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You know, it’s more important to play at the San Siro in a few days.

What if one Wigan athletic beats him by a hundred?
Isn’t it just a few points in the league?
It doesn’t matter if Liverpool lose the game.
品茶But in this critical league, I am crazy, my body is too excited, and then I will go back and wait until a few days later. What should I do?
Originally, I wanted to further run in the front line, but I didn’t expect Qin Xiong and Suarez to be like a nuclear explosion in the bombardment of pronucleus!
In the 27th round, Liverpool finally beat Wigan Athletic.
This makes the fans overjoyed that the team is in such a hot state that it is natural for Milan to kill Jianghe Day in the Champions League.
Koeman said with a smile at the press conference after the game, I hope there will be no great contrast in Liverpool’s performance in a few days.
Liverpool are ready to play at the San Siro after beating Wigan Athletic at Anfield.
The focus of several other games in the same round was the Manchester derby.
Red Devils Manchester United beat Manchester City 21 at home!
Arsenal beat Wolves 20 at home.
Chelsea were tied by Fulham in the West London Derby. If Cech had not bravely saved a penalty, Chelsea might have been killed by Fulham. Of course, if Torres had not waved a single goal, Chelsea might have won.
Blues fans panic about Chelsea’s state!
Imagine that Chelsea lost a game before they met in Liverpool in the middle of the season. At that time, Liverpool went hand in hand, and there was a gap of one point to make people think that the title competition would be a red army and blue military exercise. But after losing to Liverpool at Anfield, Chelsea experienced a nightmare!
Chelsea won two leagues in the first 11 games of the new year’s threegame winning streak!
Now we have played Liverpool in the middle of the league. Chelsea was killed by Liverpool at Stamford Bridge and then even Fulham couldn’t win!
This has to make the blues fans feel worried. In case of another month or two, the blues will definitely bid farewell to the Champions League!
Take a look at the standings.
Liverpool led the pack with 69 points.
Arsenal followed with 55 points.
Manchester United ranked in the top three with 54 points.
Manchester City’s 5 points is a fourth place that can be caught up.
Chelsea’s 46 points is a bit far from the top three, but it is still 4 points behind Manchester City, the fourth place.
However, if you want to catch up with the front, you must first be in good shape!
There are 11 rounds left in the Premier League.
Liverpool visited Milan again in the Champions League this season and played in the same venue for the second time.
In the group stage, the remaining Luo in the knockout stage of Mei Acha is actually the same stadium
Suarez, who came to Milan this time, played for Ajax for half a season, so he played for Liverpool in the Champions League.
Baines is not qualified.
There’s nothing wrong with the Liverpool side being stronger than Ma Zhuang.
A Milan, on the other hand, is in a dilemma of being short of staff.
Uncle allegri’s scalp is almost scratched.
Ambrosini Pirlo boateng and others were injured. Van Bommel Emmanuel Sen Cassano played for A Milan in the Champions League.
In the future, we will encounter such a strong enemy as the defending champion, but Milan itself has many problems
Liverpool A Milan meet in the Champions League, and there are many topics. The historical record will naturally remind people of the 25year Champions League final and the 27year Champions League final. People will think of Istanbul’s shocking reversal and 27 years to stop Kaka.
However, many years have passed. Once absolute beauty A Milan became a river, Liverpool was in full swing. In Europe, we are working hard to restore the dynasty!
At the press conference before the game, allegri expressed his respect and vigilance for Liverpool, believing that Liverpool is one of the three super teams in Europe. A Milan can hardly say that they have an absolute advantage at home, but they will try their best to win.
Koeman is looking forward to A Milan’s match. He will define the knockout match as the match between the strong teams in the Champions League!
On the number of wins, Milan won seven times and Liverpool won six times, which is second only to Real Madrid who won the Champions League ten times!
Because of this, how can it not be exciting to meet the second and third place?

Last October, Chang ‘an City was ruined … Jia Xu said faintly.

