"hmm? Isn’t Jade Emperor a Scorpio host? "

"It turned out to be, but now it’s not. We were also saved by him. I didn’t expect to know the reason why he saved us until this world." Handsome and a little sad said, "Several of my companions have died and they have all disappeared by experiments. Although Jade Emperor didn’t say what the reason was, I know exactly what happened. If I hadn’t been a genius with super IQ and cheated these undeveloped gods, I would have been finished."
"Where is the sound of nature now?"
"I don’t know. I heard I was imprisoned."
"Imprisoned?" I can’t help wondering. Isn’t Teana a brain? Even if there is an entity, there is no reason to imprison her, right? And that Jade Emperor is actually formed by conscious life, and Zhang Xian’s research topic is not conscious life? What the hell happened in this? The original problem has been solved, and now a lot of problems have emerged. "Handsome, do you know about Jade Emperor?"
"You don’t want to go to Jade Emperor? That’s impossible. Jade Emperor is everything in this world. No one can change what he decides. You might as well go home. She can’t help it. "
"By the way, handsome, can you help me take a person to leave now? The man is just around the corner in the seventh cell. He is a Snow Girl. "
"You say snow female race? This can be difficult. "
"Is it not to take her away? What is difficult? "
"It’s not a problem to take her away, but the Snow Maiden has been exterminated by Jade Emperor, and all the people have become experiments. Now even if you take her to the root, there will be no"
I shuddered when I heard it. No way. What about Nana? I’m not too cold for people I don’t know, but since Nana has helped me, I can’t tell her the truth no matter what it seems, it’s up to her to decide.
"Handsome what are you doing here now? You should know that if you go back to our world? "
"If you want to cross the holy city and go west, you can go back to the border gate. I came through it when I came. You may know what it means for me to stay, but now I can’t say that there is still this man of god guard. Please leave me. There is a passage in the eleventh cell bed. This is still my inquiry. I know that there was a man of god who escaped through this passage. He told me to go. Maybe we will meet again later."
"Take care of yourself handsome! But your name now matches your figure and appearance, and you’ll be lucky if you don’t scare people to death before haha. "
Farewell, handsome, I decided to go back to this world. It’s not that I can stay with the Teana host. The root cause is not that I can manage it. Besides, my original purpose was to spy on and manage the Teana host. Anyway, I tried my best. It’s not worth dying in this world.
Chapter III Going Home
When I go back and tell Nana about the Snow Maiden, she will have a big fight. Who knows that she didn’t take it seriously and didn’t even feel a little sad. This let me know that the God-man is not a complete person’s feelings. This thing makes them feel weak and their hearts are alive. I gave Nana a choice whether to go back to my world by herself or with me. Nana said to go back with me without thinking. This makes me wonder that the God-man doesn’t have any emotional nerves. How can you bite me hard, but if you think about it clearly, you will understand that she has more opportunities because I am strong.
The two of us left the passage from the prison cell and extended to a small rocky island on the Bund of Lake Sand. I can’t tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest, but I can tell which side is the west by looking at the fecal creatures on the sea surface. Because when I came, there were more and more such creatures, and the direction of my departure was less and less. This time, I was wiser and stopped making wooden boats. Nana and I flew west for about half a day and saw the boundary gate. After passing through the boundary gate, the players of the two of us passed by in twos and threes, and I was still straight.
I immediately sent a message to these brothers. When they received the message, they told me to wait in place without saying anything, so I took a bench in Nana’s capital, * * * *.
After a while, I saw a large group of people rushing towards me in the distance. It became a natural habit. I immediately took out the The Hunger ring and waited for Nana next to me, but I knew that she could not have combat effectiveness without water.
"Brothers ~ ~"
夜网论坛As soon as I heard it, I relaxed. It turned out that the disease was coming, but why did he bring hundreds of people to welcome me?
The disease method was the first to rush over. I extremely doubt whether he is [Acceleration] because he is more than ten meters ahead of others and the distance is getting farther and farther. Look at the dark fire behind him. An agile main assassin is not as fast as him.
