Are you fat? Do you want to be thin as a bone? I pinched the slender waist of Cai Yan. And Zhang Ji also said that if you want me to take over from Ma Jiazong, you can’t do it now. It is estimated that you will lose your life before the baby is born.

She was in a hurry that how to do? ! Yan’ er must have a child with her husband!
Why do I feel that Cai Yan’s IQ has dropped sharply recently? Are you getting childish?
The Story Of Diu Sim and Xiao E both smiled uncontrollably.
Cai Yan noticed that she was hiding her face. What are you two laughing at?
So Sister Yan is in such a hurry, The Story Of Diu Sim teased her. You are only sixteen years old. Are you too impatient?
Xiao E also nodded repeatedly. Miss, if you have a baby, I will be too busy to hold the baby all day, but I will talk.
Cai Yan said angrily, You two dead girls dare to laugh at me!
Well, there is one more thing we need to discuss. I cleared my throat. In view of Yan’s discomfort, I’d like to take this opportunity to make a night rest schedule for future reference.
Night … rest schedule? Wenchi seems to have guessed slightly blushed.
What’s that? Small moths naively asked
In fact, it’s nothing, I said seriously. After all, I have a limited life and energy. I can’t satisfy everyone every time. This table is just to make sure that I belong and be the messenger every night.
Cai Yan continues to hide her face, and The Story Of Diu Sim is also shy.
Hey, everyone is here. Xiao Zhao duly entered the room.
I motioned for her to listen together. Now it’s a fourperson club, and we’re just like the court meeting. The first day of the fiveday round, the second day of Xiao Zhao, the third day of cicada, the fourth day of Xiaoe, and the fifth day, I want a proper rest.
Er, what does this mean? Xiao Zhao, who just came in, is not white.
It means I sleep with you on the second and seventh day of every ten days. I was brief.
Her little face blushed quickly. Every ten days … two nights?
… you are too few? I shrugged naively. This is my limit, but there are four of you.
The four girls in the house all chuckled.
Male what are you talking about? !” Finally, a girl jumped in and rushed into my arms.
I quickly reached out and hugged her. Shuang’er, be good and don’t be noisy. My son is not feeling well. I just asked the doctor to see him.
Oh, she nodded obediently. What’s the matter with madam?
If you don’t eat meat and vegetables, you will get sick. I patted Shuang’er’s head.
Aha! She giggled. Is this a disease, too?
桑拿会所Don’t doubt what Wei people say. I lifted her off the ground and rocked her around a foot high.
Shuang’er hugged my back and legs tightly and wrapped them around my waist directly.
Okay, you’re too heavy. I slapped her on her small buttocks.
She gritted her teeth and said, You are heavy.
Of course I’m heavy. I let her go. But I won’t be like you.
… my sister said. She suddenly blinked.
Cough I immediately picked her up again. Shuang’er is the most lovely and Shuang’er is the lightest child in my family.
I’m not a child, she muttered.
Yes, yes, yes, you are not a child. I attach and
Can Shuang’er marry you? She quickly hit the snake with a stick.
Ahem, I said gently, of course, of course, but only when you are thirteen years old.
She buried her head in my arms again in disappointment, and her slender index finger kept drawing circles on my chest.