I feel very familiar.
Cheng Yu was surprised. This sentence … when Jaco came to Liaodong at that time, he also said that it was meaningful?
Jaco?’ Jia Xu frowned.
It was Qiu Zhang Gongchang, I explained. It was he who went to Liaodong to announce a letter of commendation.
Jia Xu suddenly realized that Zhang Gong has already passed to you
But I’m not white I spread my hands.
The officials in the DPRK have talked about it less than three times in the DPRK, he said slowly. I heard that moving out of classic names at that time could fill the whole hall.
A broken door repaired is what’s so noisy? !” Qin array stared and asked
Some people like to be born out of thin air I simply explained to him.
It’s true that these people think this is a sign that the day is going to be a crime, so it’s a big article. Jia Xu continued. Some people say that merchants are uneasy, while others say that there will be changes in the northwest … Here he deliberately stopped.
Northwest change? I snorted, Is it my horse’s head?
Face is impossible. After all, Ma Taibao is highly respected, and no one can openly accuse Ma Jia. Jia Xu said, The court will finally withdraw Su Li from Jing Zhaoyin.
Su Li?’ Remembering that this guy with a fine background has been sitting in Jing Zhaoyin’s position for three years, I have to ask casually, Where has he been transferred?
Party satrap Jia Xu replied.
I nodded. It’s also pretty good. He is my father’s recommended candidate, Huangfusong, so he shouldn’t be the whole one.
Jia Xu look slightly odd HuangFuSong … took the JingZhaoYin.
My head ached immediately. Who went to Bing again?
Qingzhou secretariat of Cao Cao, he added, and Sun Jian has just succeeded Qingzhou secretariat with many exploits.
I helped my forehead and couldn’t help laughing. It’s … It’s beautiful.
Master because of laughter? Cheng Yu asked directly.
I explained, Who is Lu Zhi in Youzhou, Cao Cao in Bingzhou and Sun Jian in Qingzhou?
Nature is Jizhou Yuan Shao
I nodded. There is no lack of wise men in the imperial court. It seems that they are ready to start work on Lombardi.
Jia Xu laughed. The public is keen and has a deep vision, and the green three States have formed a closed situation in Jizhou. Yuan Shao is doomed even if he is strong.
This is not necessarily suddenly someone objected.
I looked sideways and it was Taishi Ci.
This is … Jia Xu face is not happy.
This is a general I recently found. At present, Donglai Taishi Ci, the battalion commander of the ninth battalion, I immediately introduced him.
Jia Xu nodded and asked, General Taishi, can you tell me the reason?
Forgive Cili Taishi Ci arched his hand and stood up slightly. One is that the strength gap seems to be three States encircling a state, but in fact it is not necessary to look at Youzhou first. Therefore, Lu Zhi’s secretariat of Gongsun Du chaos recruited hundreds of young people from all counties to join the army. Although it successfully eliminated Gongsun’s father, it still damaged tens of thousands of troops, especially in counties such as Youbei Liaodong. It is expected that Youzhou will expand its troops in three to five years. Look at Qingzhou Ci Nai Donglai. People know that natural disasters and manmade disasters in Qingzhou in the past ten years have caused great losses. It is difficult to count the number of young and strong people who have been displaced. Several gentlemen are also Qingzhou celebrities and do not avoid danger. They are far hidden in Liaodong. When they know that Ci is right, he looks at several people in Guan Ning.
Guan Ning sighed with a sigh, Natural disasters and manmade disasters are one for men and women.
In bing a few years ago, Bai Bo disturbed and south Huangfusong secretariat to pay off the bandits vigorously, but it was peaceful for several years … Taishi Ci said slowly, How many people can bing have? How many soldiers and horses can there be?
Jia Xu narrowed his eyes slightly, folded his long beard and gently nodded The general thinks Zhou Jia Xu is ashamed.
Second, Taishi Ci continued, it is difficult for people to attack all the way first. At this moment, the big fellow court is uncertain. Who can guarantee that the threeway team will be determined to destroy Lombardi? And who can guarantee that other local forces will stay put when there is a big war in the four States?
夜网论坛The righteousness is thorough! I can’t help clapping my hands. It’s almost to my heart.
I once thought that I would simply follow suit and stand on my own feet while Yuan Shao was fighting.
Jia Xu spat out a sigh of relief. General Taishi said that Cao Yuan Shao was said to have been a playmate since childhood. It is unusual that he may not be able to deal with Yuan Shao.
Laugh Taishi Ci surrendered to him and sat quietly.
Jia Xu busy reciprocate way general is better than Jia Xu.
Even I was a little surprised at this. Jia Xu’s intelligence rarely wears a personhe is a military commanderand today he publicly admits that he is not as good as Taishi Ci.
Listen to Jia Xu turned to me and smiled slightly. Xu wants to congratulate Gong.

For a second, my happy face suddenly drooped again and even sighed, "Xiaobai, do you really want to go to the third grade after school starts?"