"Brother!" I hugged me in handfuls, and then we flew into the big fountain in the capital * * * * together because of the momentum problem. A splash of Taotian water flowers was accompanied by cheers from dark fire, blood repellent, ice fox and others.
Since I went to that world, I have been depressed for a long time. The world has been worried and scared all day. Although I have been there for more than half a month, it feels like a long time. I haven’t felt that my brother is pregnant with Chris and Cain and joined in the joy. There is no affection in the real world, but I feel here, alas, the game is no longer a game in my heart, but my home is the home that my heart yearns for.
※※※※※※※※ "Brother, you missed me so much. What did you do in that place? I haven’t heard anything for so long for more than ten days, and I can’t even send information. "
"Stop it, I almost can’t come back." I told several people about my plane journey. Now we are still in the Kecha hotel, and people around us have diseases, dark fires, blood repellent, ice foxes, rain or shine (I don’t know when this guy became one of our own), and Nana has another person called "Wu Bing". This person should be Chris who said that we should recruit people as soldiers to train people. Chris went back and told her father what he got, although he was also a pet.
Disease, law and others’ faces are not normal after listening to it. Actually, there is a world outside this game world, and that world has just formed according to this world model. But I didn’t tell them about the Teana host, and I’m not familiar with it. I said I was Chris and went to the specific situation, but I didn’t talk about the general situation in detail.
And I also asked in detail about the situation here, and the results made me excited for a long time. Now the elegant guild has a total of more than 32 members trained, and the five of them are elite troops, and almost all of them have reached LV level, and four people, namely, the disease method, the dark fire, the blood repellent and the ice fox, have been reincarnated into the wise man, the cross assassin, There are quite a few martial arts masters and officials who are reincarnated in the game. There are at least a hundred people. The reason is that many people are reincarnated because of the unified BUG. I heard that I generally know how this BUG came into being. I believe that the departure of Teana makes the game start to have problems and the running body is not as flexible as Teana’s conscious thinking. There is a BUG but it won’t be solved. But now I am thinking about another problem. What should Chris do if the game world collapses? The departure of Teana will definitely make the game worse and worse. There is no doubt that it seems that I have to go to Chris’ father to find out what to do. It is my home in the game. I don’t want this family to lose anything. Maybe it is selfish.
I’m not in a hurry. Anyway, I didn’t leave short. Something happened long ago. At that time, I said goodbye to the disease and people immediately rushed to the palace guard as if I knew I was coming. I took me in as soon as I announced it.
When I met Carrie halfway and suddenly saw me, she obviously didn’t expect to be stunned and immediately said to me, "It’s you. You actually made my sister a pet."
"I …" I don’t know at the moment. Although I didn’t know it before, Chris did become a pet because of me.
"Your sister was killed by you, and now she is not only much weaker, but also worried about death. If … if anything happens to her sister, you will look good." Jasley said and walked straight in without waiting for my reply.
I sighed and followed me in. As soon as Chris saw me holding my hand with joy, but her father didn’t have a balcony this time, he sat at his desk and looked worried, and she knew that Chris had told him everything.
"The king now you see how to do? I believe you know about the problems in the game? "
"Elegant, if you didn’t go there, I really didn’t know there was a boundary. It seems that the problem is big. Let me discuss it with those big BOSS."
"Then I’ll leave. I have to go online to see what I am now in reality."
"Come early!" Chris reluctantly, I finally returned to the real world on the seventeenth day and more than five days later.
The fourth chapter strange
Back in my body, I dare not open my eyes immediately and listen to the surrounding situation first. When I heard it, I found that my hearing was better, and my body felt stronger. Many people around me could clearly feel that there was no movement after listening.
Open your eyes slightly, the roof is made of metal. Look to the side. This room is not my front house. It is almost like a laboratory. There is a high-strength glass next to it, and I am sleeping in a sealed capsule bed. Just like the experiment in the laboratory, I turned my head and saw a gaunt face. The white-washed face and circles of black eyes made me feel a little sad. How did she get here?
