When the fire is hot,Wonderful female http://www.aintron.cn corpse burned into ashes。
Liao Jie, who just walked two steps, killed a horse,Take out the money sword to dial in the ashes,Discover a shadowless。
Black stone。
And the blackstone picked up in the elevator in the elevator is generally small,only,This is more cold。
He takes out yellow characters,Kneel,Pack the black stone tightly。
Alert,The four side ceilings fall,Four knives and female ninies from the sky,At the same time,Parger the knife to Liao Jie、Heart and three after the back。
Four golden iron,The woman is full of indifferent eyes,I don’t want to think,Take the four directions to escape。
“嘿嘿 嘿,All come,Don’t leave。”
Liao Jie opened,Holding the red line,Fully。
Four female endurance,Fall down on the ground。
“Small sister,Wang Million and Lin Dafu are done?”
Allocate,Four women stand up,Here.,Give the knife pointer to Liao Jie。
They have been professional training,Unless the task is,Otherwise it will not say a word with strangers.。
靓 仔 仔 也。
No next step,In confrontation,Many people,More than ten red lines are wrapped around the legs,Finally Leading neck,Make four people to gradually fall into suffocation。
Two minutes later,Liao Jie walks into the dark door of the coffin,behind,Four coma female ninists or hang hands,Or hang leg,Red rope crane hanging under the ceiling in half air。
Chapter 146 A recruited victory
Dark door behind the coffin connected a corridor,After passing through,Another four-four square empty room。
same,A coffin is embedded on the wall。
Liao Jie is thinking,Two house specifications,He has just checked,Female ninja hiding the ceiling did not have a dark road,Or, secret road can only enter。
I want to see the master,Either all the way,Either jump out of the script。
All the way is too passive,And don’t say neon alchemy,One is not paying attention to the risk of turning boat,Even if there is a stunless customs clearance,The ability is also touched by seven or eight eight.。
I have to think about jump out of the script.,Can’t be taken by the other party。
I have never traced the coffin on the wall.,Liao Jie is attached to the left hand side wall,Looking http://www.yoogong.cn for weak positions,Calculate the possibility of broken walls。
The house pen of the fourth four square,The next estimate is also almost,I want to get stripped,Only from the left and right sides。
certainly,Do not exclude ceiling and floor。
The coffin cover is overturned by violence,Men walk straight up,Fitness shorts white vest,It is and Liao Jie has an edge of Eddie in the gym.。
“Sure enough, evil door。”
Liao Junzhi,Short two hours,An ordinary person turned into a stunning walking dead,The refinery is no longer possible to do it against the sky.,Adidin is definitely treated with black stone。
If this is this,The black stone can be too dangerous.。