Looking at Li Ling strode away from Gusley, his eyes grew cold and he closed the door. Let’s go.

yes, boss
With a black bag, Li Ling’s heart will be proud when he gets it. He will know that it is impossible to complete the branch line unification with only 5,000 energy beads, and he will not give it away for nothing. He just asked for it.
One hundred threelevel biochemical nuclei plus ten fourlevel biochemical nuclei should be able to complete the branch line one.
As for Li Ling, he was going to visit Lemos when a lux Porsche suddenly stopped beside him.
Zuo Rujiao as the window rolled, Li Ling looked at Zuo Rujiao in the driver’s seat and immediately smiled Miss Zuo is so clever
Zuo Rujiao’s mouth slightly tilted, and his long and narrow phoenix eyes shed strange light and said, Car!
Miss Zuo, we may go different ways.
I came to see you specially.
Uh Li Ling heart a sudden meet left such as charming eyes andao such as jiao is not seen through my identity?
A quick laugh Li Ling didn’t refuse to get into the copilot seat.
Porsche disappeared from the hospital door like a left arrow with a roar.
The car was so charming that she was absorbed in driving and didn’t talk.
Li Ling looked at Zuo Rujiao’s side face and asked, Where are you going to take me, Miss Zuo?
Do you know that Li Ling is still alive?
Well, I already know this. Li Ling’s eyes flashed with a nai. He knew that Zuo Rujiao had doubted his identity.
Li Ling, are you still going to hide it from me?
Zhi Porsche suddenly stagnated, and the tire ground friction raised a roll of white smoke.
Miss Zuo, you may have misunderstood me. I’m not Li Shao. I’m Ling Li. I’m Li Shao’s hand. Meet Zuo Rujiao’s eyes. Li Ling’s scalp is numb
Zuo Rujiao’s right hand suddenly raised the fan to Li Ling’s right cheek.
Pa Li Ling’s eyes narrowed and he raised his hand and grabbed Zuo Rujiao’s wrist. Miss Zuo doesn’t know where I have sinned against you.
Because of you, asshole, Zuo Rujiao’s voice did not fall, and his other hand also lifted.
Miss Zuo, don’t blame me if you do this again. Li Ling buckled Zuo Rujiao’s fan and passed a nai in his eyes.
Li Ling has come to this, are you going to continue to hide it? Zuo Rujiao’s beautiful eyes full of charm are full of glittering and translucent colors, and his teeth bite his lips. I won’t forget your Li Ling even if it turns to ash.
Chapter 79 I will die if Li Ling doesn’t come!
Meet Zuo Rujiao’s complicated eyes. Li Ling frowned and sighed in his heart. Miss Zuo, I’m really not Li Shaoli. Since I’m not dead, he will come out to see you sooner or later. You are so pestering me.
You are Li Ling Zuo Rujiao’s beautiful eyes are full of stubborn color.
When the former Ling Tiantuan saw Li Ling, Zuo Rujiao felt that he was familiar with it. However, the thought of the explosion in the East China Sea and the fact that Li Ling was vaporized on the spot and felt that it was too incredible did not continue to pursue it.
But when Zuo Rujiao heard that Li Ling was still alive, her first thought was Lingli.
With this idea, Zuo Rujiao didn’t come to Li Ling, but went to know Lingli through various channels, but she couldn’t find Lingli at all and knew that he was Li Ling’s hand.
Lenovo Li Ling once dressed Qin Hao as a beggar in his 40 s and 50 s and the magical means he showed from time to time. Zuo Rujiao was sure that Lingli was Li Ling.
Looking at the overflow of tears in her eyes, Zuo Rujiao Li Ling let go of her wrist in pain and shook her head. Miss Zuo, I’m really not Li Shao.
Really? Zuo Rujiao sneered. Are you really not going to admit it?
My root is not how to admit that Li Shao Li Ling has decided to kill himself without revealing his identity.
For one thing, he didn’t know if Gusley had sent someone to spy on him.
Secondly, he only has the last everchanging face. If the light is really gone.
The everchanging Facebook can not only change a person’s appearance, but also his temperament and fingerprints will be changed.
It is not difficult to change one’s facial muscles by Li Ling’s ability, but he can change one’s fingerprints, horny membranes or other characteristics in other ways.
You don’t admit it, do you?
What are you doing?
Li Ling face a change looking at suddenly pulled out a dagger from the back cushion of the car left as charming.
If you’re not Li Ling, let me die. Holding the dagger tightly, there is stubborn light in your beautiful eyes.
桑拿网Li Ling is really in distress situation. Miss Zuo, if you do this, I will admit it.
Looking at Li Ling’s unwilling heart, I don’t want to look like a charming face. Then show your true colors.
Miss Zuo, this is my true face.
Li Ling, you still refuse to admit it, don’t you? Said Zuo Rujiao, putting his sharp dagger on his jade neck.
Miss Zuo, what’s the point of you pushing me so hard? Li Ling smiled wryly. Why don’t you calm down first, Miss Zuo, and I’ll help you connect with Li Shao to let you talk to him.
You are Li Ling. Don’t try to fool me.
I really can’t chat with you.
I don’t care. I must see Li Ling today. If I don’t see him, I will die.
Staring at Zuo Rujiao’s expression, Li Ling really had a headache and thought for a moment and said, I’ll drive you to a place.
Good Zuo Rujiao did not hesitate to throw the dagger in the back seat and walk out of the driver’s seat.
Zuo Rujiao is not afraid of Li Ling taking the dagger. Without the dagger, she still has many ways to commit suicide.
If a person wants to commit suicide, no one can stop him.
Porsche’s fast speed is like a red flash heading for the outskirts of Beijing.
Li Ling looked calm and took out his mobile phone. Li Mosi, I’m coming to help me see if there is any follow behind.
I asked Qin Tian to come over.