Although Wright at the moment,Singularity rule perception,And Bill who died before·Sistan is quite,Even slightly inferior,Dou Qi has just stepped into the sanctuary level。But the difference in the fighting style of the two led to a completely different direction of the battle.。

Bill·Sistan’s swordsmanship is based on the law of fire,Count and Wright’s‘Flame style’Is the same style,Strong attack,Overbearing moves,Face a weaker opponent,Crush it easily。But the defense is relatively weak,Confronting Hamlin, a stronger Dark Saint Magister,Hard to resist。 Wright after stepping into the sanctuary,But derived from the law of water system【The Profound Meaning of Water·Flow-through】As the main means Read More

Super mental power means that it is the standard mental power of peers32Times。Even if you don’t meditate,The mental power of adulthood is equivalent to the second-level magician。Elemental affinity,Determines the efficiency of refining magic,Magician or magic apprentice of the same level,Elemental affinity is superb. Spend an hour refining your spiritual power to form magic,Then the elementary element affinity needs to be spent16Hours。simply put,Spiritual power represents the potential of magic practice,And the element affinity is high,It means that you can save more time to cultivate spiritual power!”

“Want to learn magic spells,There are three main ways:One is the inheritance of magicians from teachers and students,Is to find a magician,To be his apprentice,Teacher-student relationship!Of course for most people with magical talent,This method is actually the most difficult,Because it is impossible for a magician to become a tutor and train an apprentice for free,Unless Read More

Days、Destiny、God’s will have always existed,Ancestors proposed,The arrival of some special dragons is a sign,God is warning the world,Coming disaster and turmoil。

Li Xinghua is a prophet,So she can see these more clearly。 But the information obtained by the prophet is fragmentary,Need to observe,Need to make corresponding deductions through some small things or some weird changes。 Li Xinghua saw weird things everywhere,But I can’t understand why,Until Hu’s brothers and sisters got the information of the evil star Read More

Xia Shuyue rubbed her eyes,“sister,It’s afternoon,Gosh,what,IM so tired。”

“hurry up,Dilly,People are off work in a while。”Sister is impatient。 “it is good,Let’s go。”Xia Shuyue tidy up her clothes,Holding sister’s arm,Went to the second floor together。 “Good dean。”Xia Qiuping greeted the person opposite,Is an old man,He nodded,Meet them。 Walk aside,Took a look at Xia Shuyue,Ask Xia Qiuping,“Xiaoxia,this is?” “Oh,It’s my little sister,I will take her Read More

“Chu Da Ge……That pack,Is it uncomfortable enough,Don’t learn anything!”Wang Yizhen can’t help but advise。

return“No way、No way”,Be more than“Also、Also”It is also annoying。 Sun Korean is even more airpup,Half-ringless,But it is still a small dragon woman asking:“There is really this kind of kungfu in the world.?” As for the Chu Deirers“a lot of”,Directly by the little dragon female。 “girl,Don’t listen to them……You have this kind of work in the world.,How Read More

“Xiaoding,Xiaoding,Wake up,”Xiaoding opened his mouth slightly,Then he passed out。

“Come here,Come here,”Qin Hao took Huang Xiaoding out。 “exactly,This life resuscitation potion,”Qin Hao went directly to the merit store,I spent 300,000 merit points in exchange for a life resuscitation potion。 Pour directly at the corner of Huang Xiaoding’s mouth,Under Qin Hao’s gaze,Huang Xiaoding slowly opened his eyes。 But then he passed out again。 Qin Hao Read More

Of course Raleigh can kill Leo casually,But Leo is Zefa’s disciple,So I take care of my love,This didn’t kill。

but,Don’t think Raleigh won’t kill Leo,He is a pirate。 Roger slaughtered a country back then,How many people were killed for the sake of his partner? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Say it nicely, don’t let your partner be bullied,But his partner well,Those hundreds of thousands of innocent Chinese were buried directly。 Right or wrong,After Read More

Liu Wenzhang smiled bitterly:“Don’t worry!Misfortune to family,If they dare to move your family,Once the Black Blood Guard found,Will report to the gods,When the time comes, Prince Ning’s Mansion will be passive。And we can find a way to notify Hongliu City,Transfer your family,As long as the person is not there,The spies from Prince Ning’s Mansion have no way。”

“Ok,Then there is Brother Lao Wenzhang!”Lu Menglin arched his hands,True color。 In fact, even if Liu Wenzhang doesn’t contact Hongliucheng,,Mr. Mu, the local snake is over there,There should be no room for the spies of Ning Palace。 Unless Prince Ning sends an army to encircle and suppress Hongliu City,But this way,It is bound to alarm Read More