And the six angel-like predators,It must have been fully reimbursed at the moment,Shajir regrets not seeing Li Tianchou’s battle,But he knew he could tackle six predators at the same time in such a short time,Absolutely powerful,No one around me can match it。

Shajir’s eyes flashed with excitement,But also quite confusing,The previous two samples are much worse than this young man named Li Tianchou in terms of strain and survivability,Aren’t they from the same organization?The boss got the information from no way?It seems that there is still a lot of moisture。 Li Tianchou, huddled in the groove of Read More

Zhang Teng Daxi,I went out quickly to make arrangements。Xia Jianyi looked at his watch,It’s past seven o’clock in the evening,No wonder the stomach is a little hungry。Recognizing acupoints and getting acupuncture is also a troublesome job,Others don’t seem to have anything,But actually very tiring。

It’s finally time for an hour,Xia Jian moved quickly to remove the silver needle from Zhao Longlong’s back,Then the six silver needles were soaked in another bowl with white wine。 “So comfortable, Mr. Xia,Can i get up?“Zhao Longlong laughed,My butt keeps twisting。Zhang Teng saw,Happy in heart,So many days,It is really rare for Zhao Longlong to Read More

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Such people should have entered early,But how could he hurt you??“

“Hey!This guy bit me,Say I do business with him,I owe him the money,Forced him to do this,You say irritating but not irritating,Fortunately, the police responsible for handling the case,Finally whitewashed me,Otherwise, there is really no way to mix in this circle“Xiongji said with an unhappy face。 Xia Jianshun comforted him,The two broke apart,But from the Read More

Entered my house,Some tired Zhu Minglang just wanted to lie down,There was a murmur from the spiritual realm,Milky milk,Like a little eagle。

I wish Minglang hurry to check,I found that the green dragon cocoon didn’t know what had collapsed,From the inside, a small green worm with a clear jade was drilled out! ———— First358chapter Spirit Worm Sting Zhu Minglang hurriedly took it out of the spiritual realm。 Fleshy,When moving on the palm of wishing bright,Can feel the Read More

Xia Jian thought for a while,So he took off his clothes and went to the bathroom,Took a bath by the way,He has to sleep more peacefully,A little tired today,May sleep till dawn。

Lie down on the bed,It’s really useless even two minutes。Xia Jian fell asleep without knowing it。Dream after dream,And it’s all thrilling dreams。In sleep,Xia Jian dreamed that someone was chasing him,He turned over suddenly,When he wakes up,I found myself sleeping on the floor。 The light in the room is very dark,But Xia Jian soon understood。He sat Read More

After all, what is the big dry point in her family not bad.,But Li Hui also expected to study hard to build a hometown.。

Qin Xuexin is determined,I will resign with the principal tomorrow morning.。 Just when she is with Li Hui, they are thinking about each other.,Lin Jialin is fined on the ground.。 Lin Zeming looked at Lin Tian。 “you say,That a hundred years of ginseng, you don’t know yourself?” “knowledge,But I didn’t expect”I haven’t finished it yet.,Lin Read More


…… “Kid,Don’t run!” “Don’t chase the old man!” “Old man!Wait till i catch up with you,I have to peel your skin!” “You two old guys,Let me catch up!” Chen Xiu instinctively planned to escape,I just can’t think that the other party is coming too fast,He ran to the northeast for a few kilometers, and met Read More

“Good you shit,To be arrogant, right?。Do you think Lao Tzu’s knife is not heavy enough?!”Zhou Chaoxian himself showed his double swords。

Chai Jin is not afraid at all,It also showed his cold pair of daggers。Seeing that the two are about to fight,Liu Dunyue hurry up:“Stop me,Put away the weapon!” The two saw Liu Dunyue speak out,Had to take back the weapon。 “what happened?”Hot search Zhou Chao first pointed at Chai and cursed:“Liu boss,From the beginning we Read More

In fact, where does this little fat guy have the courage to harass girls,He just likes people,Then I muster up the courage to block the confession。

It is a pity,This world depends on the appearance,Handsome guy blocking beautiful confession is romance,And the fat guy blocking the girls is directly defined as harassment。 “Lu Menglin,I look down on you,You can play with us from now on!”Liu Yi turned his head,Staring straight at Lu Menglindao。 Lu Menglin suddenly burst into laughter,With an adult Read More