When Ma Hongfang reached for the bedside paper,Wang Youcai is like protecting a hungry wolf,Jump out of bed,Hugged her from behind。Ma Hongfang was taken aback,She said coldly:“Stop fooling around,He’ll be back in a while。How about you open a room outside,I’ll be here in a while“

“No way,Just show me,I can’t wait“Wang Youcai said,A bit domineering tore Ma Hongfang’s underwear,Pressed her down on the wall。Wang Youcai, who has lost his mind, doesn’t care about anything,He only knows to vent his*。 Ma Hongfang shed tears anxiously,But no matter how she struggles,But Wang Youcai just won’t let go,All because she is too weak。 Read More

Xia Jian sitting in front of the phone,Non-stop command and dispatch,Keep up with the dynamics everywhere。The wind has been blowing this night,Everyone’s heart is holding。The road outside,Sirens keep on,120、119’S voice almost rang till dawn。Xia Jian’s heart hangs,It seems that this disaster is not small。

When the white fish belly appears to the east,Xia Jian crawled on the desk tiredly and fell asleep。At this time Guan Tingna walked in hoarsely,She saw that Xia Jian was tired like this,So he quickly took off his coat and put it on Xia Jian’s body。 The sky is getting bright,But dark clouds are surging Read More

Super mental power means that it is the standard mental power of peers32Times。Even if you don’t meditate,The mental power of adulthood is equivalent to the second-level magician。Elemental affinity,Determines the efficiency of refining magic,Magician or magic apprentice of the same level,Elemental affinity is superb. Spend an hour refining your spiritual power to form magic,Then the elementary element affinity needs to be spent16Hours。simply put,Spiritual power represents the potential of magic practice,And the element affinity is high,It means that you can save more time to cultivate spiritual power!”

“Want to learn magic spells,There are three main ways:One is the inheritance of magicians from teachers and students,Is to find a magician,To be his apprentice,Teacher-student relationship!Of course for most people with magical talent,This method is actually the most difficult,Because it is impossible for a magician to become a tutor and train an apprentice for free,Unless Read More

“I don’t know something here。”

The penalty head pointed at the high wall of the City Lord’s Mansion and said:“It is said that Shui Qingfeng is also a master of formation,There must be many formations on Qingfeng Village。If we don’t check the formation of Qingfengzhai first,I’m afraid to pay a heavy price。” “So your task for asking me for help Read More

“Drive directly to the door,I’m going to catch him off guard。”The middle-aged man had an idea。Mengzi no longer ask,Maximum horsepower,The farm truck rushed into the village with annoying noise。

It’s noon time,Sunny,Sun,There are no people on the small road in the village,Good time at this time。The car turned two turns,Stopped in front of a colorful bungalow,Li Tianchou raised his eyes,It really is a supermarket,Letter,“Miaotang New Century Supermarket”。 Everyone jumped out of the car,The middle-aged man is faster,Pulling Li Tianchou into the supermarket gate first。 Read More

He laughed at her.,Flexible:“Blue,You want to see the first snow,Snow is snowing tonight,You look at it is good.?”

Lu Haocheng clears her hand,Low head,Pain, some can’t be self-suited,I have been over for a few months.,She is not awake,He wants to see her smile.,It seems to listen to her voice。 He wants her.!Le Zhenxi stands in front of his own floor,Looking at this year’s first snow,And the person he worried,I haven’t woke up。 Time Read More

Xia Shuyue asked scaredly,“Why enema?”

The nurse was amused by her expression,“Enema is to reduce the risk of surgery,If you have a bowel movement,No need to irrigate。” Xia Shuyue froze for two or three seconds,Too nervous,Finally remembered,“I had a bowel movement at three o’clock at night,does it count?” Nurse smiled,“Calculated,You don’t need an enema if you have a bowel movement Read More

Uncle Geng only said a word,Make many people blush,“I can trust Xiao Li,No need to discuss moving,If anyone is worried or afraid, just leave。”

The second thing is a small discussion,Only Peng Weihua and Hai Bale were left,Uncle Geng’s meaning is very clear,Just do everything possible to get Li Tianchou out。 The difficulty of this matter is too high,If there is no official way,Do it all on your own,To put it plainly, you can only rob prison。This is not Read More

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Such people should have entered early,But how could he hurt you??“

“Hey!This guy bit me,Say I do business with him,I owe him the money,Forced him to do this,You say irritating but not irritating,Fortunately, the police responsible for handling the case,Finally whitewashed me,Otherwise, there is really no way to mix in this circle“Xiongji said with an unhappy face。 Xia Jianshun comforted him,The two broke apart,But from the Read More