Anshunjing District anti-drug "big sweep" and created a national anti-drug demonstration city work deployment will be held

meeting venue. Recently, Anshun was held in Anshunjing to hold an anti-drug "big sweep" and created a national anti-drug demonstration city work deployment meeting. Lu Qing, deputy secretary of the Party Work Committee of the Economic Development Zone, director of the management committee, leaders Lei Yi, attended the meeting, the member of the district Anti-drug Read More

Cultural Art Lecture Hall – Beautiful Business Card of Guo Yuan Securities Culture

Previously, Zuo Guo expressed his affirmation of national securities culture, and it is recommended that national securities can be in the mainstay, and it will be a large lecture hall, photography. The activities of the exhibition show that corporate culture have done better. Famous people have added Glorious National Yuan Securities Culture Art Lecture Hall Read More

De enige provincie is uniek! Hebi City Shancheng wordt geselecteerd voor de nationale Gemeenschap Vastafval uitgebreid gebruik.

Het is duidelijk dat volgens het "implementatieplan" (hierna "implementatieplan" in Shancheng District, Hebi City) de mogelijkheden van het bedrijfsbeheersing, de capaciteit van het bedrijfsbeheersing verbeteren, de milieu-energieomvattende infrastructuurconstructie versterken, het beheer van groen bediening bevorderen, de garantie van het beleidsmechanisme bevordert, 8 Taken zoals investeringsbevordering, plannen tot 2025, grootschalig totaalgebruik van het totale vaste afval Read More

The nucleic acid testing work in the east of Xining City is stable and orderly

Xining City launched a nucleic acid detection of the main city at 9 o’clock on November 6th. Cheng Dong District has moved, the first time held a nucleic acid test emergency meeting, carefully arranged deployment, urgently mobilizing health, public security, urban management, emergency, community, joint point unit, volunteer, etc., according to the number of resident Read More

South African overseas Chinese hosted a literary evening to celebrate the 68th anniversary of the founding of New China

The Ambassador to South Africa Lin Song adds a speech by Wang Lei. Johannesburg, Johannesburg, October 1, South Africa, Chinese Overseas Chinese celebrated the 68th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese Ambassador Lin Song, the Chinese Ambassador, and the Mrs. Ni Lingling, the general leader, and the Director of the Ministry of Read More

Sun Yat-sen University: This year’s high-level scientific scale exceeded 7,700 provinces

On July 24th, the Jungshan University’s 2021 college entrance examination proximity accepted process is close to the end. It is understood that Zhongshan University enrolled 7,730 mainland China, and the quality of life was basically stable. In 2021, Zhongshan University was ranked 5th in the 985 high school enrollment scale in the Mainland. The relevant Read More

And the six angel-like predators,It must have been fully reimbursed at the moment,Shajir regrets not seeing Li Tianchou’s battle,But he knew he could tackle six predators at the same time in such a short time,Absolutely powerful,No one around me can match it。

Shajir’s eyes flashed with excitement,But also quite confusing,The previous two samples are much worse than this young man named Li Tianchou in terms of strain and survivability,Aren’t they from the same organization?The boss got the information from no way?It seems that there is still a lot of moisture。 Li Tianchou, huddled in the groove of Read More

Zhang Teng Daxi,I went out quickly to make arrangements。Xia Jianyi looked at his watch,It’s past seven o’clock in the evening,No wonder the stomach is a little hungry。Recognizing acupoints and getting acupuncture is also a troublesome job,Others don’t seem to have anything,But actually very tiring。

It’s finally time for an hour,Xia Jian moved quickly to remove the silver needle from Zhao Longlong’s back,Then the six silver needles were soaked in another bowl with white wine。 “So comfortable, Mr. Xia,Can i get up?“Zhao Longlong laughed,My butt keeps twisting。Zhang Teng saw,Happy in heart,So many days,It is really rare for Zhao Longlong to Read More