Ning Tiannuo considerate to give her a cloak and coat. Two people take the stairs together. Wang Yuehuan yawns one after another. His eyes are suffused with Venus and he will soon be unable to support himself. Just find a floor tile and sleep on the floor.

NingTianNuo smile stretched out his hand and hooked her soft waist, put his head on his chest to give her strength support, and can be slightly narrowed for a while.
"Have you gained weight recently?"
Like finding a big accident, Ning Tiannuo pinched Wang Yuehuan’s waist, which was very thin here before her weight peaked at 1 kg, and her waist never grew fat.
Wang Yuehuan was surprised. At that moment, the banquet passed away, and the thought swept through her again and surprised her with a cold sweat on her forehead.
"No one is in the way, of course, I eat too much."
Wang Yuehuan thoughtfully and nervously swallowed saliva, clasped his hands and stopped. The fingertips of the bag trembled and pulled out a high-quality leather surface that would not be easily detected.
Ning Tiannuo’s dry fingers and abdomen caressed Wang Yuehuan’s waist and meat, smiled and said, "It’s better to be fat." It feels more comfortable and feels good.
Wang Yuehuan followed the giggle and two people walked out of the ladder.
Jamlom, the driver of Ningtiannuo, is respectfully waiting outside to pass through the glittering six-star storefront in the lobby of the hotel. The golden signboard is booming, refracting the dazzling face, and the face looks like it has been painted with a circle of golden light.
When I saw the car, Wang Yue Huan felt that she was happy to have a rest. She pushed the door and came out. In an instant, a cool breeze blew from the pavement. She didn’t feel comfortable at the beginning and began to violently rebel.
She put her hands on the lower abdomen and pressed the sad face. Ning Tiannuo found it instantly and asked her what was wrong.
"I want to throw up," she said with a bitter face.
Ning Tiannuo "
Before he could react, she said that the degree of acid reflux in her stomach had reached an unprecedented level. She took a few quick steps and rushed to the garbage can on the street to hold the buttonwood tree and retch violently.
After Ning Tiannuo leng, it’s rare that he didn’t abandon him. Before striding, he was used to frowning his eyebrows and stretching them.
"Are you all right? It doesn’t matter." He asked lightly.
Wang Yuehuan’s manicured nails clung to the trunk, and her intense anxiety and ambivalence were like a rolling wave. She was almost crushed in this wave, and there was no residue left.
Wang Yuehuan shook his head. "Can I have a bottle of water?"
Jamlom, the driver, has passed Ning Tiannuo the mineral water bottle with his eyes, and he then handed it to Wang Yuehuan.
Wang Yuehuan gargled with two small mouthfuls, and then Ning Tiannuo exchanged hot tea with a mineral water bottle in her hand.
"I’ll have this tea brewed before, so you can drink some hot tea." At the moment, such gentle words were uttered by him with a sense of disobedience.
Wang Yuehuan didn’t have a horse to take it. Two stars lit up her eyes. Looking at Ning Tiannuo’s chest strangely, she felt suffocated.
She grew up in a dark yard and was afraid of the cold. When she grew up, even in hot summer, she rarely took the initiative to drink two cold waters.
After all, if you don’t care about yourself, no one else will be willing to be more considerate of you.
But when did Ning Tiannuo find out?
The heart is incredible, the doubts add up, and the other person is worried about what will happen if he is not pregnant.
At the moment, Wang Yuehuan’s nose was sour and sad. At the moment, she complained about Ning Tiannuo’s kindness and gentleness. She couldn’t appear earlier. She couldn’t get his arms when she needed it most.
I am so contradictory now.
"Take it. You don’t like this malt tea very much, and you say it’s comfortable."
See her motionless NingTianNuo talking to send the cup forward.
Wang Yuehuan don’t talk, look at Ning Tiannuo in the depths of his eyes, and it seems that he will carve this moment into the depths of his soul.
She took the thermos cup and took a few delicate sips at him, but it was still the way to suppress all the sadness.
She covered the cup and kept her facial expression flat. She didn’t dare to laugh and laugh at him any more. She got used to it. Both of them seemed to want the opposite result.
Wang Yuehuan lifted her foot to the car, followed by Ning Tiannuo, who reached out and touched her wrist just now. She seemed to be stung by a bee, showing her embarrassment and throwing off his big hand.
NingTianNuo inexplicably gentle clip between the eyebrows, stopped in situ, waiting for Wang Yuehuan to apologize to him with a smirk.
桑拿  title=But this time, he made a mistake because Wang Yuehuan didn’t apologize but crossed him and went straight to the car.
Ning Tiannuo "
Being left out in the cold is like falling leaves in the bleak autumn wind
But he also lamented that in just a few seconds, he raised his hand and stepped forward with Wang Yuehuan.
When she is in a bad mood because of physical discomfort, he is a man and is dumped by a woman, so just bear it.
"Jamlom went to the Military Medical University" and Ning Tiannuo directly reported to the first destination
"Go home"
Wang Yuehuan didn’t appreciate it. She threw a stubborn figure to Ning Tian Nuo. Two rows of tall buttonwood street lively neon lights slid from her eyes like a chat screen.
Ning Tiannuo screwed up his frown and became more and more severe, like Wang Yuehuan, who was in a strange anger.
He insisted that he once said "hospital" in a heavy voice.
Wang Yuehuan, however, did not even turn his head back, so he insisted on "going home".
The whole driver, Master Jamlom, didn’t go to the hospital either, and there was probably a problem. Who doesn’t know that the present gentleman attaches great importance to the opinions of his mistress?
If he accidentally touches the big housewife’s lamella, it is estimated that he will die without knowing how.