Gao Xiaobai nodded, "I have already passed the exam."
"When did you transfer to Sean Chen?" Jing’ an JIU asked again
Gao Xiaobai frowned and said, "Maybe in the fourth grade."
I was going to transfer to another school during the semester, but when the teacher found him and said that he could try to take the advanced placement exam, Gao Xiaobai thought it over carefully and agreed.
Now that you have advanced placement, you can’t transfer to another school immediately, so you can wait another year.
JingAn nine nodded. "Well, then, but …"
She looked down at the Olympic math problems in her hand. "These problems are too difficult for me to do."
"Don’t work hard," Gao Xiaobai said.
The topic of coming to the Olympics is not for first-grade pupils, but this girl cried out to try when she heard about his research …
"No," Jing Anjiu seriously objected, "If you don’t do it, the gap between you and me will get bigger and bigger."
"No" in the high-pitched white tone is somewhat over-aged and calm. "These are all superficial."
Jing’ an Jiu is wrinkly to knit the small eyebrows. What do you mean?
One second …
Forget it. Anyway, she often doesn’t understand him. She lowers her head and continues to pick up the pen. "Then I’ll start the second way. You can teach me if I can’t speak."
"Okay, you do it."
In this compartment, two little guys are studying their lessons. On the other side, Gao Xiaoxiao returns to the room and finds a person.
I don’t know where Han Shu went, so I just took out my mobile phone and called my mother-in-law
Zhong Yuhong first asked them about their situation, then took the mobile phone and pointed the other end of the screen at the small ink and said, "See if it’s okay? I didn’t cry at all."
Xiao Mo Mo is lying in a pink crib in one-piece pajamas. Seeing the screen, he is curious and reaches out his little hand and points to his small mouth here. He also speaks alien language.
"Little Momo, it’s my mother. Do you miss my mother?"
Small ink blink eyes like glass seems to be recognized mother "ah" a pedal white meat small arms and legs wide open toothless mouth smile heartless very happy.
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Is this a child less than two months old?
I don’t like to cry or make trouble. Even the little girls didn’t respond when they left … I’m still so happy at the moment.
"Don’t worry, don’t worry. It’s just a holiday when the children relax with Ah Shu." Zhong Yuhong said.
"Okay, thank you, Mom."
After hanging up, Gao Xiaoxiao sent a message to the "Ladies’ Tea" WeChat group, telling them that he had arrived in Maldives and sent some photos of the scenery halfway.
I wanted to have a rest on the sofa, but I fell asleep soon.
Lou outdoor kitchen
While blowing the sea breeze, Han Han took a mobile phone and cooked western food according to gourd painting gourd ladle.
Recently, he suddenly found that cooking western food seems to be more suitable for him, and there is no smoke. Just bake some bread and sausage, cut some vegetables and fruits, and mix them with a dish.
Roots are not as troublesome as Chinese food
It took about an hour to fix three plates of food and pour the wine and drinks. Han Shan went downstairs and called his wife to dinner.
First, I knocked on Gao Xiaobai’s door. "Don’t look at the brain all day long and watch the topic building for dinner."
Gao Xiaobai "… Oh"
Then I went to the next room and opened the door only to find Gao Xiaoxiao lying on the sofa asleep.
夜网论坛He tiptoed in, took the bed, covered her with a thin blanket, bowed his head and kissed her lips before turning away.
Go back to the upstairs restaurant, where Gao Xiaobai has already sat and started eating.
Seeing a person coming, my father squinted and asked, "Where’s mom?"
"Let’s eat first when your mother is asleep."
"… oh" Gao Xiaobai nodded quietly eating his lunch.
After a while …
"Xiao Bai" Han Shu said, "Transfer things …"
"Wait until the fourth grade," Gao Xiaobai said directly.
Han Shu looked at her son and nodded. "That’s what I meant."
Gao Xiaobai "…"
"Your uncle scene" Han Shu sighed "it’s not good to be so narrow-minded and childish …"
Gao Xiaobai "…"
"But don’t worry, except for these shortcomings, others are still good." Han Shu said and took a sip of red wine. "You can choose the gift when you return home."
Gao Xiaobai nodded "Good"
In the past few days, Gao Xiaoxiao felt that the honeymoon trip was good on the whole, and the romantic scenery was good and no one disturbed it.
The only thing I can’t stand is that someone is really … too bad.
On the first night, I took out a catgirl costume for her to wear; Bunny the next night; On the third day, the little nurse dressed up; The fourth day maid costume …
She doesn’t even know when he will bring it here!
If she refuses to wear it when she wants it, Han Shu will take the clothes and say, "My wife lives next door. I’m pathetic enough …"
Or what?
Gao Xiaoxiao finally wore a heart, of course, which is better than being glad that he had the "foresight" to bring his son here, otherwise … I don’t know how terrible things will happen!
Finally, the one-day holiday is coming to an end. On the last day, they came to Malé, the capital of Maldives, to choose gifts from their relatives and friends.
Because there were too many people, Han bought two other big suitcases to pack gifts.
Most of the gifts are chosen by two people together, except for Yu Yu and Chang Huanyan, who insist on listening to his advice …
In order to give some advice to Jing Muchen’s family, Gao Xiaobai personally selected Han Shu and Gao Xiaoxiao.

I smiled. I hope I won’t be sent off this time. I didn’t expect my opponent to be Xu Huang …

