It is also Jin Airor’s father.,Stone stone。
Just return to Suhang in Jino Rong,Goldstone has made the most correct choice。 In the first time, Zheng Bin was invited home.,When the face is opposite to the door。
And his words,Also immediately let the gold arrogant and the Thunder understand the other party。
Two people sit down,Also brush to brush。
“Mr. Jin,I just follow others.,And I don’t know that four fists are all Golden Home。”
Zheng Bin, a tea,Fanta looks at the gold stone,“I just rely with this,I want to challenge the martial arts martial art.。”
Gold stone frown,Obviously I don’t believe the other party。
“Certainty,I also have a small selfishness.。”
Zheng Bin’s words,Look at one side,“Young,You are Mr. Jin’s son, Jino Rong.。”
Jin You Rongyi,Noddler,“I am me,I don’t know what Mr. Zheng。”
“Nothing to teach,I just think of a thing。”
Zheng Bin said faintly,“My nephew Zheng Shengxian,Not long ago was abolished,It is said that……He called Golden Gongzi,I want you to help,It is a pity that Jin Bo is ruthless.……”I heard this sentence。
Not only Jin Airor is stunned。
Even the Thunder next to it also frowned。
As for goldenstone,It is an amazled.,眼 光 光 眼。
This is retalian。
As if to confirm the speculation of several people,Zheng Bin continued,“I came here.,In addition to launching challenges to your country’s martial arts circles,I have to hurt my nephew for a while.,Right,Trouble you of your words,Let him see me,Then self-breaking limbs,Otherwise,I will let him disappear from this world.,Just like it has never seen it.。”
Toned,Also,“It is said that he is good.,If he doesn’t want to die,Let’s take a crime early.,Golden,You can pass my words to……”Goldao Rong is not speechless。
The Yu Lei in the eyes is observing the Thunder next to it.。
Thunder’s face has become gloomy,Double eyes,Directly interrupted him,“Let me be bold?
You also let him disappear in the world?
Hehehehe,I want to ask a question.,Which green onion is you?!”
“What do you say?!”
Not waiting for Zheng Bin,Young people standing behind him when they drink,“Dare to speak like this,You find dead。”
Youth is Yuancheng。
Thunder smiles,I didn’t want to see Yuancheng,Directly http://www.bjyuansheng.cnsee Zheng Bin,“What is our Huaxia?,What A cat, dog wants to come to brush experience?。”
Zheng Bin looked up,Note like a knife,Several types of substances,Straightforward Thunder,“Who are you??”
The murder of the opponent,Thunder feels that the sweat on the body is not from。
But he still smiled,“What you said,It’s my boss。”
Zheng Bin is unexpected,Soon convergence,“Since this,Bring me about me.。
I have long I want to see the flower boxing leg of the Huaxia Wars.,Hehehe,How can your Chinese people be reversed?,Just check that the real history will know,Ancient Wu’s origin,From my Gaoli……”“Oh。”