But blade master is testing the timing of the cutin. He is fragile and sometimes wins the game by stealing the tower, which will keep his teammates in a 4to5 disadvantage situation. If you don’t grasp it well, you will be devastated.

And most of the time, it is a thousand miles away. There are not so many resources, but the timing of harvesting and growth in blade master is the biggest problem.
In fact, most people know you, right?
Chen Yi’s words made Zhang Hao feel uneasy. It is true that Zhang Hao’s idea is the idea of most people, and many professional players must have played it, but not every other injury determines the victory or defeat. blade master will definitely not be seen in the professional arena.
Yes, is there any way for blade master to fight and fight?
Zhang Hao is somewhat uncertain about Chen Yi’s expression
That’s for sure.
Holy shit, you’re serious.
Zhang Hao is dubious about Chen Yi’s words. After all, it is definitely not the general situation to be able to do this.
Of course.
Then blade master can be so powerful if he hits.
Zhang Hao said that he did not believe that the professional league was not a child’s play, nor did he know it, but it was intriguing to talk like this at the moment
Cut it directly
Chen Yi said that it is very simple and rude to let Zhang Hao one leng Are you kidding me?
It’s not that Zhang Hao doesn’t believe in Chen Yi’s words. After all, it’s too unreasonable to cut it directly. It’s simply a matter of dying and meeting Riven. In blade master, once Q is finished, the base will be stunned by a set of second rhythms.
Of course you have to have a card. Just hear me out.
For example, the meat outfit, the early highgrade W Chunge, or the summoner’s skill flashes to treat weakness. What did you leave in your hand without releasing the Q skill or summoner’s skill, and then you helped your teammates bear a wave of injuries, that is, hit you opposite?
At this time, you are not dead. Your teammates and support have successfully killed the opposite side, successfully fought the situation and successfully harvested it. How about Kerry?
You’re right. I’m right.
Chen Yi’s words made Zhang Hao seem to have caught something, but it was fleeting. What was it? Zhang Hao was constantly recalling Chen Yi’s words, and he was dressed in highgrade W Chunge.
What did you just say about highgrade W?
Zhang Hao suddenly discovered the mystery in Chen Yi’s words. After all, W must be, but Chen Yi particularly emphasized the word high grade, which is intriguing.
You found it. Yes, it’s a highgrade W
Chen Yi’s heart seems to be very satisfied with Zhang Hao’s understanding
Chapter 615 Lord W blade master
that’s late. don’t you tell me it’s a Lord?
Although Zhang Hao also specialized in blade master for a while, it was also the s2 period. At that time, blade master was still ap. At that time, blade master was the easiest hero to kill five times.
At the beginning, blade master was almost in flames.
You are right. I want to tell you that it is the typical representative of the main ba downwind dog.
Of course, in the early stage of blade master, gnak mainly needs to observe the map line. If the other party is playing wild and no longer in the nearby wild area, you can still consider going to gank, otherwise it will be a tragedy.
But it is not absolutely necessary to have a card if you want to take the initiative to pick things up and cooperate with your teammates from the opposite side to defeat the opposite side.
I am white
Zhang Hao listened to Chen Yi’s words very well. The theoretical level of the two is still relatively similar. Chen Yi can be described as a little bit.
What’s the card? It’s the same as my face.
Secondly, if you are confident that you can do well in Q, I suggest giving up blade master is really not worth the candle.
And even if you need blade master dialect, you still have to take the unified brush wild route. This main ank or antisquat should pay attention to leaving Q to hide skills, after all, or you can hit two D as soon as possible when you are displaced by 2v2, and you must cut it first in smallscale team battles of 2v2 and 3v3.
Well, this instant Q multiskill creates output and time for teammates when it is white.
Good, good, you understand very thoroughly.
Chen Yi now likes to discuss with Zhang Hao because both sides are white and not tired at all.
Chapter 616 Discuss with each other
But you must pay attention to the prevention of antiwild and antibase, so don’t think about gank.
Well, I know this.
夜生活Speaking of this time, Zhang Hao has an inexplicable feeling. After all, it is usually his turn to be opposed to the wild. When it is his turn to be opposed to the wild, he suddenly has a kind of feeling.
Of course, this feeling is fleeting. Although the competition for wild areas is becoming increasingly fierce, Zhang Hao is still not worried that many years of antiwild experience have made Zhang Hao’s wild areas perfect, and it is still rare to be opposed.
Well, it’s good to know, and if you find the opposite field, don’t panic and go directly to your teammates for signal resources. You can’t develop the opposite field, and you won’t stay in your wild area for long.
If he is hard on you, buff is a show at this time. See if you can win. Remember to signal your teammates. I suggest that you better arrest people at level 3 and catch people at level 2. It is very bad for blade master. Level 1 ank is a good thing.