On October 25th, the 11th Shipping Games and the 8th Special Olympics entered the fourth game day. Shenyang disabled athletes won 1 gold 5 silver 2 copper, of which the Olympic project was 3 silver 1 copperZheng Jin received a silver medal in the 1500-meter final of the T11 level, Tian Yuxin won a silver medal in the F57 women’s leading ball final, and Liu Shuai won a silver medal in the competition of 100 kilograms, Zhang Zhen in T11A bronze medal in the 1500-meter finals; Turkou project is 1 gold 2 silver 1 copper, which is a gold medal in the Turkish Basketball Personal Technical Tournament.A silver medal, Turka Field team won a silver medal in the 4 × 400 relay race, Li Dongyu won a bronze medal in the 800 meters final of Turka track.