But it’s a pity that Dean made a deviation penalty again and again

Lampard’s cousin Redknapp said, If a player doesn’t run enough on the court, you will lose every chance to get the ball, but isn’t it the same for a referee? Dean always runs very little in the game, but he always makes a series of weak decisions.
Some Red Devils fans directly accused an idiot referee and a retarded linesman of screwing up the game.
But there is no doubt that Didier Drogba’s most controversial goal penalty may also have ruined Manchester United’s unrealistic dream of winning four consecutive championships, because before the threeround league system in Premier League history, there has never been a situation in which a team can win the championship in seven games without losing.
After the game, Ferguson was furious at the assistant referee’s decision, which he thought was a clear misjudgment.
I can’t understand that the assistant referee was in front of the ball and there was no interference around him, but he made a misjudgment, Ferguson said bluntly
We really need highquality referees for such an important game, but today the situation is quite different. The referee’s performance is really bad, Ferguson was angry
Sir Alex Ferguson’s anger can be imagined. He doesn’t care about Chelsea’s death at this time. The more difficult it is for Sir Alex Ferguson, the more erect he is to meet the difficulties!
But the referee ruined the game. Manchester United not only lost the game at Old Trafford, but also drifted away from what Ferguson called the title race!
Because Chelsea overtook Manchester United in the standings and led Manchester United by 1, it is now second in the league!
Finally, when it comes to the title race, Ferguson is really disappointed and lacking in confidence.
There are still five league matches in which we are 9 points behind Liverpool, and maybe the gap will be widened to 1 point or 12 points in the next day, even if it is 9 points, considering that we are still 1 point behind Chelsea, Manchester United is already at a disadvantage in the title race! But Manchester United still won’t give up!
Ferguson’s lack of confidence is to recognize the reality, but his tone is still tough.
Red Devils Manchester United just won’t give up!
Manchester United will never give up if there is still a possibility of winning the championship. This is the idea that Father Ferguson instilled in Manchester United from the first day of coaching Manchester United, and it is also the spirit that Manchester United can not stand up in his charge!
However, Fleet Street is more realistic, and some bb football commentators released the season Premier League closing statement after the game.
Chelsea’s victory at Old Trafford directly sent Liverpool to the Premier League throne! Will Liverpool lose four of the six league matches? No way! Can Manchester United and Chelsea win all the remaining five league games? Not necessarily!
Who is the champion?
Liverpool! To be continued.
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. 1145 cute fans]
On April 4, Coleman led a team to Bohan.
The penultimate round of the Premier League should be the most relaxed game for Coleman since he took over Liverpool.
It’s easier to play the Carling Cup and FA Cup than to play the earth cup. Coleman still has certain expectations, but the substitute array is really not good.
But before this game, the redblue battle between Manchester United and Chelsea appeared, and the result that the Red Army most wanted to see.
Chelsea wins!
As a result, Liverpool will be one game ahead of Chelsea and nine points ahead of Manchester United.
In the penultimate round, there is no pressure to win or lose or draw Coleman.
Liverpool can lose the game enough to lose points.
Considering the visit to Barcelona in a few days and the rotation of Coleman, the environment is perfect now.
Imagine if Manchester United wins, Liverpool can’t say that they can afford to lose this game!
Liverpool sent a substitute team to the scene at Burnham’s home.
Coleman will naturally not say you can lose this game, but he will still inspire the team to hope that the substitute players can cherish the opportunity to play and make contributions to the Red Army’s top of the Premier League.
Seemingly serious and carefree, Coleman sat in the coach’s seat and watched the game.
He can’t help thinking about the coming summer transfer.
Some players in Liverpool’s reserve team do not meet the standards of top teams, while some players have actually communicated with Coleman in the hope of leaving in the summer.
For example, the Spanish Lera.
This is also the embarrassment of Liverpool’s current position in football.
桑拿会所After all, Liverpool is not a super club like Barcelona or Real Madrid.
There are many excellent players in Real Madrid who are willing to be substitutes and suffer in the Bernabeu to wait for opportunities.
However, in Liverpool, players like Leila will find it unnecessary to spend it at Anfield if they get a steady chance to play.
Liverpool have a great chance of achieving very good results this season, and even more brilliant achievements.