Chapter 14 payon Lord (4)

"To escape me to introduce this is my sister Luen-the second princess Luen of Midgard Kingdom? Scarlett! "
"Luen? Scarlett? So your name is not Luen? Chris? "
"Bingo ~" Chris kissed me happily, and her sister, Jasley, actually learned to follow her sister’s example. I kissed one face on the left and one on the right, and looking at two faces that I shouldn’t have, immediately made me almost forget that I was the most dangerous entrance to the fifth floor in payon.
"Scarlett, how did you do this? Also dressed as a small qian "
"This dress? Can you wear it just now? " I have to admit that the two sisters have their own merits. My sister is gentle as water, and every movement makes people drunk, while my sister is so cute that people can’t wait to hold her arms in their hands and have a good love for her snow-white face. I don’t know why I will bite her when I was knocked down by Jasmine just now. It turns out that people can do things when they see her.
"Scarlett, you are so naughty. Don’t you know that your attack just now was too high?"
"Elder sister this I what matter? It’ s not that your elegance is too weak! " Scarlett said and stared at me.
"Don’t know? We’re NPCs, so we have to be NPCs. We can’t just make emissaries! Otherwise, I’ll talk to my father. "Chris gently pinched her ear and said.
"No, it’s wrong, sister. I’m here to see your father and say that there are some strange places to call you back after the game is upgraded."
"Oh, I see!"
Chris said, she came to my side and gently pressed her forehead against my chest and said, "Please call me back if my father has something to do?" It is men who are not likely to refuse to be asked in this way.
"Go home first, and I’ll go and see for myself."
"You should be careful. Listen to my sister. There seems to be something wrong after the upgrade, you know?"
"No problem, but can’t I still run?" I am proud to say that I do have the skills of [teleporting] and [sending array], but I can make these two skills escape ([teleporting] can quickly move to a nearby place and [sending array] can be sent to my own place to record up to three places, of course, I have recorded them in advance, namely the capital, payon and Ji Fen).
I suddenly felt a little uncomfortable when I watched the two sisters leave. Although I still don’t feel the so-called love for Chris, I always feel uncomfortable when a woman who is so attached to herself suddenly doesn’t have her side. Is this the meaning of the famous saying that’ I won’t cherish it until I lose it’?
I shook my head and smiled twice and threw this strange idea nine days away, but I never expected that the problem would really arise and I would show it later.
When I entered the fifth floor through the four-story and five-story stairs, I immediately felt the light shining everywhere. It took me a while to get used to it and open my eyes to see what was going on.
It turns out that there is an LV47 monster on the fifth floor called a jack-o’-lantern. This monster body may emit lavender light, which is not so strong as to stimulate my eyes. But there is actually another monster here called a mirror demon. This LV66 monster body is a mirror jack-o’-lantern with glasses, which makes the whole fifth floor look like daytime.
In addition to these two kinds of monsters, zombies, diabolism, small Qian, white ghosts, evil skeleton archers and super evil skeleton warriors can be seen here in the first four layers.
The fifth floor is definitely a square terrain. Ask me how I know. Look at the high ceiling, and then look at the cave wall, which is as flat as a cement shop. This fifth floor is a huge three-dimensional square, and the ground is surrounded by a square red paint and yellow tile wall. I can’t see clearly what’s inside, but I can see a stone lion gate with two sides in this direction. I believe it’s from here.
I don’t want to disturb the monsters for the time being. After all, the monsters here are almost active attacks. I’m not afraid of one or two, but I can’t stand a dozen or dozens of them together. Moreover, my super-early career seems to be specially designed for one-on-one group skills or magic foundation. It’s just a three-person range [mind blasting] and a double range [thunder blasting]. These limited attack skills are not as fast as I can directly cut two swords.
The five levels of monsters are very orderly, and they are all marching in teams, which is completely different from the first four levels. I wonder if no players have come here to upgrade before? How can there be a queue of monsters patrolling?
(Before the real change, the root of the devil wouldn’t have been so smart, let alone lined up for patrol, but it was the top bosses who changed the most)
When it comes to hiding, what other profession can compare with thieves? Therefore, I am certainly good at this skill, although I can’t compare with assassins and hooligans, but I can’t be worse with Agile 99.