I just want to move my body, but my body seems to collapse. I don’t believe that I haven’t moved my body for more than five days. I sat up hard and recommended to push the cover away. The slight sound woke Zhang Xian up in confusion. I was surprised to see that I woke up, regardless of whether I was a patient or not. Her sobs made my heart warm.
"Xianer, where is this?"
"You’re all right. Great. Do you know that you’ve been in a coma for more than five days? When you first sent it here, you really gave me a fright. Let me see if you’re all right." Zhang Sleeve wiped away tears and looked at me back and forth, and finally fixed my face.
"How do you feel like you’re a little different? I just wish you were okay."
I can’t help but stretch out my hand and touch her face that has lost color because of worry. "Silly girl, I’m fine. Why am I here? Where is this? "
"This is the’ dream’ enterprise Japanese branch clinic. You sent it from the day you were unconscious. What’s going on? There is nothing wrong with your body, but the mental wave detector detects that your mental excitement is very high. Forget it. Are you hungry? I’ll cook something for you. "
"Well, I’m a little hungry."
"Just wait."
As soon as Zhang Xian left, a large number of doctors and nurses rushed in to ask me this and that, and then a lot of prosecutors made it take these people an hour to come to a conclusion that I had nothing but weakness.
Lan Fengyun came to the office on the roof as soon as he heard that I woke up, but he didn’t enter the clinic because he listened to the report from the head of his medical team. When he heard that it was okay, he breathed a long sigh of relief and worked hard for decades. Can you not worry?
At this moment, Zhang Xian pushed a dining car into the medical team and pushed it in after inspection. The car was porridge. Zhang Xian fed me to drink the whole thing, but I was too weak to drink porridge and fell asleep in a daze. Before going to bed, I saw Zhang Xian’s smile and then fell asleep.
As soon as I fell asleep, I immediately appeared in the wonderland game, and I didn’t realize it at the moment. I don’t seem to be wearing a game helmet. How can this be in the game? It seems that I have really changed.
I really don’t want to go back to reality when I think I am weak. At this moment, there is a dark fire on the line. I came to the area where the dark fire is located, which is quite far northwest of the capital. The dark fire is training with 300 assassin professional players, which makes me very curious. It will be very enjoyable for 300 assassins to sneak attack.
As soon as I arrived near that area, I heard the sound of "tinkling". I climbed a relatively high mountain peak and saw that the whole training ground had no foundation, but the sound roots of weapons collision never stopped. Just when I was enjoying myself, suddenly a sharp boxing blade appeared less than half a meter away from my neck. When my head didn’t respond, I jumped away in the opposite direction of the boxing blade. Half parsec made me flash across the boxing blade and attack my consciousness. The Hunger ring immediately appeared in my hand, and put two The Hunger rings around me. I immediately heard "dang" hitting the dark fire. My figure appeared three meters away.
"Boy unexpectedly sneak attack?"
"The boss is amazing. No one can really notice me after my metempsychosis. I didn’t expect the boss to flash by."
"How can you metempsychosis badly? Although I haven’t been reincarnated, I’m already at LV99 level and I’ve learned a lot in that world. Would you like to have a fight? "
"Yeah, it’s rare for the boss to have a fight."
There are many assassins around us, and these should all be dark fire, leading the assassin group to meet each other and say, "Brothers, this is your president. Now let’s see what the president can do."
After the dark fire finished, the figure disappeared immediately, but I [Fire Hunt] released it at the same time, but I couldn’t see the dark fire figure at the same time. After the metempsychosis, the cross assassin was hidden, not [Fire Hunt] and [Light Hunt], and I didn’t want to cheat myself. There were many ways to kill opponents without finding the enemy, so I took out the leader sword and the orc hero shield and called Cain out by the way.
Breaking the wind behind me, I broke the orc hero shield in the next dark fire raid, but it disappeared. I immediately used the third skill of Xingtian Ethnology [Assimilation], which is a skill of sharing abilities with pets, allowing players to have pet characteristics for a short time, but Cain’s specialty is hearing. I am not afraid of the dark fire raid, which makes Cain disappear immediately and melt into my body.