“American Psychiatric” female director broke the news that Li Zi abandoned acting and Bell took over the inside story
Directors Mary Hallen and Christian Bell at the scene of the film “American Mental Patient”. In early April, the director of “American Mental Patient” (2000) Mary Harlan broke the news that she had been refused to let “Little Plum” Leonardo DiCaprio play the lead actor Patrick Bateman in the film.The film company was fired.In the beginning, the actor that director Mary Harlan wanted was the later “Batman” Christian Bell, but Leonardo DiCapri, who had just finished shooting the world-wide “Titanic” a few years agoAo expressed interest in participating in “American Mental Patients”, so the actor decided him.The film company let Oliver Stone, the director of “Assassination of Kennedy”, succeed Mary Hallen, but later because of the differences in the creation of DiCaprio and Oliver Stone, he finally withdrew from the movie.Leonardo DiCaprio. However, the co-writer of “American Mental Patient” Genevieve Turner has some memories of this matter.In the recent oral history commemorating the 20th anniversary of the film ‘s release in the Supplement, Ginavi Turner said that the reason why DiCaprio actually withdrew from the film and the American feminist pioneer Gloria SteyNam has a lot to do.Gloria Steinham is the pioneer leader of the American feminist movement and is known as “Avatar of American Feminism”.”American Mental Patient” thinks of a mad killing of a Wall Street arrogant with a double personality.When Gloria Steinham realized that DiCaprio was about to star in the movie, he took him to a Yankees baseball game and told him not to make this movie, “” TitanAfter the release of Nick, the 13-year-old girl on the planet is waiting to see what you do next, and this movie is indeed a terrible act of violence against women.”The screenwriter Ginavi Turner said that since then, DiCaprio has quit the movie.Bell played the Wall Street arrogant with a dual personality in the film “American Mental Patient”. As soon as DiCaprio withdrew, the film company hired Mary Harlan to direct the film again. The director still insisted on choosing Bell as the actor.The most ironic thing is that Gloria Steinham, the feminist pioneer who persuaded DiCaprio to quit the movie, later married Bell’s father and became Bell’s stepmother.The only thing that hasn’t changed is that she still holds a critical view of this serial killer movie.Gloria Steinham.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Huang Jialing school against Li Xiangling