Xinhua News Agency, Nanchang, November 9 (Reporter, Zun Tao) On the afternoon of the 9th, the reporter learned from the prevention and control press conference of Xinzhi Pneumonia, Jiangxi Province, at present, Shangrao City Leadshan County, Xinzhou District, Guangxin District has completed multi-wheel big Scheme screened, 47 positive personnel were found.

  According to traffic, Lead Mountain County has completed 8-wheeled nucleic acid screening, of which 6 large-scale nucleic acid screenings, the key area is inspected daily, and 31 positive personnel are found, all of the sealing area allocal screening and centralized controlled isolation sieves The found found.

The Sinzhou District has completed the large-scale nucleic acid screening of the three-wheeled region, and 13 positive personnel were reported. The Guangxin District has completed the large-scale nucleic acid screening of the two-wheeled area, and three of the positive personnel were screened in centralized controlled isolation points. At present, the positive personnel and their adhesive people have been implemented in the first time.

On the morning of the 9th, the Xinzhou District has begun the fourth round of large-scale nucleic acid screening, and the Guangxin District has launched the third round of large-scale nucleic acid screening.

  On October 30th, Lead Mountain County, Shangrao City, found 1 case of new coronary pneumonia confirmed, confirmed cases before the Xiancun Guest Restaurant in Ge Xiancun Resort.

Since October 30, there have been 13 cases of local confirmed cases, and 34 cases of non-symptom infection. 4 cases have been cured, and the remaining 43 patients are separated from fixed-point hospitals. The current condition is stable.