Whoever loves first and loves more in love is destined to pay more.

What’s more, he made it plain to me at the beginning. He and I signed an agreement and paid me so much …
But after thinking about it, I still deliberately pretended to be uncomfortable.
Since he said that he has me in his heart, I certainly hope that he can coax me.
He bent over me to let me sit face to face with him and then stared at me carefully. "On the one hand, I came to France to create the illusion that I fled the country, but the more important reason is that I want to save you and clear up the misunderstanding with you … I am afraid that if something happens, you will not hear my explanation and will always hate me."
I can’t help but grab his hand and ask, "What do you mean if something happens?"
Although I know the obstacles ahead, he is so powerful in my heart.
To be honest, I never thought he would fail …
Ye Xiang kissed my distant relative and whispered, "Don’t be afraid if it’s one thousand."
He understates it, but my heart is higher.
I’ve been with him for so long that I know more or less about his sex.
The lighter the clouds are, the more serious things may be.
I can imagine how many things will happen to him when he returns home this time, and whether his life will be in danger …
He clasped the back of my head and put me on his shoulder. "I hope you can forgive me for what I have done before. I have decided at the moment … that my father and uncle and my eldest brother have avenged me … I also have reasons to return to China … but other than that, you are the most important baby in my heart …"
Said he kissed my forehead so gently and piously.
My heart suddenly beat violently.
He confessed to me in disguise, which made me move more than once.
I heard it sweetly and felt something was wrong.
Section 326
He is not an emotional person, but in the castle for more than half a month, he almost never reached his heart to me.
Moreover, after Gu Changyu arrived, he did not hesitate to distance himself from her and maintained me everywhere.
I suddenly felt scared when I thought about what he just said.
It seems that he treats every day as the last time and will be gentle with me in every way …
My heart is breaking at the thought of this possibility, and tears come out of my eyes.
品茶论坛I pulled his arm tightly and cried, "I don’t want to be separated from you … since I am your baby, you can’t abandon me … anyway, I will never be separated from you …"
These two sentences were finished several times.
I’m not usually an excitable character, but I don’t know that I cried out of breath this time.
Maybe I can’t help feeling sad because I imagine that he may encounter danger.
Ye Xiangyuan touched my back one by one without speaking.
I sobbed, "Send my parents and Xiaochen away … My parents will take good care of the baby … I want to be with you. I must be with you …"
Ye Xiangyuan held me in his arms and didn’t speak.
I felt his strong heartbeat against his chest, and the panic and worry in my heart were even worse
He held me and remained silent.
I just don’t give up when I hold his neck.
I don’t know how long it took Ye Xiangyuan to lightly sigh and stroke my hair. Judo "After you are not so worried, you can live a normal life with you for a long time, and I will definitely come back to you in peace."
Even if he promised me so seriously, I still don’t feel at ease.
I looked up from his arms and looked into his eyes. "I don’t want to be abandoned by you again. You promised me … how can you let me leave you?"
Ye Xiangyuan stared at me deeply and there seemed to be a thousand words in my eyes.
I muttered, "No matter how many reasons you have, you can’t leave me alone, you know?"
He sighed long.