Tie up the special cowhide leggings. I stepped on the soft grass and looked at the opposite situation
Xu Huang is backward. For a fake fans who barely knows the rules, I can’t tell whether he is a midfielder or a midfielder at the moment … but it doesn’t matter at all.
There was no ceremony of singing the right song and exchanging team flags. When everyone entered the stadium, the referee blew the horn.
The other three venues in the distance rang back.
The opponent’s ball just let me observe a Xu Huang strategy
I can confirm that he is a midfielder, because he didn’t take much part in the attack. First, he just walked not far in front of the penalty area. He seems to be a backcourt core again.
The first attack was more like testing the roots and ending with an antiaircraft gun.
品茶论坛I decided to give my opponent a Mawei, so I raised my hand to signal that my teammates could attack.
The goalkeeper made a slightly curved low ball that fell directly on my foot, which was twenty or thirty feet long and had such high accuracy that I almost couldn’t react. Fortunately, someone pushed me behind me and I suddenly accelerated into the opponent’s defense zone.
The two midfielders were just tickling, and I soon came to the restricted area to face the midfielder Xu Huang
Like a famous general, he stretched out his arms, bent his knees, and put on a stance of ma bu. It seems that he is ready to stick to that territory.
I decided to try to break through Xu Huang first and see if he has made progress compared with the last one year …
When I first started, I saw Xu Huang stretch his right leg and the ball bounced out of my foot.
I turned abruptly, braked hard and chased after the ball. Unfortunately, they had someone outside to meet me, and when I turned around, I already launched a counterattack.
In this attack, we invested a considerable amount of troops and directly pulled the whole defense line. They counterattacked and scored goals in short cooperation.
I spat gently and decided to try to break through Xu Huang again.
This time, I played an extremely strong spirit and carefully protected the ball, only to be snatched by him and fought back.
Just like a game, don’t mess around! I immediately instructed the defenders after losing two goals in a row.
But at present, the problem is that I keep losing goals, so I need to change my strategy
It’s not just the bottom of the sidewalk. Although this kind of tactics is very rare in the face of Cheng Wu, at that time, Cheng Wu was a central defender and Xu Huang was a front midfielder … It may be possible to create goals through the bottom.
The midfielder holds the ball and pushes the winger to start the ball quickly. Let the left avantgarde taste the touch of the ball … Excited that the left avantgarde running all the way beautifully passed an opponent’s midfield and then attacked the goaloh, no.
I have already rushed into the restricted area, waiting for the goal.
Xu Huang followed me closely and refused to lag behind.
The left avantgarde was lucky this time. The ball was on schedule and the accuracy was still about one foot.
Listen to Xu Huang roar loud and jump up!
I didn’t expect that he would suddenly rush out to head the ball, missed the best time to take off with a little distraction, and jumped up hastily, but it was already half a step late.
The ball is still half a foot above my head. Xu Huang has reached it!
Bang a rumbling ball bounced out.
Xu Huang looked startled. I saw the ball bounce straight to their goal.
The goalkeeper reflexively stretched his leg but didn’t stop the ball from getting into the net.
Make an own goal!
Falling to the ground, Xu Huang punched the turf hard.
71 uninvited guest
Thank you, Gong … I stretched out my hand and pulled Xu Huang up and laughed. This header is full of energy.
He quickly recovered his composure, patted his knees and shook his head. It’s just a game. Adults should not be complacent too early and be careful to be caught. Don’t forget to teach me the truth of life when playing football? And ….. Why should you wake up your opponent? !
After the ball, relying on the relative number advantage, our defenders grabbed the ball and immediately counterattacked it through short exhibition, which just took advantage. We continued to attack from the flank and wanted to continue to make several own goals.
Xu Huang immediately instructed the midfielder to support the winger. Our dribbler leaned forward to break through the past in the doubleteam team. This move was beyond everyone’s expectation. I cheated the plan to catch the ball and failed to rush into the penalty area to meet him at the first time. I took the ball and continued to cut two steps. I didn’t kick until I reacted.
As soon as I entered the restricted area, three guards blocked my forward route from left and right, and Xu Huang cut me off from behind. Can adults still do that?
Are you sure it’s enough to stop me? I hey hey say with smile
The back voice is calm. Of course not enough.
So I saw all the strikers who entered the penalty area surrounded by defenders. A small penalty area was full of fifteen or sixteen people. Even if I could get rid of the four people around me, I couldn’t get in.
But that’s exactly what I want. The more chaotic things are in front of each other, the better.
I can’t see exactly who reached the ball, and I can’t see exactly where the ball flew. I saw a large group of people turn around and lift their heads and rush out of the half court …
Don’t let them go? I can finally turn around. You don’t want to freeze me directly, do you?
Well, there’s no one in front of me. Xu Huang is already running on the grass ten feet away
I just took a step to start, and two guards came again, stuck in the gap in the encirclement …
Young master, you were right just now … Someone laughed. That’s what battalion commander Xu meant!
I can sigh in the face of such dependence and tactics in previous life network YY.
They seem to have encountered some obstacles in this attack, but they can’t move an inch from the distance.
Xu Huang glanced back at me and then crossed the center line to attack himself. His participation made the team attack more fierce and finally broke through the impregnable defense before our striker returned to defense.

Chapter 14 payon Lord (4)