If I want to see the magic, I’ll immediately make the skills [hide] and other magic things pass by, and then I’ll show them [hide]. The skills work on the magic things, so the roots in these five layers can’t be found, except for BOSS.
Not five meters after entering the door, I saw a layer of fence, waiting for five teams of monsters to pass by, and finally found the gate of the second layer of fence. But I just entered another layer of fence, and I couldn’t help but sigh,’ What is this place? What is behind such a multi-layer fence?’
I used to have a challenging impulse to know nothing, but now I’m very curious about what’s in the fence.
It took me more than an hour to walk through the 13-story fence. I finally saw a building similar to a ancestral temple, and a building didn’t have such a multi-story fence around it. Is it necessary to protect this building?
I put my finger close to the ancestral temple-style building and gently blew through the layer of paper and wooden branches to make windows, and immediately heard the sound coming from inside.
"Nine-tailed fox, do you think I’m beautiful?"
按摩"Of course, the moonlit cat is always the most beautiful!"
Chapter 15 payon Lord (5)
Chapter 15 payon Lord (5)
Moonlit cat? I’m more interested to know what a moonlit cat looks like. After all, Dingji BOSS hasn’t published the official website or information, and so far no top BOSS has been eliminated. It shows how strong these top BOSS are, and there is a sound inside.
"Is this our base area after the upgrade of Moonlit Cat Adult?"
"Of course, this is me and’ he’ coming. That hateful guy severely blackmailed me with a layer of golden hair as a condition, which really pissed me off."
"But then we started to make monsters here. I believe it won’t be long before we compete with him for strength, right?"
"A dispute for length? Haha, I don’t want to. The strength of that guy is not comparable to that of our little BOSS. Now let’s think about it. If we resist the coming players, are you okay? I don’t want to consume the demon by those low-energy players. "
"Do you need me to balance the six leaders?"
"Not yet. The game will be upgraded today. Maybe players will enter the cave in the next day. Please inform the demon king and the zombie king and the evil skeleton warrior leader to protect the first three floors well. Unless there are LV95 players leading many players into the cave, just inform us immediately."
"I know! The adult I’ll go to decorate "
"You go back."
I feel like I’m out of my mind after listening to it. Are these really magic things? Why are these top BOSS so wise as if I were in some dynasty palace intrigue drama? And who is that’ he’ in the mouth of a moonlit cat? Don’t even look at these top bosses. Are there any more powerful monsters on these top bosses? An unprecedented heat rose from the heart. Who is he? Why would I be so interested? It’s like destiny takes a hand. I just heard that when the cat arrived at this’ he’ on a moonlit night, I felt a trembling excitement and rushed out of my heart.
Just as I was wondering how I heard the sound of pushing the door at this time, I immediately [hid] it. The moonlit cat said that the nine-tailed fox monster pushed the door open and came out. My eyes immediately lit up. Is this a monster?
Seeing that the nine-tailed fox turned out to be wearing colorful gauze as colorful as butterfly wings, the body curve was enough to make a man’s nose bleed. I lamented that it was really worthy of the title of nine-tailed fox, fox, fox, as it is said in myth, is a kind of animal that confuses people.
The nine-tailed fox didn’t walk a few meters and immediately turned into a snow-white fox. The glowing fur and beautiful limbs made me want to have such a pet.
When the nine-tailed fox left, I appeared and looked in through the small hole just now, but no one was in the room anyway. Where did the cat go that night?
Suddenly someone patted me on the shoulder behind me, which scared me to jump up immediately. Looking back, I saw a little girl of about eleven or twelve years old wrapped in golden fur looking at me.
I looked inside again, but no one immediately took the little girl to the back of a rockery near the wall and looked around to see that there was no magic patrol. Only then did I say to the little girl, "How dare you run around in the moonlit night?"
"What’s wrong with walking here?"
"If it is discovered, it will be finished. Now the players are still amazed at the excitement of the game upgrade. Which player will come here to find someone to help? Can I take you away?"
The girl suddenly thought for a moment before saying, "OK, but you have to take me. I just played a game and I don’t know anything."
"No problem. Let’s go."
After that, I immediately used the [send-off] to set the direction of delivery. I took the little girl into the send-off. After a flash, we appeared not far from the gate of Kecha Hotel in the west of the capital. It was also convenient to record this.