Mental health is the key to success

Psychological quality is very important to a person’s success.

The famous American psychologist Terman conducted a 30-year follow-up study of 800 men. The most obvious difference between the top 20% and the bottom 20% is not the intelligence level, but whether it has a good mentality.Quality.

  American psychologists have followed and studied 1,500 intellectually extraordinary children. After 30 years of follow-up research, it was found that some of these 1,500 extraordinary children have become celebrities, experts and scholars, and some have become impoverished and left on the streets.

The analysis of the intelligence and personality characteristics of these two types of people shows that the primary difference in their endings is not in intelligence, but in differences in personality characteristics, especially in the quality of will.

The most successful people have self-confidence, self-reliance, prudent character, persistence and ability to resist setbacks.

Some people with ordinary intelligence and strong will and good character can also achieve amazing results (Qilu Evening News, July 24, 1998: “We must attach importance to the character training of middle school students”).

  Some experts believe that in human success, IQ factors may account for 20% to 30%, and EQ factors may account for 70% to 80%.

Emotional intelligence mainly refers to the ability to control emotions and the will to overcome difficulties.

Although the formulation of EQ is controversial, it is still acceptable to understand it in the sense that it represents psychological quality.

  The impact of the level of mental health on talents in middle schools is first manifested in unhealthy mentality, and learning will be seriously affected.

Some middle school students do not learn well in each subject, and there are reasons why the knowledge base in elementary school is not solid, but the most important reason is the lack of a deep impetus for achievement and no practical efforts to study.

Some classmates’ individual homework is unsatisfactory, mainly because he or she does not get home for the work done in this course, not because he or she is naturally lacking in the ability to learn this course.

Some middle school students are among the best in the class when they enter the school, but the worse they get, the worse they get, the make-up exams, suspensions, dropouts, and even suicide.

The reason is the poor psychological quality, not the poor intelligence.

When some students first entered middle school, their demonstration scores were in the middle and lower reaches of the class. However, due to their good psychological qualities, they strived hard to reach the upper reaches, with unswerving will, and with hard work, their academic performance became better and better.

  The academic level of middle school students is not equal to their mental health level.

Although some middle school students study well, they are in danger because of their poor psychological quality.

There was a male high school student who excels in all aspects of the class. It was no problem to take Tsinghua University, but after his mother was laid off, he thought he couldn’t afford to go to university, and finally hanged himself.

  There are countless examples of good academic performance not equal to mental health.

  Without good psychological quality, it is difficult to adapt to society even after graduating from high school.

A female graduate who went to college after graduating from high school committed suicide due to emotional frustration.

  The United States’ “Tossa Monde” reported that according to statistics from the US Mental Health Data Center, in recent years, relevant personnel in the US industry have been affected by psychological pressure in competition, leading to a decline of an average of US $ 17 billion per year.

  In general, a large number of facts show that all achievements and all wealth start from healthy psychology; poor psychological quality makes it difficult to become talented.

This is especially true in the era of the knowledge economy.