Last October, Chang ‘an City was ruined … Jia Xu said faintly.

I feel very familiar.
Cheng Yu was surprised. This sentence … when Jaco came to Liaodong at that time, he also said that it was meaningful?
Jaco?’ Jia Xu frowned.
It was Qiu Zhang Gongchang, I explained. It was he who went to Liaodong to announce a letter of commendation.
Jia Xu suddenly realized that Zhang Gong has already passed to you
But I’m not white I spread my hands.
The officials in the DPRK have talked about it less than three times in the DPRK, he said slowly. I heard that moving out of classic names at that time could fill the whole hall.
A broken door repaired is what’s so noisy? !” Qin array stared and asked
Some people like to be born out of thin air I simply explained to him.
It’s true that these people think this is a sign that the day is going to be a crime, so it’s a big article. Jia Xu continued. Some people say that merchants are uneasy, while others say that there will be changes in the northwest … Here he deliberately stopped.
Northwest change? I snorted, Is it my horse’s head?
Face is impossible. After all, Ma Taibao is highly respected, and no one can openly accuse Ma Jia. Jia Xu said, The court will finally withdraw Su Li from Jing Zhaoyin.
Su Li?’ Remembering that this guy with a fine background has been sitting in Jing Zhaoyin’s position for three years, I have to ask casually, Where has he been transferred?
Party satrap Jia Xu replied.
I nodded. It’s also pretty good. He is my father’s recommended candidate, Huangfusong, so he shouldn’t be the whole one.
Jia Xu look slightly odd HuangFuSong … took the JingZhaoYin.
My head ached immediately. Who went to Bing again?
Qingzhou secretariat of Cao Cao, he added, and Sun Jian has just succeeded Qingzhou secretariat with many exploits.
I helped my forehead and couldn’t help laughing. It’s … It’s beautiful.
Master because of laughter? Cheng Yu asked directly.
I explained, Who is Lu Zhi in Youzhou, Cao Cao in Bingzhou and Sun Jian in Qingzhou?
Nature is Jizhou Yuan Shao
I nodded. There is no lack of wise men in the imperial court. It seems that they are ready to start work on Lombardi.
Jia Xu laughed. The public is keen and has a deep vision, and the green three States have formed a closed situation in Jizhou. Yuan Shao is doomed even if he is strong.
This is not necessarily suddenly someone objected.
I looked sideways and it was Taishi Ci.
This is … Jia Xu face is not happy.
This is a general I recently found. At present, Donglai Taishi Ci, the battalion commander of the ninth battalion, I immediately introduced him.
Jia Xu nodded and asked, General Taishi, can you tell me the reason?
Forgive Cili Taishi Ci arched his hand and stood up slightly. One is that the strength gap seems to be three States encircling a state, but in fact it is not necessary to look at Youzhou first. Therefore, Lu Zhi’s secretariat of Gongsun Du chaos recruited hundreds of young people from all counties to join the army. Although it successfully eliminated Gongsun’s father, it still damaged tens of thousands of troops, especially in counties such as Youbei Liaodong. It is expected that Youzhou will expand its troops in three to five years. Look at Qingzhou Ci Nai Donglai. People know that natural disasters and manmade disasters in Qingzhou in the past ten years have caused great losses. It is difficult to count the number of young and strong people who have been displaced. Several gentlemen are also Qingzhou celebrities and do not avoid danger. They are far hidden in Liaodong. When they know that Ci is right, he looks at several people in Guan Ning.
Guan Ning sighed with a sigh, Natural disasters and manmade disasters are one for men and women.
In bing a few years ago, Bai Bo disturbed and south Huangfusong secretariat to pay off the bandits vigorously, but it was peaceful for several years … Taishi Ci said slowly, How many people can bing have? How many soldiers and horses can there be?
Jia Xu narrowed his eyes slightly, folded his long beard and gently nodded The general thinks Zhou Jia Xu is ashamed.
Second, Taishi Ci continued, it is difficult for people to attack all the way first. At this moment, the big fellow court is uncertain. Who can guarantee that the threeway team will be determined to destroy Lombardi? And who can guarantee that other local forces will stay put when there is a big war in the four States?
夜网论坛The righteousness is thorough! I can’t help clapping my hands. It’s almost to my heart.
I once thought that I would simply follow suit and stand on my own feet while Yuan Shao was fighting.
Jia Xu spat out a sigh of relief. General Taishi said that Cao Yuan Shao was said to have been a playmate since childhood. It is unusual that he may not be able to deal with Yuan Shao.
Laugh Taishi Ci surrendered to him and sat quietly.
Jia Xu busy reciprocate way general is better than Jia Xu.
Even I was a little surprised at this. Jia Xu’s intelligence rarely wears a personhe is a military commanderand today he publicly admits that he is not as good as Taishi Ci.
Listen to Jia Xu turned to me and smiled slightly. Xu wants to congratulate Gong.