For a second, my happy face suddenly drooped again and even sighed, "Xiaobai, do you really want to go to the third grade after school starts?"

Gao Xiaobai nodded, "I have already passed the exam."
"When did you transfer to Sean Chen?" Jing’ an JIU asked again
Gao Xiaobai frowned and said, "Maybe in the fourth grade."
I was going to transfer to another school during the semester, but when the teacher found him and said that he could try to take the advanced placement exam, Gao Xiaobai thought it over carefully and agreed.
Now that you have advanced placement, you can’t transfer to another school immediately, so you can wait another year.
JingAn nine nodded. "Well, then, but …"
She looked down at the Olympic math problems in her hand. "These problems are too difficult for me to do."
"Don’t work hard," Gao Xiaobai said.
The topic of coming to the Olympics is not for first-grade pupils, but this girl cried out to try when she heard about his research …
"No," Jing Anjiu seriously objected, "If you don’t do it, the gap between you and me will get bigger and bigger."
"No" in the high-pitched white tone is somewhat over-aged and calm. "These are all superficial."
Jing’ an Jiu is wrinkly to knit the small eyebrows. What do you mean?
One second …
Forget it. Anyway, she often doesn’t understand him. She lowers her head and continues to pick up the pen. "Then I’ll start the second way. You can teach me if I can’t speak."
"Okay, you do it."
In this compartment, two little guys are studying their lessons. On the other side, Gao Xiaoxiao returns to the room and finds a person.
I don’t know where Han Shu went, so I just took out my mobile phone and called my mother-in-law
Zhong Yuhong first asked them about their situation, then took the mobile phone and pointed the other end of the screen at the small ink and said, "See if it’s okay? I didn’t cry at all."
Xiao Mo Mo is lying in a pink crib in one-piece pajamas. Seeing the screen, he is curious and reaches out his little hand and points to his small mouth here. He also speaks alien language.
"Little Momo, it’s my mother. Do you miss my mother?"
Small ink blink eyes like glass seems to be recognized mother "ah" a pedal white meat small arms and legs wide open toothless mouth smile heartless very happy.
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Is this a child less than two months old?
I don’t like to cry or make trouble. Even the little girls didn’t respond when they left … I’m still so happy at the moment.
"Don’t worry, don’t worry. It’s just a holiday when the children relax with Ah Shu." Zhong Yuhong said.
"Okay, thank you, Mom."
After hanging up, Gao Xiaoxiao sent a message to the "Ladies’ Tea" WeChat group, telling them that he had arrived in Maldives and sent some photos of the scenery halfway.
I wanted to have a rest on the sofa, but I fell asleep soon.
Lou outdoor kitchen
While blowing the sea breeze, Han Han took a mobile phone and cooked western food according to gourd painting gourd ladle.
Recently, he suddenly found that cooking western food seems to be more suitable for him, and there is no smoke. Just bake some bread and sausage, cut some vegetables and fruits, and mix them with a dish.
Roots are not as troublesome as Chinese food
It took about an hour to fix three plates of food and pour the wine and drinks. Han Shan went downstairs and called his wife to dinner.
First, I knocked on Gao Xiaobai’s door. "Don’t look at the brain all day long and watch the topic building for dinner."
Gao Xiaobai "… Oh"
Then I went to the next room and opened the door only to find Gao Xiaoxiao lying on the sofa asleep.
夜网论坛He tiptoed in, took the bed, covered her with a thin blanket, bowed his head and kissed her lips before turning away.
Go back to the upstairs restaurant, where Gao Xiaobai has already sat and started eating.
Seeing a person coming, my father squinted and asked, "Where’s mom?"
"Let’s eat first when your mother is asleep."
"… oh" Gao Xiaobai nodded quietly eating his lunch.
After a while …
"Xiao Bai" Han Shu said, "Transfer things …"
"Wait until the fourth grade," Gao Xiaobai said directly.
Han Shu looked at her son and nodded. "That’s what I meant."
Gao Xiaobai "…"
"Your uncle scene" Han Shu sighed "it’s not good to be so narrow-minded and childish …"
Gao Xiaobai "…"
"But don’t worry, except for these shortcomings, others are still good." Han Shu said and took a sip of red wine. "You can choose the gift when you return home."
Gao Xiaobai nodded "Good"
In the past few days, Gao Xiaoxiao felt that the honeymoon trip was good on the whole, and the romantic scenery was good and no one disturbed it.
The only thing I can’t stand is that someone is really … too bad.
On the first night, I took out a catgirl costume for her to wear; Bunny the next night; On the third day, the little nurse dressed up; The fourth day maid costume …
She doesn’t even know when he will bring it here!
If she refuses to wear it when she wants it, Han Shu will take the clothes and say, "My wife lives next door. I’m pathetic enough …"
Or what?
Gao Xiaoxiao finally wore a heart, of course, which is better than being glad that he had the "foresight" to bring his son here, otherwise … I don’t know how terrible things will happen!
Finally, the one-day holiday is coming to an end. On the last day, they came to Malé, the capital of Maldives, to choose gifts from their relatives and friends.
Because there were too many people, Han bought two other big suitcases to pack gifts.
Most of the gifts are chosen by two people together, except for Yu Yu and Chang Huanyan, who insist on listening to his advice …
In order to give some advice to Jing Muchen’s family, Gao Xiaobai personally selected Han Shu and Gao Xiaoxiao.