Old Dong smiled at them and waited for him here. Otherwise, besides lawyers, the police and criminals are the most knowledgeable people in the world. You have to find Lao Liu for this thing. Of course, we have to work together. He can’t give the credit to Liu Jing in vain

The two sides agreed that Lu Tianfang shouted for help, so when You Wanfa took out the modified gun, Xia Jie took out the pigkilling knife, Xu Jingzhong took out a homemade hand/gun and Mei Jiao took out a dagger, Lu Tianfang finally shouted for help!
When they came in before, Ou Yun was the last one to come in quietly, but he didn’t kill the security door when he heard help. Liu Jing frowned and rushed in with people.
As mentioned above, these people are fraudsters. Although they are determined to engage in robbery and kidnapping after all, they are not fugitives. They really don’t have the courage to fight with the police to the death. Ninety percent of them are here to scare people. When they see the police coming, they will catch their hands and scold themselves for their bad luck.
Before Liu Tianfang came to lament his bravery, he was directly packaged and thrown back to Lujia by Liu Jing, and was scolded by Han Yanyan with his ears. After a while, Liu Heming came and directly rewarded him with a kind leg (of course, he didn’t kick the landing day and hid). Han Yanyan not only stopped her husband, but gave her son a slap in the face. They were extremely dissatisfied with her son and detained him at home to recuperate.
A few months later, the case was finally closed. Xu Jingzhong gave him 1.25 million yuan back to the public security bureau to get Qian Yinxi. She still couldn’t understand what happened. Ruan Yichen felt that she really couldn’t bear the responsibility of disciplining her cousin. She told her third aunt what happened. The middleaged widowed woman was a strong and courageous person. I heard that Ruan Yichen promised to take out 1% to thank the investigation company. Ruan Yichen left A city and returned to the provincial capital with her lovelorn daughter still crying. She wanted to keep an eye on her daughter. This time, she didn’t really make a big mistake and regretted
Lu Tianfang suffered mixed doubles, while Wang Sitian received a regular order. The business was still a regular customer. A whitecollar worker of a company found that his fiance had no time to accompany him for the Dragon Boat Festival on weekends and the MidAutumn Festival, and he was missing during the Chinese New Year. He suspected that the other party was having an affair and found someone to catch him.
The first question Wang Sitian asked for such a guest was, Dear, are you sure that’s your fiance? Not a traitor/husband?
46 The sixth chapter is small three (a)
The Year of the Monkey is the year of Petboy’s life and her life has been turned upside down.
Petboy is a Mongolian cohabiting fiance, Wen Guang, who is from Henan. They agreed to go to Mongolia for the New Year this year. By the way, they formally introduced Wen Guang’s wedding to their parents and relatives. However, after New Year’s Day, Wen Guang Company received a big single employee to work overtime until the 29 th of the New Year’s Day. Petboy Company has had employees take turns to have a flexible holiday since childhood, except for a few families who stayed until the 20 th of the twelfth lunar month. Most people left before the 25 th of the twelfth lunar month.
Cui Xin came to think of A city to accompany her fiance, but Wenguang asked her to go home early and meet her again and again at the beginning of the Lunar New Year.
Because the company is very busy, Petboy took a taxi to the train alone, carrying big bags and small bags. She felt lost in the crowd in Spring Festival travel rush … Wenguang words made her even more sad. Did you get a car? I’m sorry I can’t send you. Explain to your uncle and aunt that I’m sorry I didn’t grab the first ticket and grabbed the fourth day …
When Petboy spoke, she had an idea in her mind. Although she is an only child, her family is very good. Every year, she goes to her grandparents’ home for the New Year. Without her parents, Wen Guang is a person. How will he spend this New Year?
Maybe it’s really a girl’s extroversion, maybe it’s really love. As time goes by, the idea of staying in A city with Wenguang is getting stronger and stronger. Half an hour before the train, she finally made up her mind to refund the ticket and pulled luggage case out of the car.
