The carpet made a dull noise.

The big fellow looked at me quietly with a bloody dagger in his hand.
The moment he just shot was really fast and hard enough! Yu Licheng didn’t even hum, so he was stuck in his heart.
Aren’t you a chestnut? I asked hanging cut yue.
Before, he grinned, but after … not anymore.
Didn’t you think about the consequences of killing the Lord rashly? I called the defenders outside the door to prepare for personal gains.
Kill people! Help! He shouted at the top of his voice.
55 fierce battle
Killed Li Chenghan, threw a crimson dagger and smiled at me.
You are tough enough! I immediately reacted and left him and Chestnut for the door.
喝茶约茶  title=want to escape? His voice came out from behind me
I didn’t care that he could escape.
Since he can face me so indifferently, it is obvious that they have planned to transfer the blame to me with the help of my conversation with Li Cheng, and … probably, no one will act.
Sure enough, I just jumped out of the hut door and gathered thirty or forty soldiers.
There are dozens of archers eyeing the periphery.
Ma Chao, where are you going to escape! Someone folded drink a way
I waved my hand in a threatening way. It’s a spear and a halberd. You’re well prepared.
In the face of clusters of weapons about ten feet long, my hands are only three feet long, and my power is limited.
Li Taishou trusted you so much that you talked with you alone and you took the opportunity to assassinate him! The assassin came out of the house and was indignant. Brothers, we must not let him go!
No, he spoke. I can feel the cold murderous look from three aspects
My Lord! Watch out! There is fraud! Suddenly someone shouted in the south of the city.
Is it Zhang Liao? Or Xu Huang?
But … It’s already late!
Ground vibration
With a roar.
The foot gate creaked and was beaten.
You are finished! The assassin laughed heartily.
I looked sideways at the city, and the defenders of the city were pouring out like a flood.
Suddenly, the original rebels also forced the butch to ride in three ways.
Six thousand butch riding suddenly fell into a desperate situation of being surrounded on all sides.
Just fifteen thousand people can kill me? !” I scoffed.
Less we can kill you! The assassin retreated outside the soldiers’ encirclement.
I’m an enemy on three sides and a cabin on the other.
Is the overall terrain as high as three feet, Chengtou City or enemy soldiers?
Archers! Prepare! Someone gives orders.
Just north, surrounded by a little leisure, two rows of archers crouched down and stared at me.
The left and right rows of spears are like a neat steel forest, leaving no penetrable gap.
volley! The death order has been blurted out
Standing still in the face of arrow rain can die!
I’m already galloping on the road
I never thought I could play dozens of sharp arrows with my skill, but it was always a comfort.
I raised the pace frequency to the extreme, as if there was a strong wind hanging around me
From this point of view, it’s really an AngloSHEN WOO decision not to carry a flying star weighing dozens of pounds.
Block him!
Arrows are falling behind three feet away is a steel jungle.
The jungle rose slightly reflexively and pricked forward warily.
I suddenly fell to the ground!
With the help of the inertia generated by the sprint, I slipped in from a row of spears
The spear pressed over.
I pushed the chop yue to a top!
Three spears and soldiers were abruptly topped by me.
I immediately rolled on the spot and swept the two enemy soldiers closest to me.
Kill him! Someone growled
After these reactions, the soldiers rallied and a dozen spears stabbed me from both sides.
But after I broke through a layer of defense, the encirclement was gone.
I will cut yue back into the sheath and fly from Chengtou.
Feet are dark on a human head.
Someone jumped off the building!
Soldiers in the city looked up and saw the leap, and I hurriedly shouted.
When it takes one second to fall close to the height of ten meters.