Uncle, thank you and aunt. I will … you and aunt take care … I will come to see you often …

The car Xia Han eyes red.
I’ve lived here for a long time, and I’m going to leave soon. I’m sorry. Although my uncle and aunt here don’t have much money, she lives with them happily!
Do you cry when you feel uncomfortable? Looking at her in the rearview mirror, he spoke
… Xia Han didn’t speak. She was a cold girl. Her face was always cold and she didn’t have too many expressions. It was hard in her heart, but she didn’t like to cry.
Mulingtian saw her with her head down and didn’t speak again.
Such is his cold character!
Reaching for her little hand, holding her palm, Xia Han wanted to escape, but she didn’t know anything. She just didn’t go to hide.
If you want to come back, I will bring you back at any time!
桑拿会所Looking up and nodding, wrapped in his generous palm, was a little nervous, and a layer of sweat came out of his palm.
She has never looked at him carefully, and now she finds that this man is really good-looking … a little more beautiful than the male model she saw in the magazine.
What’s your name? She forgot his name! He said it several times, but she didn’t rest assured and didn’t remember it.
Mu Lingtian!
Mu lingtian?
Say his name in my heart! His name is beautiful, but she has no memory at all!
This man in front of her is a blur …
Zhang Zhang lips, she added, Mu Lingtian, I still want to hear my previous story …
Mu Lingtian stared at the inexplicable light beam flashing in front of her eyes. Call me Ling Tianqian, that’s what you used to call me!
Ling Tian?
What do you want to ask?
I want to know my past …
Summer cold asked him a lot of things all the way and he said a lot!
He told her a lot about their past.
Section 146
Xia Han is puzzled, and there is no image at all!
The car quickly drove into a big villa.
Give her the first impression that this place is so big …
Remember here?
Xia Han shook his head truthfully and said, I don’t remember …
This is our home! Mu Lingtian laughed and said that there was tenderness in her eyebrows.
Looking at him in the summer, I feel a little throbbing.
At first, she hated him a little because he suddenly appeared at her house and wanted to take her away.
She was very angry …
She knew she had lost her memory, but she had a good life there and he was going to take her away … so she didn’t give him a good face.
But no matter how cold she is and how bad her attitude is, this man can’t say how good his temper is!
She doesn’t know if she really loved him before, but she can see that this man really loves her!
Night Xihan ran out of the resort scarred like a ghost.
He was so heartless that he forced her to sign it …
He’s cruel …
He can’t do this to himself!
She is going to find him …