An announcement suddenly appeared when I was training with the disease method.

"Imperial edict Luen-Midgart kingdom caused serious damage to Princess Chris because of someone’s malice, so the first general order of the game was released. Anyone who can cut down the player’s elegance will be awarded a unified prize. If it is a 99-level player, it will get a four-level pole equipment, and the implementation status will be automatically recorded."
I stared at this imperial edict with my eyes wide open. Oh, my God, what’s going on? Chris, if that guy is tough enough, he won’t let me live. Aren’t all the players my enemies? Which advanced player doesn’t want to be promoted to the next level very easily? I shudder at the thought. It’s too hard, too hard, Chris. Your possessiveness is beyond my expectation.
"I said brother, what did you do so serious? Comprehensive? " He looked at me with a wry smile and believed that he also knew that my situation was as bad as it could be said.
"I ~" I cut my mind and kept telling the disease that I had just entered the game. After listening to it, he couldn’t talk for a long time and opened his mouth with an O word, or I pushed him to wake up.
"I said, brother, you are so fucking strong!"
I fainted and said so much, and I actually returned this sentence.
"Do you want to dig at me? I’ve had enough of the wanted story. You still ~ "
"Ha-ha, this is your glory. It not only ranks first in the list, but also makes the only kingdom in the whole fairyland want to know about you. I really admire you." Faton paused and couldn’t help but say, "Do you think that super beginner’s career really exists?"
"This you won’t see, have you seen the beginning can cure? Can it be poisoned? "
"I didn’t expect this game to have a secret career. I wish I had turned to a super beginner."
"You’d like to be beautiful, but now you let you practice like this and there is a difference between a new career? Playing forward mage? Haha! "
"So what are you going to do now?"
"Don’t worry about it for the time being, because not many people know that’ elegant’ is me, but I once said that my name was given to the president of’ all soldiers fighting in front of the array’. Now I am afraid that he will come and cut me at the thought of upgrading his horse."
"Do you know the enemy? True his mama MD you this dog luck guy what I can’t know the strongman, alas, to make sure that no one dare to really wanted you! "
"I met him once. Are you sure he won’t do anything to me? I think that’s it. I’ll stay here for a few days, and I won’t go to drugs. You are responsible for buying and equipping weapons. You can throw them into your warehouse first. Let’s talk about it when the limelight is over. Otherwise, it’s not enough to go out and have one life. I don’t want to go up the death list by dozens of numbers. "
"Well, that’s the decision. We’re going to do this anyway. Maybe we can do this these days."
"Wait and see."
Speaking so many words, I feel a little mature. After all, I have learned less cunning than I did in the previous room.
We don’t know that the outside world has been fried, and players are asking which one is’ elegant’, but even if someone knows, will they tell others? It can be seen that there is something wrong with the IQ of the player who asks this question.
Other rumors have come out.
First, the player is elegant and the base level is LV9. If the player can kill him back to level 1, he will be promoted to level 97. This rumor has made many low-level players look for me crazily without leveling.
Second, the player stole the princess’s important artifact and equipment, and the king couldn’t take it back, so he issued a wanted order to make the player finish this, and that artifact was as outrageous as nine days ago. What’s more, it was said that the artifact was made of princess underwear, and he would be able to capture the princess’s heart and become the first son-in-law of this game kingdom. As a result, almost most senior male players were scared to join the ranks of low-level players in a crazy search.
Third, the player stole the princess’s heart but abandoned her to make her cry all day. This rumor has been recognized by the majority of female players for only a few hours. I became the first person among all evils. I was strongly condemned by the Women’s Federation for the first time since the game was born, and many senior female players volunteered to form a search team and vowed to find me.
If I hear rumors outside, I’m sure I’ll be the first to hit the wall and die.
Chapter 15 Life experience
Chapter 15 Life experience
Let’s put aside the unpleasant imperial edict for the time being and I will continue to walk to the first floor of the waterway.