"To escape me to introduce this is my sister Luen-the second princess Luen of Midgard Kingdom? Scarlett! "
"Luen? Scarlett? So your name is not Luen? Chris? "
"Bingo ~" Chris kissed me happily, and her sister, Jasley, actually learned to follow her sister’s example. I kissed one face on the left and one on the right, and looking at two faces that I shouldn’t have, immediately made me almost forget that I was the most dangerous entrance to the fifth floor in payon.
"Scarlett, how did you do this? Also dressed as a small qian "
"This dress? Can you wear it just now? " I have to admit that the two sisters have their own merits. My sister is gentle as water, and every movement makes people drunk, while my sister is so cute that people can’t wait to hold her arms in their hands and have a good love for her snow-white face. I don’t know why I will bite her when I was knocked down by Jasmine just now. It turns out that people can do things when they see her.
"Scarlett, you are so naughty. Don’t you know that your attack just now was too high?"
"Elder sister this I what matter? It’ s not that your elegance is too weak! " Scarlett said and stared at me.
"Don’t know? We’re NPCs, so we have to be NPCs. We can’t just make emissaries! Otherwise, I’ll talk to my father. "Chris gently pinched her ear and said.
"No, it’s wrong, sister. I’m here to see your father and say that there are some strange places to call you back after the game is upgraded."
"Oh, I see!"
Chris said, she came to my side and gently pressed her forehead against my chest and said, "Please call me back if my father has something to do?" It is men who are not likely to refuse to be asked in this way.
"Go home first, and I’ll go and see for myself."
"You should be careful. Listen to my sister. There seems to be something wrong after the upgrade, you know?"
"No problem, but can’t I still run?" I am proud to say that I do have the skills of [teleporting] and [sending array], but I can make these two skills escape ([teleporting] can quickly move to a nearby place and [sending array] can be sent to my own place to record up to three places, of course, I have recorded them in advance, namely the capital, payon and Ji Fen).
I suddenly felt a little uncomfortable when I watched the two sisters leave. Although I still don’t feel the so-called love for Chris, I always feel uncomfortable when a woman who is so attached to herself suddenly doesn’t have her side. Is this the meaning of the famous saying that’ I won’t cherish it until I lose it’?
I shook my head and smiled twice and threw this strange idea nine days away, but I never expected that the problem would really arise and I would show it later.
When I entered the fifth floor through the four-story and five-story stairs, I immediately felt the light shining everywhere. It took me a while to get used to it and open my eyes to see what was going on.
It turns out that there is an LV47 monster on the fifth floor called a jack-o’-lantern. This monster body may emit lavender light, which is not so strong as to stimulate my eyes. But there is actually another monster here called a mirror demon. This LV66 monster body is a mirror jack-o’-lantern with glasses, which makes the whole fifth floor look like daytime.
In addition to these two kinds of monsters, zombies, diabolism, small Qian, white ghosts, evil skeleton archers and super evil skeleton warriors can be seen here in the first four layers.
The fifth floor is definitely a square terrain. Ask me how I know. Look at the high ceiling, and then look at the cave wall, which is as flat as a cement shop. This fifth floor is a huge three-dimensional square, and the ground is surrounded by a square red paint and yellow tile wall. I can’t see clearly what’s inside, but I can see a stone lion gate with two sides in this direction. I believe it’s from here.
I don’t want to disturb the monsters for the time being. After all, the monsters here are almost active attacks. I’m not afraid of one or two, but I can’t stand a dozen or dozens of them together. Moreover, my super-early career seems to be specially designed for one-on-one group skills or magic foundation. It’s just a three-person range [mind blasting] and a double range [thunder blasting]. These limited attack skills are not as fast as I can directly cut two swords.
The five levels of monsters are very orderly, and they are all marching in teams, which is completely different from the first four levels. I wonder if no players have come here to upgrade before? How can there be a queue of monsters patrolling?
(Before the real change, the root of the devil wouldn’t have been so smart, let alone lined up for patrol, but it was the top bosses who changed the most)
When it comes to hiding, what other profession can compare with thieves? Therefore, I am certainly good at this skill, although I can’t compare with assassins and hooligans, but I can’t be worse with Agile 99.
If I want to see the magic, I’ll immediately make the skills [hide] and other magic things pass by, and then I’ll show them [hide]. The skills work on the magic things, so the roots in these five layers can’t be found, except for BOSS.
Not five meters after entering the door, I saw a layer of fence, waiting for five teams of monsters to pass by, and finally found the gate of the second layer of fence. But I just entered another layer of fence, and I couldn’t help but sigh,’ What is this place? What is behind such a multi-layer fence?’
I used to have a challenging impulse to know nothing, but now I’m very curious about what’s in the fence.
It took me more than an hour to walk through the 13-story fence. I finally saw a building similar to a ancestral temple, and a building didn’t have such a multi-story fence around it. Is it necessary to protect this building?
I put my finger close to the ancestral temple-style building and gently blew through the layer of paper and wooden branches to make windows, and immediately heard the sound coming from inside.
"Nine-tailed fox, do you think I’m beautiful?"
按摩"Of course, the moonlit cat is always the most beautiful!"
Chapter 15 payon Lord (5)
Chapter 15 payon Lord (5)
Moonlit cat? I’m more interested to know what a moonlit cat looks like. After all, Dingji BOSS hasn’t published the official website or information, and so far no top BOSS has been eliminated. It shows how strong these top BOSS are, and there is a sound inside.
"Is this our base area after the upgrade of Moonlit Cat Adult?"
"Of course, this is me and’ he’ coming. That hateful guy severely blackmailed me with a layer of golden hair as a condition, which really pissed me off."
"But then we started to make monsters here. I believe it won’t be long before we compete with him for strength, right?"
"A dispute for length? Haha, I don’t want to. The strength of that guy is not comparable to that of our little BOSS. Now let’s think about it. If we resist the coming players, are you okay? I don’t want to consume the demon by those low-energy players. "
"Do you need me to balance the six leaders?"
"Not yet. The game will be upgraded today. Maybe players will enter the cave in the next day. Please inform the demon king and the zombie king and the evil skeleton warrior leader to protect the first three floors well. Unless there are LV95 players leading many players into the cave, just inform us immediately."
"I know! The adult I’ll go to decorate "
"You go back."
I feel like I’m out of my mind after listening to it. Are these really magic things? Why are these top BOSS so wise as if I were in some dynasty palace intrigue drama? And who is that’ he’ in the mouth of a moonlit cat? Don’t even look at these top bosses. Are there any more powerful monsters on these top bosses? An unprecedented heat rose from the heart. Who is he? Why would I be so interested? It’s like destiny takes a hand. I just heard that when the cat arrived at this’ he’ on a moonlit night, I felt a trembling excitement and rushed out of my heart.
Just as I was wondering how I heard the sound of pushing the door at this time, I immediately [hid] it. The moonlit cat said that the nine-tailed fox monster pushed the door open and came out. My eyes immediately lit up. Is this a monster?
Seeing that the nine-tailed fox turned out to be wearing colorful gauze as colorful as butterfly wings, the body curve was enough to make a man’s nose bleed. I lamented that it was really worthy of the title of nine-tailed fox, fox, fox, as it is said in myth, is a kind of animal that confuses people.
The nine-tailed fox didn’t walk a few meters and immediately turned into a snow-white fox. The glowing fur and beautiful limbs made me want to have such a pet.
When the nine-tailed fox left, I appeared and looked in through the small hole just now, but no one was in the room anyway. Where did the cat go that night?
Suddenly someone patted me on the shoulder behind me, which scared me to jump up immediately. Looking back, I saw a little girl of about eleven or twelve years old wrapped in golden fur looking at me.
I looked inside again, but no one immediately took the little girl to the back of a rockery near the wall and looked around to see that there was no magic patrol. Only then did I say to the little girl, "How dare you run around in the moonlit night?"
"What’s wrong with walking here?"
"If it is discovered, it will be finished. Now the players are still amazed at the excitement of the game upgrade. Which player will come here to find someone to help? Can I take you away?"
The girl suddenly thought for a moment before saying, "OK, but you have to take me. I just played a game and I don’t know anything."
"No problem. Let’s go."
After that, I immediately used the [send-off] to set the direction of delivery. I took the little girl into the send-off. After a flash, we appeared not far from the gate of Kecha Hotel in the west of the capital. It was also convenient to record this.

