First118chapter Not only for nothing
“Xiaoqingzhuo,Deal with the previous。”Zhu Minglang calling again,It is the Shenmu Qingshenglong that summoned。
Shenmu Qingshenglong Qingmang shining,After drinking the Silver Cedar Holy Dew,Its feathers are more gorgeous,The vertical pupil is deeper and more flexible。
When it appeared in this leaf forest,My eyes swept through the deciduous forest,It’s like the Holy Spirit of Nature gave these plants real life。
quickly,I saw those tall trees seem to come alive。
They twisted the thick trunk,Like a human waist。
They are dancing with those slender branches,Like a flexible arm。
Their roots rise from the soil,Turned into huge soles,Step by step towards the dragon and beast of those villains!
Tree spirit!
The Shenmu Qingshenglong turned the trees of this forest into a tree guard,They raised their arms,Knocked out those strong dragon beasts directly,Beat the dragon beast full of blood。
The dragon summoned by the two bald brothers is a crypt dragon,He was an expert at digging in the ground,As a result, the tree guard was dragged out of the soil,I was patted by a few powerful tree guards like a rolling ball。
Other dragon beasts panic,Want to disperse,But soon he was entangled by these tree spirit guards,Completely unmovable。
The branches are as flexible as an iron whip,Hit the skin of these dragon beasts fiercely,More than a dozen tall tree spirit guards beat their dragon beasts to pieces,Bloody!
Those merchant villains are pale,Trembling,At least a dozen or twenty people,Everyone can at least summon a dragon,The leader is also a general figure……
But in front of the opponent’s Thunder Tyrannosaurus and Shenmu Qingshenglong,It’s like a group of children are being educated by the teacher holding a ruler,There is no way to fight back。
“Make money and kill,You have a lot of blood on your hands, right,I’ll send you on the road together,I hope you can reflect on it on Huangquan Road,With this mind, it’s not like doing business seriously in your life。”Zhu Minglang said to these villains。
There is no mercy,I wish Minglang know what kind of scum these guys are,Order to kill,Soon Da Hei Fang and Xiao Qingzhuo began to kill dragons and destroy people……
Those merchant villains find that their strength is too great and want to run,But they were all forced back by those tree guards,Soon someone was torn off by the extremely strong Dryad guard,Divided。