As a result, Lu Wenbin made a corner kick. Although he hit the doorframe, he was not directly taken away by the goalkeeper, but his entry position was slightly lower and he was pushed out by a defender at the back post.

Lu Wenbin missed a Confederations Cup corner shot.
It was not until the 34th minute that Lu Wenbin and his teammates played a classic match and entered the forbidden area, and the ball went straight to the dead corner.
I didn’t expect goalkeeper Enyema to make a world-class save like a goalkeeper. He fell to the ground and held Lu Wenbin’s ball for a while, then the ball missed and hit the post.
The ball bounced back and was directly held in Enyema’s arms, even without giving Lu Wenbin a chance to shoot again.
Even Lu Wenbin didn’t shoot at close range in the forbidden area, and the China team had some bad luck today.
China failed to score goals, while Nigerians continued. Their strong physique and speed impacted China’s defense.
Twenty minutes later, a shot in Nigeria almost caused a goal and finally hit the post to escape.
But in the 42nd minute, China finally got the second goal.
This is Zheng Zhi blocking a foul and giving an Italian ball to his opponent. Nigerian midfielder Mikel made a direct shot and hit the doorframe.
The angle of the ball is not sharp, but it is very powerful.
桑拿会所Ceng Cheng held a ball but didn’t hold it. It hit his chest and bounced out. Ceng Cheng sold it.
Both players rushed into the forbidden zone and wanted to get the first point, but in the end it was grabbed by Nigerian striker Moussa.
His previous dive stabbed the ball into the goal from Ceng Cheng’s feet.
Then Moussa was crushed by two members of the China team, but it was no longer economical.
China fell 2-0 in the first match of the Confederations Cup, which was highly anticipated by African champion Nigeria. Lu Wenbin failed to score a goal.
Many people whisper in their hearts that Lu Wenbin is just married and still weak in his honeymoon.
In fact, the China team was crushed too hard by the Nigerian attack. Lu Wenbin’s position was too backward, and his players couldn’t support Lu Wenbin or even make a fulcrum.
A little bit of bad luck led to the failure to score.
Nigerians left in the stadium were excited to celebrate the silence of the China team from players to fans
After the 22-year World Cup fiasco, everyone in China, including players and fans, knows the football world gap in China. No one will openly talk about who to stare at, who to beat and how many points to score in the Confederations Cup.
As we all know, the African champion Nigeria is definitely not easy to deal with. Although its reputation is not as good as that of the European and American teams, it is definitely better than that of the Asian teams.
I didn’t expect it to be so strong that the China team with Lu Wenbin almost fought back.
The China team almost put up a bus defense line and Lu Wenbin helped, all of which were hit by Nigerians.
Except for Lu Wenbin, the height, weight, physique, speed, endurance, bounce and so on of China players are almost in the face of Nigerian black players.
No wonder it can’t stop Nigeria’s shock.
Everyone was a little frustrated.
After the game resumed, Lu Wenbin tried to kick off and attack, but he almost entered the forbidden zone after passing three people. The Nigerian midfielder and defender joined hands to poke the ball off.
A few minutes later, the referee blew the half-time whistle and China entered the dressing room with a score of 2.
China players look grim when they play.
Nigerian players seem to have won the game with peach blossoms on the field.
At halftime, the Nigerian locker room was full of laughter, while the China locker room was silent.
Gao Hongbo is helpless about this.
In fact, the biggest reliance of China team is Lu Wenbin’s goal.
Lu Wenbin scored, and then the defense line kept Lu Wenbin’s goal advantage. This is the tactic of the China team, which is well known to the world.
But now the problem is that the strength gap between the two sides is too far, Lu Wenbin doesn’t have many chances to shoot, and he is a little unlucky and has never scored.
Then the China team couldn’t defend either. They were constantly hit by their opponents and lost two goals.