Section 44

Gao Xiaoxiao was so frightened that she tried to encircle his waist for fear of falling off.
Before she could react, Han Shan whispered in her ear that "the circle is really tight"
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao blushed at the same time, and suddenly he felt that he had been buried in it.
Suddenly, she opened her eyes wide. There was shyness, confusion and a trace of ecstasy in Han’s eyes …

Ear to the man with a low gasp and a satisfied smile, and then he has been deeply kissed.
The hot glass door has formed a thick layer of white fog, and the temperature in the bathroom is getting higher and higher.
Gujia villa
Gu Li came out around the bath towel after cleaning, and she heard a series of WeChat tones from the desk phone.
She walked over and wiped her body casually while picking up a bath towel, and picked up her mobile phone and was lying in it.
Slide your finger on the phone and you will see several people in the sister WeChat group chatting.
Friend A: "Have you seen me send a circle of friends late?"
Friend b "saw it, but I didn’t expect you to be there today!" "
Friend A: "Yes, I was very lucky. I happened to be shopping near Jinsheng. I heard my mother say that she was watching people hold weddings and riding horses in sedan chair, so I went to watch the fun together."
Friend "Why are all those groomsmen so handsome? Do you know them?"
Friend A: "Where can I know them? But it is said that they are all members of D city’s extended family. Isn’t Uncle Liqing married Yu’s grandson and daughter?" She must know it! "
Friend B "Yes, yes, you should know Li Qing. Come out and tell us!"
My friend "@ 亵亵亵亵 out!"
Gu Liqing frowned and ignored it. He directly clicked out of the WeChat group and threw his mobile phone away.
I don’t want to know. It must be the wedding of Han Shao and Ye Xiao.
It’s great to hold a Chinese wedding and go to Jinsheng, a crowded area. It’s really ostentatious!
She took a deep breath and tried to ignore it. It was like a thorn in her heart, and she couldn’t hold it down.
After a while, she suddenly sat up again, picked up her mobile phone, clicked on the circle of friends and slipped. Sure enough, she saw her friend A sending a circle of friends four hours ago.
"In the evening, I accidentally passed by Jinsheng and bumped into two giants to hold a Chinese wedding!"
The photos are also very clear. Han Shao is wearing a groom’s official, riding a white horse, bearing a grand appearance, slipping away, a robe and jacket, a handsome groomsman, pulling up a big sedan chair, and Gao Xiaoxiao’s phoenix crown and Xiabi’s face are shy and in Han Shao’s arms …
spa会所Gu Liqing’s eyes narrowed, and his jealousy bit by bit gnawed at the delicate facial features and gradually distorted.
I looked at it at 1: 03 p.m.
She clicked on those photos to make sure, and then sent a message in her own name.
Looking at the new news displayed in her circle of friends, a sneer slowly appeared on her mouth.
The city is a famous coastal tourist city in China, and the new project of Qilituan was launched. After a successful evening celebration dinner this afternoon, the guests gradually withdrew and returned to their respective rooms in the resort to rest.
In the next few days, the base has come to communicate and relax, and the organizer has also reserved the resort department for beautiful and unique scenery, and the top facilities of the resort will give guests the utmost relaxation and enjoyment.
The first floor of the main building of the resort is also the top floor, and this floor is the most important VIP or partner of Qilituan.
The first thing I did when I went back to my room was to take out my mobile phone and look at it.
No words, no text messages
He picked his eyebrows as if he had already expected it, and then he clicked on WeChat and took a look.
Then he saw the message sent by Gu Liqing in the circle of friends, "Hey, others!"
Every photo attached to the face is very festive, but the words with Gu Liqingfa look like irony.
He pulled his lips and then threw the phone aside.
Pick up the remote control and watch a comedy variety show every weekend. The audience burst into laughter, but his thoughts have already drifted away.
Today is her wedding day with Han Shao, and it’s really a great ostentation and extravagance.
It’s already past 1 o’clock at night. At this time, she should spend their wedding night with Han Shao, right?
Gu north also don’t know how I can think of that aspect is almost irrepressible …
"Knock knock" a few crisp knocking at the door suddenly into the ear.

