[Bacon Enoki Mushroom Roll]_ Bacon Enoki Mushroom Roll _ Practice Daquan _ Home Practice

The bacon and enoki mushrooms are rolled together for exquisite craftsmanship, and then the bacon enoki mushrooms are a very popular food in many places because this food is delicious. Many people think that the production process is difficult, but this is not the case.

First, practice 1, cut 2 or 3 halves in the middle of the bacon.

2. Cut off the roots of Flammulina velutipes and wash them, cut into bacon with the same width.

3, put the enoki mushroom section on the bacon, take a slightly longer one in the middle, then roll up and tie it.

4. Take out the clean toothpick at home and fix the bacon roll with the toothpick.

5. Then spread the baking sheet with a layer of tin foil and place the fixed bacon rolls one by one.

6. Preheat the oven 180 degrees, and place the baking sheet for 12 minutes.

7. If you don’t have an oven, you can also add it to a non-stick pan and fry over medium and low heat for a few minutes.

Second, bacon enoki mushroom rolls / more practices I have heard that bacon has high nutritional value and haven’t tried how to do it. When I went to the supermarket last night, I bought some back and tried the bacon enoki mushroom rolls.Flammulina velutipes is slightly sweet.


Material: Bacon, Flammulina velutipes 2.

Flammulina velutipes head washed and drained 3.

Cut the bacon in half and take an appropriate amount of Flammulina velutipes 4.

Slowly roll it up and tie it gently with green onion 5.

Make 7 bacon enoki mushroom rolls 6 in order.

Put some bacon in a pan and fry until the whole is golden, 7.

Remove and load disc 8.

Add oyster sauce, salt and sugar to the pan at the end.

Finally, pour on the bacon enoki mushroom roll. You can use three. Bacon enoki mushroom roll. Step 1 First cut the whole bacon in half, and use the water to prepare the enoki mushroom.A long bacon is wrapped in an appropriate amount of enoki mushrooms, placed in a roll, and fixed with a toothpick.

2 Turn the flour into a wok over low heat, and then fry the prepared bacon rolls.

There is no need to put any other spices in the meantime.

3 In fact, it can be eaten after it is fried. I made a glass ravioli to make it look better.
Let ‘s teach the method of thickening, put some water in the pot, boil it and add fresh soy sauce, pepper, seasoned chicken essence, add an appropriate amount of water-soluble corn starch, boil it and pour it onto the bacon rolls .For peppery flavors, you can add black pepper . Bacon rolls can also roll asparagus.