Uncle Geng only said a word,Make many people blush,“I can trust Xiao Li,No need to discuss moving,If anyone is worried or afraid, just leave。”

The second thing is a small discussion,Only Peng Weihua and Hai Bale were left,Uncle Geng’s meaning is very clear,Just do everything possible to get Li Tianchou out。 The difficulty of this matter is too high,If there is no official way,Do it all on your own,To put it plainly, you can only rob prison。This is not Read More

Venture Group,After all, it was created by Wang Lin and Xia Jian,So when everyone saw Wang Lin came back,Are very affectionate,Every one of them rushed to say hello to Wang Lin,This made Wang Lin very moved。

Casually ate some food outside,Wang Lin went back to the villa,She took a hot bath,So I lay in bed and worked on the computer,Waiting for Xia Jian to go online。But who knows this lying down,She fell asleep without waking up。 Gu Yue is still a woman with a heart,She listened to Xia Jian’s suggestion,Give Cheng Read More


Just listen to the falling pitch explosion in the desert,Return to everyone’s ears。 The system pops up a series of announcements:“FP.Tanglin Hermit Li Ge Laugh‘Skill kill’Oscar.banana!” Guo Yinzhe takes back the controller and hides it in his sleeve,As if the explosion never happened,Hidden merit and fame。 “Boss Guo,This one‘Mechanical rage’Really great!I actually used a beetle Read More

Due to the infinite expansion of the chaos,Chaos matter looks very thin,Can be cruel、The intensity is no less than before,Li Tianzhen can’t know‘Creation’What methods are used to collect this little world,But ultimately failed,I can’t speculate about the boy’s methods,I just feel that the other person lifts lightly,Has a great threat。

Young people are drifting,Suddenly copy with left hand,Then inadvertently the right hand fished again,Didn’t seem to catch anything,But it made Li Tianzhu feel that this is the most serious look of the boy since meeting,Every move of the other party seems to have a deep meaning,And it quickly became apparent。 Li Tianzhen discovered that some Read More

Walking in this magic island,It is more convenient to summon some dragons with weaker breath to follow around。

Every hour,To bring the dragon back into the spiritual realm。 All the way is smooth,Lin Zhao obviously made sufficient preparations for this dispatch。 Not long,They are already deep in the rainforest of this magic island,Because I dare not fly easily,Now Zhu Minglang doesn’t know where he is。 Magic Island does have many weird plants,Among them, Read More

Yushi knows that Liu Wendong has no flesh and no joy,Then teased him。

“Better than my family’s poetry,Uncle Liu didn’t hurt you for nothing。Your aunt let me eat porridge,Eats me out of love。”Liu Wendong is easy-going,Very humorous,What young people often say,He also knows a few words。 “It’s okay,uncle,Eat this meat,You’ll have a good life。”Talking room,Yu Shi has prepared the food and brought it to Liu Wendong。 “Where to Read More

After the fat man made another effort,Finally got up swayingly。Too late to clamor、Fierce,He went straight to his car,Opened the rear door,The woman may be scared,Hiding in the car and dare not get out,But suddenly saw his man,Can’t help but cry。

Two apprentices were forced to leave work by their master,But Li Tianchou did not listen to Peng Weihua’s advice to leave,“Hua brother,Shall we help a bunch of Master Qi??At any rate, you can’t suffer from immediate losses for a while, right??” “help him?Ha ha,Not needed。Rest assured to go back,I say nothing is okay。”Peng Weihua said Read More

“God ancient lamp jade,It is the god jade of the original Shenlong sect,Taken by Shen Ji who can control Ancestral Dragon,Later the Shenlong sect split,Zi Zonglin was born、Canglong Temple、Gulong Palace、Shenfan Academy、School of Dragon Training and many other sects,Divine ancient lamp jade was divided into several pieces,Has become the most authoritative symbol of all major forces,At the same time, some countries for generations,Will also use the ancient lamp jade as a jade seal,Represents the supreme kingship。”Mr. Koi then said。

I wish Minglang listen,The eyes sparkled。 Okay,It’s not a legend that cannot be found。 As long as there are still in this world,Zhu Minglang can find them out! “A gem of the major powers and a symbol of the national jade seal, right?,In the imperial capital?”Zhu Minglang said。 “This kind of thing,Unless facing life and Read More

Such an arrogant and under-beating behavior,Caused a commotion in the bamboo forest,The wind comes from the bamboo forest,Looming。

“Dong dong dong!” Indifferent gulps,A look of enjoyment。 If someone can be here,Seeing this arrogant look will inevitably be beaten to death。 It’s my own ability to have good things,No one will say anything,You just show it off,Still in front of people who don’t have,This is too much。 Although no one is around,But Xia Chenglong Read More

Being so gentle and virtuous is still rejected,Yang Qiuyun’s Heart,Sour and astringent。

Heartache under strong pressure,Smiling and comforting daughter,“it does not matter,Mom doesn’t agree with you marrying so early,I want you to spend more years with mom。” Yangliu feels a little bit like shooting himself in the foot,If it’s my father who asked her,How she absolutely discredited that man;But mom endured too much suffering for herself,Even to Read More