Is he short of money?

To the point where you have to fight black boxing to make up for your lack of funds?
But where could he be that other man’s opponent? Although he is not taller than him, the man is a big circle bigger than him, vowing not to see him again. But at this moment, seeing Jiang Junyue again, her heart seemed to jump out of her throat. She was nervous about Jiang Junyue and nervous.
"Hey, who did you bet on?"
"The handsome guy in the white fist, my friend said that he never lost when he appeared in a fight with Cheng Ge. Everyone else earned money. Hurry up and bet him." Little Silkworm was excited to show everyone the bottom.
So they bet on Jiang Junyue one by one, that is, the Vietnamese brother in everyone’s mouth. It seems that Jiang Junyue often comes here to fight?
What, she doesn’t know anything about it?
Lan Jingyi’s eyebrows are getting more and more wrinkled, and the man’s body is looking away. Xiao Qinqin can’t see the boxing ring, so she looks at the men and women around her, chirping as if she can feel the excitement of others. She is also excited, and her short legs are jumping around Lan Jingyi’s feet.
"Qinqin mom who you bet? Come on, you can’t come if you bet again, or you don’t bet. "The little silkworm asked her eyes and stared at the two handsome guys in the ring. Both men have their own advantages, but they are the type that makes girls tend to see each other at first sight.
Lan Jingyi’s eyebrows are wrinkled and wrinkled. Seeing Jiang Junyue, she is still angry. It is easy for him to find her in the city because of other things. But he didn’t go to the small supermarket to find her at all. He didn’t miss her, and she would be ashamed to think about him.
"I bet on the one who wears black fists. What’s his name?"
"Cheng Ge"
"Good bet into elder brother"
"Qin Qin mom, how much do you bet?" Knowing the name of Xiaoqinqin, everyone in the small supermarket likes to call her Qinqin Mom.
Lan Jingyi reached out and touched her backpack. She only had 500 yuan and gritted her teeth. "I bet 500."
"Qin Qin mom, you bet so much and remanded into a brother?" When Silkworm quit, she should be advised, "I won’t lie to you. My friend said that Brother Yue and Cheng played three games recently. Brother Yue won for a while. If you lose, don’t mess with me."
"No" Anyway, she doesn’t want Jiang Junyue to win. Hum, it’s good for him to lose. It’s best to be beaten black and blue before going out to hide. Then she will be happy.
"Well, you can’t go back on your word if you bet." Little Silkworm sighed and then took Lan Jingyi’s 500 dollars and gave it to Sheng for a bet and then gave it to Lan Jingyi. "You put it away, but you didn’t lose it."
If you lose, you lose. Anyway, you don’t bet on Jiang Junyue.
And what does she think of Jiang Junyue? Cheng Ge thinks that Jiang Junyue is no match for Cheng Ge. How can Cheng Ge lose? It must be that Qian Jiang Junyue is playing tricks with Cheng Ge.
Gambling sometimes involves black boxing. Maybe someone bought a lot of bets from Jiang Junyue and promised to give half of the winning money to Cheng Ge. Even if Cheng Ge loses, he won’t lose. Usually, many people earn money instead of losing their fame once or twice. It is important to get more money without money. No one in this world thinks that money is too much to bite.
Although she bet 500 yuan on Cheng Ge, her hand shook when she took out the money. It was only after she sold Taobao for a few days that she earned money. If this is about to fight, it is not Jiang Junyue. She will definitely come in and watch and play, but since it is him, she must bet on his opponent
She argued with him.
"The elder brother come on …"
"Brother Yue, come on, fuck him!"
"The elder brother is more powerful."
The boxing gym started one after another. Among men and women, the female shout was the most violent, which showed a one-sided trend. Almost everyone cheered for Jiang Junyue, but watching Cheng Ge remain calm, and he was not happy at all. He still entered the arena with a cold and dignified expression. To be honest, Cheng Ge is really cool.
Of course, Jiang Junyue is not bad. One of them looks cold and the other looks evil. Jiang Junyue is a little warmer and a little evil than Cheng Ge. That is a woman’s favorite tone, just as she used to be so crazy about him.
"Qinqin mom, you really don’t regret it? You’ll regret that you’ve come to change the bet now. "The little silkworm woke up Lan Jingyi again.
Isn’t "no regrets" 500 yuan? Think of it as a waste of water. Her business is good these days. Maybe she will receive several orders when she goes back after watching this boxing match. She is excited at the thought of orders. That’s the source of her money.
Lan Jingyi’s safe sitting position is her eyes, but she can’t move away from Jiang Junyue. I have to say that this man looks good in everything, even in boxing. The loose dress sets off his unique taste and makes her gawk and can’t move her eyes anymore.
"Qin Qin mom, aren’t you a brother? Why are you looking at our idols? Brother Yue is us. "A girl next to her pushed Lan Jingyi. Lan Jingyi was a little embarrassed." Who looked at him and I looked at others? "
"Well, I don’t admit that I’m a anthomaniac. You just looked at him. I told you that all the girls who came here to watch boxing came from him."
"Hehe, he is really rich."
"That’s true, but the elder brother never talks to the girl, probably because he is too cold and unreasonable. The more interested everyone is in him, the more they can’t get it, the better."
The more you can’t get it, the better. Well, this is a classic. She wondered if it was because he got her that she became unimportant in his mind.
After walking for nearly ten days, he didn’t even send a message once.
"It’s about to start. Look, it’s about to start."
桑拿按摩Lan Jingyi looked up again. Just as Jiang Junyue jumped into the ring, what was he saying to his ear? It was far away and Megan could not be heard by her, but she still cocked her ears to hear what Jiang Junyue and the man had said.
Soon the man said that the lacrosse in Houjiang nodded his head, and then his eyes quickly swept to the stands, which seemed to sweep her position. Although there was a short moment, Lan Jingyi’s instantaneous heartbeat accelerated.
Jiang Junyue withdrew his gaze from the bleachers, and his eyes were cold. On the other side, it was this little black that made him quarrel with Lan Jingyi. Lan Jingyi was really his nemesis, and he dared to bet on Cheng Qingyang. This made him look at Cheng Qingyang’s eyes, which was no longer cold, but with a sharp look, as if a knife were going to split him in two.
He lost and Lan Jingyi won.
He won Lan Jingyi and lost.
Go from one thought to another
Did you guess that the more Yi Yi won, or did he win himself?
Chapter 157 Partial don’t cheer him on
He lost and Lan Jingyi won.
He won Lan Jingyi and lost.
Go from one thought to another
The boxing hall is as bright as day.

