But the boss of Nai’s family didn’t agree to buy shares.

It’s too hard to wait to buy a low-level team or create a team of your own, from the lowest level all the way.
桑拿网This matter can be left to Mendes and others to consider and negotiate slowly.
Chapter 657 Federation Cup
After Dietford’s second wedding, the transfer was handed over to Mendes and his assistants Lu Wenbin and Kate to fly to Brazil to prepare for the Confederations Cup in 2013.
In fact, China’s national men’s football team has already arrived in Brazil to start pre-match adaptive training. Lu Wenbin came late because of the delay in getting married, and did not report until the game was about to start.
Strictly speaking, this is also a phenomenon of playing big cards and should be criticized.
However, Lu Wenbin got married because it was not his chores, so everyone wouldn’t say much.
Moreover, Lu Wenbin’s former China team training base was not attended by many people except a small number of Chinese and overseas Chinese, and there were also few journalists.
When Lu Wenbin arrived at the training ground, Brazilian fans and journalists from all over the world suddenly exploded. Every day, hundreds of people gathered outside the training base to watch the China team training or ask Lu Wenbin for autographs.
Even the Brazilian fans in the football kingdom have been recruited by Lu Wenbin’s skills, which shows that Lu Wenbin is different.
In an interview with reporters, Lu Wenbin declared in a low-key way that the China team came to study and accumulate experience in participating in the world series and would not have any thoughts on the champion.
His record of winning the championship will definitely suspend this Confederations Cup.
Lu Wenbin’s assertion made reporters laugh and made fans feel the humility of China people after it was published.
No matter how strong Lu Wenbin is, football is a physical sport, and it will take 11 people to compete.
No one believes that China can win the Confederations Cup. How perverted Lu Wenbin is.
Lu Wenbin didn’t believe it himself.
He hopes that his teammates will win one or two games and qualify for the group, which is the greatest achievement.
After rushing to Brazil to join the China training team, Lu Wenbin also received the Confederations Cup.
The difference between the Confederations Cup and the Olympic Games is even greater. There are rewards for each step, and the rewards are huge.
The national team competition is becoming more and more important. The most important way for Lu Wenbin to gain experience and skill points is that the national team competition awards account for a large proportion.
Perhaps the controller is a future China fan.
This is an unsolved mystery.
The first victory in 41 international competitions
Asked to lead the China team to win the first victory in the 2013 Confederations Cup and win the first victory in the international competition of the China Men’s Football Adult National Team.
Reward 10,000 experience and 1 skill point.
42 group qualifying
It is required to lead China’s 2013 Confederations Cup group to qualify for the semi-finals.
Reward 20,000 experience and 2 skill points
43 advanced to the final
It is required to lead China to win the semi-final of the 2013 Confederations Cup and advance to the final.
Reward 50,000 experience and 5 skill points
44 confederations cup champion
Asked to lead China to win the Confederations Cup in 2013.
Reward 10,000 experience and 1 skill point.
Looking at these rewards, Lu Wenbin is drooling.
But he knew that China had almost no chance of winning the championship.
However, the first victory in the international competition and the group qualifying must strive for one.
If he can advance to the final, he can add the special skill of Italian ball to the master level, and then he can add the goalkeeper attribute to more than ten points.
As the game approaches, the media reports on the Confederations Cup, and more and more world fans focus on Brazil.
The Confederations Cup is much higher than the Olympic football match.
Olympic football is the u23 youth team, and it has been separated from other events. In terms of competitiveness and attention, it is better than the Confederations Cup.
The following year’s World Cup preview Confederations Cup has attracted more and more attention from the media and fans.
On June 16th, 2013, the Confederations Cup of Brazil officially kicked off. The opening match was held by Brazil vs Tahi. The venue was located in the Gacharin National Stadium in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.
Nine minutes later, Brazil, the host country, beat Tahi 3-0, making an easy start.
Then two groups and his six teams began to fight each other.
Mexico lost 12 to Italy, Spain beat Uruguay 21.
China will play in the last group match.
On the evening of June 17th, belo horizonte, the fourth largest city in Brazil, the second largest stadium in Brazil, Miro Stadium is second only to Maracana Stadium. The second group match of the first round of China vs Nigerian Group B is about to begin.
The game attracted more than 60 thousand fans to watch the game on the spot, occupying more than 60 thousand seats