The residential area rented by her fiance used to be a dormitory of a large stateowned enterprise. The youngest room has been 20 years, and half of them can’t move away. Most of them are indigenous people, and half of them are renting houses. Because the location here is very good and close to the city center, there are bus and subway houses. Although the old rent is not cheap, they chose to share it with them. A couple returned to their hometown three days ago for the New Year.
When she pushed open the door, Petboy was stunned. She got up at five o’clock this morning and cooked breakfast and dinner. She was worried that Wenguang could not see it and would not go home for dinner late. She put the food in a freshkeeping box and put a note on the table. In addition, there was enough sauce beef and fresh pickles in the refrigerator to eat in the Chinese New Year. Even the table was clean and there was no kitchen waste in the garbage can.
With a sudden jump, she went back to the two rooms and opened the refrigerator where they had been children. There was nothing in it.
She opened the wardrobe again, and the Wenguang winter clothing department was gone. Her heart kept beating. What happened? Did Wenguang ask for leave to chase her? Want to give her a surprise?
She dialed Wenguang … Hello?
桑拿会所hello? Honey, did you get on the train? I’m too busy to go back here.
Where are you?
My company is very busy. I didn’t tell you to call me when I got there.
What happened to Petboy sitting on the bed with his mobile phone in his hand? What did Wenguang Company say? His clothes are gone.
She took a mobile phone and knew that if she called their company, the horse would know the truth, but she didn’t dare to dial. She looked at the desk clock in a daze and didn’t know how long it would take. It looked like a generation was as short as a blink of an eye. She finally got up the courage to dial the words of Wenguang Company. Hello? Sisterinlaw Wenguang had a holiday three days ago. He said he would accompany you home for the New Year. Didn’t you come together?
Petboy could hardly believe his ears. I have nothing to talk to you about, Xiao Zhang. Is your company busy recently?
Not busy.
Do you work overtime on weekends?
The receiver heard something was wrong and paused. That … sometimes adds …
I know that Wenguang is back and he didn’t go to the company.
Petboy feels that he is really a genius at lying, and he is still in the mood to cover up for colleagues in Wenguang Company at this time.
But who can be deceive by such a clumsy lie? When she called Wenguang again, the line was busy. After ten minutes, she couldn’t get through. She was unwilling to redial again and again and still get through.
I don’t know how long it took Petboy to think of a friend who told her a story, Hey, do you remember that workshop talk that helped your friend?
When I saw Petboy, Wang Sitian suddenly felt very touched. How long has it been since she received such a normal case and met such a normal client? So you met because of work?
It’s our company, it’s their company’s tour manufacturer, and I have more contact with their company after the sale.
How long have you been together?
We decided on Valentine’s Day in 15 years that we moved together after my house expired this summer.
Since when does he not go home on weekends?
The second week after we moved in together, he said that the work was very busy, and he came to take the weekend not only without rest but also on duty.
You didn’t call his company?
So … not so good, although we have close but …
Don’t rest over the weekend … a holiday? We are both together on Valentine’s Day and Christmas, but festivals like Dragon Boat Festival, MidAutumn Festival and New Year’s Day … Petboy just remembered that he was particularly busy or would have something temporary when he arrived at such festivals.
Can you get through to him now?
Section 62
Petboy shook his head. Wenguang’s mobile phone has been turned off.
will he answer if you call him during the festival?
He said it was not good to supervise the branch factory in the industrial park without local signal …
Wang Sitian sighed and had a preliminary rebellion against this situation. Girl, are you sure you are his girlfriend or not a lover?
How is it possible! We’ve talked about marriage. He’s already met my parents! We have already bought a house. Let me write my name in a safe room …
How much did you pay for the house?
My parents paid 500 thousand, I took 100 thousand and he took 400 thousand.
What is your name?
Yes, he seems to have borrowed money. Since then, he has never given my family a salary to pay off debts, but he has a good income and an annual salary of more than 100 thousand yuan will be paid off soon.
Is his salary in your charge?
No, he has been paying the rent and water, gas and water since we moved in together. I am in charge of daily life. He will buy clothes for me and I will buy clothes for him.
You bought him clothes. Did he take them away this time?
He took the jacket and two sweaters I bought for him.