I smiled. I hope I won’t be sent off this time. I didn’t expect my opponent to be Xu Huang …

Tie up the special cowhide leggings. I stepped on the soft grass and looked at the opposite situation
Xu Huang is backward. For a fake fans who barely knows the rules, I can’t tell whether he is a midfielder or a midfielder at the moment … but it doesn’t matter at all.
There was no ceremony of singing the right song and exchanging team flags. When everyone entered the stadium, the referee blew the horn.
The other three venues in the distance rang back.
The opponent’s ball just let me observe a Xu Huang strategy
I can confirm that he is a midfielder, because he didn’t take much part in the attack. First, he just walked not far in front of the penalty area. He seems to be a backcourt core again.
The first attack was more like testing the roots and ending with an antiaircraft gun.
品茶论坛I decided to give my opponent a Mawei, so I raised my hand to signal that my teammates could attack.
The goalkeeper made a slightly curved low ball that fell directly on my foot, which was twenty or thirty feet long and had such high accuracy that I almost couldn’t react. Fortunately, someone pushed me behind me and I suddenly accelerated into the opponent’s defense zone.
The two midfielders were just tickling, and I soon came to the restricted area to face the midfielder Xu Huang
Like a famous general, he stretched out his arms, bent his knees, and put on a stance of ma bu. It seems that he is ready to stick to that territory.
I decided to try to break through Xu Huang first and see if he has made progress compared with the last one year …
When I first started, I saw Xu Huang stretch his right leg and the ball bounced out of my foot.
I turned abruptly, braked hard and chased after the ball. Unfortunately, they had someone outside to meet me, and when I turned around, I already launched a counterattack.
In this attack, we invested a considerable amount of troops and directly pulled the whole defense line. They counterattacked and scored goals in short cooperation.
I spat gently and decided to try to break through Xu Huang again.
This time, I played an extremely strong spirit and carefully protected the ball, only to be snatched by him and fought back.
Just like a game, don’t mess around! I immediately instructed the defenders after losing two goals in a row.
But at present, the problem is that I keep losing goals, so I need to change my strategy
It’s not just the bottom of the sidewalk. Although this kind of tactics is very rare in the face of Cheng Wu, at that time, Cheng Wu was a central defender and Xu Huang was a front midfielder … It may be possible to create goals through the bottom.
The midfielder holds the ball and pushes the winger to start the ball quickly. Let the left avantgarde taste the touch of the ball … Excited that the left avantgarde running all the way beautifully passed an opponent’s midfield and then attacked the goaloh, no.
I have already rushed into the restricted area, waiting for the goal.
Xu Huang followed me closely and refused to lag behind.
The left avantgarde was lucky this time. The ball was on schedule and the accuracy was still about one foot.
Listen to Xu Huang roar loud and jump up!
I didn’t expect that he would suddenly rush out to head the ball, missed the best time to take off with a little distraction, and jumped up hastily, but it was already half a step late.
The ball is still half a foot above my head. Xu Huang has reached it!
Bang a rumbling ball bounced out.
Xu Huang looked startled. I saw the ball bounce straight to their goal.
The goalkeeper reflexively stretched his leg but didn’t stop the ball from getting into the net.
Make an own goal!
Falling to the ground, Xu Huang punched the turf hard.
71 uninvited guest
Thank you, Gong … I stretched out my hand and pulled Xu Huang up and laughed. This header is full of energy.
He quickly recovered his composure, patted his knees and shook his head. It’s just a game. Adults should not be complacent too early and be careful to be caught. Don’t forget to teach me the truth of life when playing football? And ….. Why should you wake up your opponent? !
After the ball, relying on the relative number advantage, our defenders grabbed the ball and immediately counterattacked it through short exhibition, which just took advantage. We continued to attack from the flank and wanted to continue to make several own goals.
Xu Huang immediately instructed the midfielder to support the winger. Our dribbler leaned forward to break through the past in the doubleteam team. This move was beyond everyone’s expectation. I cheated the plan to catch the ball and failed to rush into the penalty area to meet him at the first time. I took the ball and continued to cut two steps. I didn’t kick until I reacted.
As soon as I entered the restricted area, three guards blocked my forward route from left and right, and Xu Huang cut me off from behind. Can adults still do that?
Are you sure it’s enough to stop me? I hey hey say with smile
The back voice is calm. Of course not enough.
So I saw all the strikers who entered the penalty area surrounded by defenders. A small penalty area was full of fifteen or sixteen people. Even if I could get rid of the four people around me, I couldn’t get in.
But that’s exactly what I want. The more chaotic things are in front of each other, the better.
I can’t see exactly who reached the ball, and I can’t see exactly where the ball flew. I saw a large group of people turn around and lift their heads and rush out of the half court …
Don’t let them go? I can finally turn around. You don’t want to freeze me directly, do you?
Well, there’s no one in front of me. Xu Huang is already running on the grass ten feet away
I just took a step to start, and two guards came again, stuck in the gap in the encirclement …
Young master, you were right just now … Someone laughed. That’s what battalion commander Xu meant!
I can sigh in the face of such dependence and tactics in previous life network YY.
They seem to have encountered some obstacles in this attack, but they can’t move an inch from the distance.
Xu Huang glanced back at me and then crossed the center line to attack himself. His participation made the team attack more fierce and finally broke through the impregnable defense before our striker returned to defense.