The fourth floor of the underground waterway has been several hundred meters deep, but the humidity here is much heavier than the third floor, and the BOSS is wet and greasy. It feels very uncomfortable. The fourth floor is a huge text-shaped dungeon, while the third floor is a four-story text-shaped, intricate and narrow passage. There are three kinds of monsters in this floor: thieves, thieves (LV64) and green thieves. But I believe we will not be so lucky!
As soon as I entered here, I was attacked by a large number of green thieves, which was much more than the three floors, but it was just right for us to improve our experience. In the face of so many green thieves, I formulated tactics one and two without good luck. The three-disease mind blasting attack (mind blasting belongs to a range attack, but the range is the size of three people’s area), and I added my own blood to the healing technique and cut off the monster. In addition, it also made me learn the skill of super beginner [fury], which made it as convenient to kill and besiege myself as mow the grass. Every fury made the green thieves around me
After practicing for more than a day, the system will be upgraded in the morning tonight, and our series has reached.
Elegant base level LV45, occupation level LV45, health value 194, magic power 432, and I add agility to almost all the additional points, and a few of them add dexterity and intelligence, so I belong to a sensitive person now. This is how I dreamed of the super beginner’s leveling method many nights ago, because there was no knight and crusader’s super health value, no wizards’ super magical attack power, and no unique skills of two turns. The most special skill is to combine six kinds of one turn skills, which made me finally decide to improve my strength. It is estimated that I will be agile after 99, and my agility may reach 13 at the highest. At that time, many players will fail to hit me, even if they hit me. This is also a feature of thieves and archers, but they can’t fight for a long time. Negative weight determines that their blood supply is limited, but I am a super beginner who can’t solve this problem and deal with knight’s stormy occupation [poisoning] and [hiding]. These two things are enough for them.
Disease-based level LV4 occupational level LV46 health value 43 magic power 13 skill learned mind blasting level 7 (pre-skill required for summoning the Holy Spirit), dark barrier level 1, ice arrow skill level 5 (pre-skill required for freezing), freezing skill level 1, fire hunting level 1 (able to find hidden characters), monster intelligence level 1 (able to inquire about the details of magic objects), lightning stroke level 1, with a total of 46 skill points added, while his additional base points all increased strength and physical strength.
Generally speaking, I feel that it is quite easy to practice these dozens of levels at first. After all, it will rise to level 45 within a week, but the experience of the next dozens of levels will double, and then it will be really difficult to upgrade.
夜生活  title=However, one thing that is gratifying is that I reached level 45 and said hello to the disease method. I left first and then went to the warehouse to take out the’ potential ring’. Without saying anything, I equipped myself. I watched that my status bar didn’t change, that my skill bar didn’t change, and that my attack power, defense, health and magic power didn’t change. What is this thing? Anyway, it’s a four-level ornament. I can’t find the reason at the moment, but I don’t care if I wear so many ornaments.
At night, whenever I go online, I can always see Zhang Xian playing with that computer, which is simply tempting me. There is an impulse in my heart that I really want to touch the computer. But these days, Zhang Xian’s reaction shows that it is impossible to lend me a hand to play, and I don’t know what she is doing. The incessant typing makes me feel uncomfortable, but fortunately, every time I go online, she leaves the room and goes back to her room consciously.
Just as I was about to go to bed, I suddenly felt a knock on the glass outside the window for one or two to three minutes. I was sure that someone was out of the window and opened the window automatically by pressing the bedside. When I saw a masked man in black jumping in from the window, I was shocked. When I was about to call, the masked man pulled a masked face towel and looked at this face. I swallowed the sound of rushing to my throat.
The person in front of me turned out to be my sister Dongfang Yiping. I don’t know why I came in wearing such a black dress so late.
My sister approached me and looked at me. I felt the reluctance in her eyes and asked, "Sister, are you okay?"
"Well, I’m leaving. Will you miss me?"
It’s true that my life has been so far. I have a sister and a relative. When she leaves, I’m not lifting my eyes and relatives.