The second thing is a small discussion,Only Peng Weihua and Hai Bale were left,Uncle Geng’s meaning is very clear,Just do everything possible to get Li Tianchou out。
The difficulty of this matter is too high,If there is no official way,Do it all on your own,To put it plainly, you can only rob prison。This is not something ordinary people can play,And the probability of success is extremely low,Even a person like Hai Tianzi is not afraid of anything,I shook my head when I heard this,Peng Weihua didn’t say a word。
Uncle Geng looked at the embarrassment of the two,Can’t help but smile,“You two are off。I’m asking everyone to find a way,Not for you to die。Think about it,Only one way is most effective。”Uncle Geng paused for a while,“Kill Sun Guaizi completely,Xiao Li still has a silver lining,He has an acquaintance in the county government that might be able to help a lot,I’m just afraid that time is too late。”
Peng Weihua and Hai Bald look at each other,Isn’t it the same as saying nothing??Everyone has been discussing how to deal with Sun Guaizi,I didn’t expect people to preemptively,Instead, I got Li Tianchou in first。Now it looks like this bastard is not ordinary,At first, Sun Guaizi was too simplistic。
Uncle Geng knows what they think,Of course it’s not easy for Sun Guaizi,Otherwise, it would be eaten by others a few years ago。But this person is not awesome,In dealing with Pantech and Li Tianchou,Sun Guaizi’s three-handed axe played a miraculous effect,But it’s almost used,With his years of understanding,Even if this person has the means, he won’t be smart,Peng Weihua and others are too emotional,It’s still not stable when it’s critical。
“uncle,Are we going to start in advance?”
Uncle Geng nodded,“Thinking about this。But before deciding,I want to see someone first,It’s just that this body is too bad。See tomorrow,If you can’t, please trouble Ahua to accompany me。”
“Why are you running like this??Don’t mess around。Just let Ahua tell you something。”Hai bald boy objected immediately。
“I’m afraid he won’t even see anyone,I must go in person。”Uncle Geng is determined,“Are those people contacted??”
“Contacted,Everyone is having a good time,I miss you and Uncle Hai。Nie Tao is still doing his job。”
“Everyone has aspirations,Haven’t seen you in years,It’s just that this sight will hurt everyone again。”Uncle Geng’s mood is not very good,A little sad。
Peng Weihua glanced at Hai Bald,I think Uncle Geng needs a rest,So asked:“uncle,What else to tell?”
“Let Liangzi find out where Xiao Li is,Let’s make preparations in advance。”
Shen Yingjie is in a bad mood,But also guilty,My momentary negligence turned out to be a disaster。She just met Liu Qiang,Learned that Li Tianchou was detained in Shikan No.1。This is damaging,Looks like it’s useless to find anyone in that place。
What’s even more angry is that Zhao Yong is as excited as a chicken blood,Three trips to the detention center in just two days to interrogate Li Tianchou,Very strict、Heavy、Hurry up、Endless posture。No wonder,The police officer who died was Zhao Yong’s hairpin,Since the murderer has been caught,Without revenge, there is no reason。
The only person in the criminal police team who can stop Zhao Yong is Zhou Nan,It’s a pity that he is still writing an inspection at home。And Liu Qiang’s energy is limited,Can’t influence Zhao Yong’s thinking at all。If you let it go,Li Tianchou must die。