I look down and know that I can’t have a say in it at all.

And I have already guessed Ye Xiangyuan’s choice.
Sure enough, Ye Xiangyuan didn’t hesitate for too long.
Han Qingshan Road "Two Shaos really fight for righteousness"
Ye Xiangyuan looked at him and said, "How do you want to kill me first?"
My heart is a quiver.
桑拿论坛His tone is so calm, but what should I do if he promises me?
It’s not that I can still expect him to come back.
Han Qingshan smiled. "Just come with me later. Don’t worry, you can’t just let you die for us now."
But he will eventually kill Ye Xiangyuan.
I remember he said that one of him and Ye Xiangyuan must die.
Ye Xiang is "good" from afar.
Han Qingshan is a smile "happy".
Ye Xiangyuan said slowly, "But I won’t go with you until you send Xiaoyu and Ayi back to China to confirm that they are safe."
Han Qingshan said, "Of course."
At this time Ye Wen walked beside Ye Xiangyuan and whispered a few words in his ear.
Ye Xiangyuan eyes color calm after listening to Yuzryha smell.
He turned to Han Qingshan Road. "Mr. Han’s good deed, Yi, they were really caught by you."
Han Qingshan lip angle light hook "this is thanks to your right-hand man Pan Dong. If he hadn’t tipped me off, how could I know the whereabouts of Miss Gu and Zhou Shaoshao? You and Lu Shaoshao are so bad that I just can’t find them all over Spain."
I was shocked.
Pan Dong turned out to be a traitor? !
I can’t help seeing Ye Xiangyuan.
His eyelids drooped, hiding his emotions, and I couldn’t see clearly what he was thinking.
Is it shocking Pan Dong’s betrayal or questioning the credibility of this matter?
It was a long time before Ye Xiangyuan whispered, "So Dong is also your person."
Han Qingshan smiled. "I hold his parents’ lives in my hands and he can do things for me."
I also thought that maybe Han Qingshan was cheating, or maybe Pan Dong was pretending to defect, but now I believe that Pan Dong may have really betrayed Ye Xiangyuan from Han Qingshan’s parents.
People like Pan Dong are loyal and filial.
It is understandable that he chooses his parents when loyalty and filial piety are in a dilemma.
But he may directly lead to Ye Xiangyuan’s death.
I feel that the throat is difficult, just like being pinched by a hand, and it is difficult to breathe.
Ye Xiangyuan is much calmer than I thought, which can be said to be a thousand waves.
He looked at Han Qingshan Road. "Then I can wait for Mr. Han to honor his promise and send Ayi and them back to China."
Han Qingshan Road "easy to say"
Ye Xiangyuan added, "Even if Ayi is flying now, they will have to wait for another ten hours. Is Mr. Han staying here as a guest or somewhere else?"
Han Qingshan saw his one eye. "I have to go to the imperial city to see if Li jiaqi may have been rescued at this time. I have something to find him."
My face changed.
So he also sent someone to save Li Qi?
What about Gu Changning? Is he also in danger?
Chapter 41 Back to the Imperial City
This is really a leak, and it rains all night.
Li jiaqi’s being rescued is a trivial matter. After all, he has recruited a face, and he can deal with him with his own testimony. Even if he flees overseas, he can still issue a wanted order.
My point of view is, of course, the most important thing for Gu Changning to comfort.
If something happens to Gu Changning and Gu Changyu becomes a vegetable, Ye Xiangyuan will definitely not be able to explain to his family.
Xu Xin behind me I looked back at her.
There is also a deep worry in her eyes.
Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun were silent for a long time and didn’t know what to think.
Maybe their hearts are also anxious.
This is the first time I’ve known both of them.
Han Qingshan had something to turn over as soon as he got there.
After so many days of waiting for me, this is a country and some people secretly support dealing with Han Qingshan. It must be assured.
Where did I think that Han Qingshan had kidnapped Gu Changyu and Zhou Yi?
Can you blame Pan Dong?