I saw that Zuo Luo raised his hand and pressed on the wall.,A light screen appears,Press the palm,The center of the classroom suddenly opened,Inside the ladder。
“come here。”Zuo Luo let the open position,“Push your own hands up,Next time you can come in。”
This is to enter a fingerprint.。
Yan Yan is doing,I record my fingerprint within one minute.,And enter a good name。
“Let it go。”Zuo Luo turned to the underground ladder。
Yan Yan keeps up,Environment around behind,The underground ladder is very ordinary steel,The surface of the paint is grinded,Leave less than two minutes,They came to the bottom。
There is still a door。
This is not just a fingerprint,Facial identification。
Door open,I have passed a variety of sounds.,External leakage light red green green,For a time, Yan Yan, I thought I came to the bar.。
They go in,The door is closed,Isolated inside and outside。
“Oh,There are newcomers.!”
“Zuo Luo brought?”
Yan Yan went in and found not to open the bar party,Some people are burying things,The red and green light is from that things.,There is also a group of people to fight around.。
The most important thing is that there is now a single 筒 is facing your face.。
Yan Yan carefully wing to move on the side,As a result, the barrel is followed by him.:“……”
“take it easy,Today is the welcome meeting of our discipline,There are still many new people like you.。”The people of the gun tube are passionate,If there is no way to give your face,Yan Yan will be http://www.dtrlt.cn more happy。
Zuo Luo took a tattered chair and sat down.:“Snowfall,Let things put down and talk。”
“Oh,Almost forgot。rest assured,No bullets。”Cut on the handkerchief in the hand,Finish rock,“Since you come,I will experience the tradition of our welcome.。”
Yan Yan is waiting for her to continue,As a result, a bunch of people came around him.。
More than half an hour,Ten new people’s nose is swollen in parallel.。
“Okay,You can’t do it.。”Some people pick up,“I took us a meal when I came in.,You are gone。”
New people want to say,They came over, I want to know this so-called‘Discipline’what exactly is it,The result is now looking,Here is a mad tower.!
Although Yan Yan is hurting,But because it is just then,It’s almost the same.,I am full of weapons that are full of mess,Like a studio of someone。http://www.lyeas.cn
Cut snow sitting on your own gunbox,Poster:“Don’t turn around,Since it is coming,Is the person of our discipline,I should know what we have to do.。”
There is only one at the beginning of the style.,Military schools who can play in the school can be played by the military school to suppress other military schools who are not convinced.,But people who are often the most disadvantaged, actually in the wind。Maximum playing and most disappointing,In order to calm them,The school will give a privilege,Just this batch is too easy to use too much.,It is easy to cause students dissatisfaction。Gradually,It was divided separately.,Transfer into underground。
Now the wind discipline under the sunny day is responsible for managing the daily provisions of military school students.,As for their batch……
“Gaslo Empire has not launched a big war in these years,But they have always been infiltrated towards us.,Especially military schools。”Guan Xue doesn’t know where to touch a knife,Cut the nail down,“Our mission is to pull out these people from the military school.。”