Original title: Beijing Winter Olympics Committee interprets uniform equipment (going Dong’ao) Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association staff (left, left), volunteers (left three, left four) and technical official uniform equipment display . Beijing Winter Olympics Organization Map October 27 The uniform equipment contains cultural connotation and scientific content, combining functionality, nationality and artistic combination, can achieve free wearing in temperature changes and scene conversion.

These staff, technical officials and volunteers will be a bright landscape on the Winter Olympics. Uniform equipment includes clothing, shoes, accessories 3 uniform equipment for Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association staff, technical officials and volunteers wear, including clothing, shoes, accessories. Yan Cheng, Minister of Human Resources Department of Beijing, Winter Olympics, said: "We plan the uniform equipment categories for specific climatic conditions and different work, and can achieve free wearing in temperature changes and scene conversion." In design, uniform equipment is based on winter sports professional equipment wearing and ergonomic principle, using functional fabrics and stereo tailoring methods, and take care of multi-scene job needs in the room and outside the room, realize all-round protection and assistance.

In the material use, due to the special winter conditions, the uniform equipment is equilibrated between resisting cold, wind and warm and breathable, and comfortable and comfortable to meet the needs of all scenarios. According to reports, the uniform filling floc selects a new thermome of multi-layer structures with domestic patented technology. It is targeted according to the use of the Winter Olympics, which meets the warm environment of the cold environment.

Warm boots used waterproof film, waterproof, wind and snow, breathable, recyclable. "Glove’s hand position adds some non-slip particles, draws on the red love pattern of mascot ‘ice pier’ hand in morphology and color." Beijing Winter Olympics committee Human Resources Uniform Engineer’s plain said that uniform equipment is similar There are still a lot of this detail.

"We conducted a lot of experiments and detection to test functionality, especially warmth.

From the data, it is still excellent.

Yan Cheng said.

The design is selected from 602, and more than 10,000 pieces of works are selected. The Beijing Winter Olympics committee is open to the global collection of uniform design, with more than 602 sets, more than 10,000 pieces of works, and final design out.

Heyang from Beijing Fashion Academy is the designer of the final program.

In 2008, she participated in the design of the Beijing Olympic Games uniform with a smart cloud pattern, with clear color, printing many people’s Olympic memories.

"Winter Olympics design should convey cultural characteristics, but also have a uniqueness, guarantee your eye, easy to identify." He Yang said.

The design of Winter Olympics is inspired by the Chinese traditional landscape painting and the core graphic of the Winter Olympics. The fashionable level, which is smartly with the traditional aesthetics and ice and snow. In color selection, calm ink, and hop-shaped clouds show the work of staff’s trunk and enthusiasm, the neutral Great Wall gray shows the objective fairness of the technical official, the bright Tianzhu Blue shows the youthful vitality of the volunteers, pure Ruixue White as the adjustment color symbolizes "Ruixue Zhaofeng Year". The main color of these Winter Olympics is outlined from the winter Olympics to the scene and space, as well as the rhythm and rhythmic sense of winter sports.

R & D production focuses on technology applications and details of innovation, beautiful and comfortable, in order to achieve use requirements, uniform equipment research and development and production focuses on technology applications and details. The Beijing Winter Olympics committee fully plays a professional force, the role of professional institutions, promotes the application of new materials, new processes, new technologies. Since 2019, the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee has set up the uniform equipment, the fabric selection, version improvement, and design, etc. The Clothing Designer Association was entrusted to organize 3 reviews to identify candidate design.

From the plan to the physical sample, then produce production, constantly collision, adjust, optimize.

At the same time, the uniform equipment focuses on the design, production, distribution and other links to practice green environmental protection and sustainable philosophy.

The yarn used by the equipment storage bag is the environmental yarn produced by the recycled plastic product; the packaging bag is made of biological degradation, the 180-day resolution rate can reach more than 90%; footwear leather processing technology Patented water-saving technique.

"The design of uniform equipment reflects the characteristics of Beijing Winter Olympics and Chinese cultural characteristics." Yan Cheng said: "This uniform is in line with the idea of ??sustainable development, and it is also full of humanism in many details, in the International Olympic Committee. , In the process of communication between the International Disability Olympic Committee, fully recognized and highly praised.

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