Casually ate some food outside,Wang Lin went back to the villa,She took a hot bath,So I lay in bed and worked on the computer,Waiting for Xia Jian to go online。But who knows this lying down,She fell asleep without waking up。
Gu Yue is still a woman with a heart,She listened to Xia Jian’s suggestion,Give Cheng Huiling the earthwork transportation project in Donghu Park,This makes this woman happy。Looks like a simple thing,But Donghu Park is a big project,Let alone the amount of earthwork。
Xu Yiming knew about this soon,He was so angry that he almost dropped the phone,But it’s already like this,Even if he smashed the phone,But there is still no remedy。
Xu Yiming sitting on the sofa,Staring at the ceiling,He doesn’t know what happened to the people now?He and Cheng Huiling are cousins,How can she do this?Say anti-water, anti-water。
Someday,After Gu Changlong was called back by him,Be uncharacteristic to him,Almost moved。He knows that his affairs may be exposed,It’s just that Gu Changlong is afraid that this will be ashamed,So I didn’t go into it with him。
This is how to do?Don’t bring Gu Yue down,The tone in his heart is always not smooth,But to bring down Gu Yue,He has to clean up Xia Jian first,But this is difficult。
Xu Yiming, who was so desperate, completely collapsed,He really doesn’t know what to do now。Just at this time,Tong Juan knocked on the door and walked in。
“What’s wrong with you,A sad look,As if someone owes you money“Tong Juan said,Sat down on the sofa opposite Xu Yiming。
Xu Yiming sighed and said:“What do you say about this?It’s like shooting yourself in the foot,The chicken didn’t steal,This chicken feather is all over“
“Ok you just,I said this sister Cheng is unreliable,She’s fine,Not only took advantage of others,Also won such a good project,This business is too sophisticated“Tong Juan said,Stood up。I made two cups of coffee and brought them here。
Xu Yiming glanced at Tong Juan and said:“sister!Brother did not do this well,Tired you too。How about this!Where do you resign first,Then I will say hello to the people below“
“It’s easy to say,But I will say hello to you beforehand。Your mother will never allow you to do this,You know the consequences。So don’t mess around now,Otherwise Gu Dongyi is angry,Clear you out of the group,It’s not impossible“Tong Juan drinking coffee,Whispered to Xu Yiming。
Xu Yiming nodded honestly and said:“I think so too,When the time comes,I will never give them any respite“
“it is good!You have this mindset,Those who can achieve great things must let themselves sink down first,Otherwise you will die miserably if you show off“Tong Juan finished,Get up and go。
Xu Yiming took a long breath,Crumpled a piece of paper on the table into a ball,Then said something:“Don’t get Yunmao,I am not Xu Yiming“