader of ethnic minorities, dared not dispose of it easily and would be escorted to Luoyang in a few days.
桑拿There is no brain. Lu Bu will deal with the brain, which is even worse, so that the Xiongnu compatriots will be in their proper place.
But if this uncle Lu is willing to come to me, I’m sure … Alas!
I put away my heart and shook my head and sighed.
The imperial court immediately awarded Zhao Qian the title of Hou Huangfusong and Zhu Xi’s food city, and thousands of women have been benefited.
For a while, the Central Plains, the cool north and the southwest all temporarily calmed down the sky, which seems to have been peaceful.
Chen Wen, the secretariat of Yangzhou, has a good hope. The elders have expressed their loyalty to the court for a long time, but it seems that several counties in Yangzhou are not completely controlled by him, and the imperial power can reach such a remote area.
Jingzhou secretariat Liu Biao … His mind is even more elusive. In the past six months, he has repeatedly sent messengers to come to the audience, but every time there is nothing substantial, he has to condemn Yuan Shu a few words every time.
However, Yuan Shu once defended himself and blamed himself for occupying Nanyang on Sun Jiantou’s Sun Jian’s wrongful murder, so the Nanyang satrap, Nanyang Tianda County, could not be abolished.
Temporary temporary … Temporary for more than three years? As early as Dong Zhuo’s period, it was admitted that Yuan Shu’s satrap position was also an imperial decree, and the court did not go for a while
Now that the general trend of the day is getting flat, it should not be too rampant whether it is Liu Biao or Yuan Shu
As Liu Xie said, we can enjoy the peaceful years now.
But … What’s the point of a peaceful life!
Every two days after the emperor’s banquet, he called a group of great scholars to explain the classics in the imperial college. You just have to tell them, and you have to let everyone come to participate in the old words. Don’t you let me listen!
It happened that Wang Yun, Xun Shuang, Yang Biao, Lu Zhi, and Cai Yong, the old men, were all eager to meet their friends every day, and every time they wanted to ask for leave to catch a cold and avoid this wave of life activities.
I simply told Liu Xieyan that I was only a superficial scholar, and I couldn’t understand what everyone said for a short time, hoping to teach myself for a few years first.
Liu Xie was very considerate of my difficulties and approved it specially.
So I hid at home and read thirteen articles of Sun Yatsen’s Art of War over and over again, which further deepened the relationship between Cai Yan and his wife in the process of reading.
Sun’s thirteen articles on the art of war are only a thousand words in total. The outline is extremely concise, and there is no specific methodology for the overall situation. Even though I have learned it by heart, I still don’t have much experience.