I specially sent two brigadelevel cadres, Zulie and Sun Wen, who have rich experience in investigation, to command hundreds of Qingqi to spy on the enemy’s clues all over the mountains.

Unfortunately, the final outcome is still futile.
I have to doubt that military ability of K Qiuci.
We have hardly seen a largescale village outside Yanchang City. The herdsmen in twos and threes will not give us a chance to contact after seeing an international army, and I don’t expect to find out the weakness of this country from them.
Zulie and Sun Wen once again acted as scouts and were ordered to inquire about the surrounding terrain.
I led the army in a small basin more than 20 miles east of Yancheng.
After a whole day’s investigation by scouts, I got the firsthand information of Yancheng.
In this era, most cities, like Yancheng, are also built by rivers. Although rivers are not magnificent, they are vertical and horizontal, and two small rivers cross the east side of Yancheng.
The scale of the city is no more than four miles in both vertical and horizontal directionsthis can understand that the width of Luoyang City, a densely populated imperial city, is only about nine miles. How magnificent can a small king in the western regions be?
The defense is very strict Zulie formed the final judgment.
Sun Wen retorted with a slight disdain, For our army, this kind of small broken city root is a cinch!
I waved my hand and asked seriously, How strong is the city?
Grassroots stones are piled up, Zulie recalled one after another. The height is about five or six feet, and the surface is probably made of cooked soil.
The socalled cooked soil masonry is actually a common wallbuilding method in the Central Plains. The loess is steamed and then piled up in the middle, and the gap is pressed at the same time, so that the wall is tight and firm
How high is the wall? Tuoba Ye asked.
About in his early twenties, Zulie was not sure. Me too.
Not too high Tuoba Ye turned to look at me.
I nodded. It’s not too low. It’s close to five meters. Even I can’t jump casually.
Make siege! Qin Zhen mo Dao
I stared at him. The storm is too big to lose!
He was suddenly disappointed. Can you always take a chance when considering the loss? !”
It’s not that time yet! I no longer pay attention to him. You have a good plan to attack the city, just say it.
Water attack! A gruff sound emerged from the crowd.
I frowned to find the source you?
The speaker is not a battalion commander or brigade commander, but Liang Cong who claims to ask me for advice.
He stood erect and bowed slightly and said, There is a confluence of two rivers near Yancheng, and now it’s time to divert water to attack the city when the water is surging, or you can get twice the result with half the effort!
Oh? I raised my eyebrows, but I thought there was something in what he said. What about you?
I wonder how far the river is from Yancheng? Taishi Ci asked.
Nearly one is only five miles away, and none is more than one. Sun Wen answered very positively.
Taishi Ci slowly nodded might as well have a try.
I frowned. How long will it take to dig the river instead?
Master Ying! As soon as Qin Zhen heard my complaint, he immediately came to the spirit. It is better to attack and kill the past world war and win!
no! I rejected his suggestion that the forced siege would cause a lot of casualties in our army. Anyway, it’s warm now, so dig a river! Feihong’s prison army rotates two battalions every day to dig the guards of the other three battalions. Well, can it take shape in a month?
桑拿When Chu Yanwei thought about it, he replied, Do your best!
So in the first half of the month, I, Tiger and Leopard, flew 12,000 troops into steel coolies to carry out the topsoil destruction project in the western regions.
Speaking of it, it’s really beautiful that there hasn’t been a drop of rain in the past ten days, which has ensured the construction progress of our army to the maximum extent.
And with the followup, the progress of the fourpower allied forces joining the project has been accelerated.
On September 19th, Chu Yan, the chief engineer of the project, excitedly reported to me that Master can finish it in one day!
I’m not surprised, because I also go to the construction site every now and then to do it myself.
Of course, the working hours of leading me will be greatly reducedon the other hand, my work efficiency is several times that of ordinary soldiers
I have to say here that if I don’t make contributions, I can marry three daughtersinlaw in one year even if I go to the construction site to carry big stones by this brute force alone!
I’m not sure about the details of the canal. Chu Yan is in charge of it all.
I know they dug from the intersection of the two rivers to the corner half a mile away from Yanchengit is difficult to shoot the defenders’ bows and arrows.
After a field trip, I highly praised Chu Yangong. The city was completed ten days ago. If you are successfully conquered, it will be the first achievement!
Chu Yan said modestly, It’s the brother who doesn’t dare to be greedy for credit that is the first credit.
I was slightly stunned and then smiled.
Master Qin Zhen asked eagerly, Can you attack the city in the morning?
I shook my head and said, The water attack can’t wait to divert water into the city. Wait for the river to soak the whole city, and the walls will collapse, so that the defenders will completely lose their fighting ability. This is called defeating the troops without fighting!