An announcement suddenly appeared when I was training with the disease method.

"Imperial edict Luen-Midgart kingdom caused serious damage to Princess Chris because of someone’s malice, so the first general order of the game was released. Anyone who can cut down the player’s elegance will be awarded a unified prize. If it is a 99-level player, it will get a four-level pole equipment, and the implementation status will be automatically recorded."
I stared at this imperial edict with my eyes wide open. Oh, my God, what’s going on? Chris, if that guy is tough enough, he won’t let me live. Aren’t all the players my enemies? Which advanced player doesn’t want to be promoted to the next level very easily? I shudder at the thought. It’s too hard, too hard, Chris. Your possessiveness is beyond my expectation.
"I said brother, what did you do so serious? Comprehensive? " He looked at me with a wry smile and believed that he also knew that my situation was as bad as it could be said.
"I ~" I cut my mind and kept telling the disease that I had just entered the game. After listening to it, he couldn’t talk for a long time and opened his mouth with an O word, or I pushed him to wake up.
"I said, brother, you are so fucking strong!"
I fainted and said so much, and I actually returned this sentence.
"Do you want to dig at me? I’ve had enough of the wanted story. You still ~ "
"Ha-ha, this is your glory. It not only ranks first in the list, but also makes the only kingdom in the whole fairyland want to know about you. I really admire you." Faton paused and couldn’t help but say, "Do you think that super beginner’s career really exists?"
"This you won’t see, have you seen the beginning can cure? Can it be poisoned? "
"I didn’t expect this game to have a secret career. I wish I had turned to a super beginner."
"You’d like to be beautiful, but now you let you practice like this and there is a difference between a new career? Playing forward mage? Haha! "
"So what are you going to do now?"
"Don’t worry about it for the time being, because not many people know that’ elegant’ is me, but I once said that my name was given to the president of’ all soldiers fighting in front of the array’. Now I am afraid that he will come and cut me at the thought of upgrading his horse."
"Do you know the enemy? True his mama MD you this dog luck guy what I can’t know the strongman, alas, to make sure that no one dare to really wanted you! "
"I met him once. Are you sure he won’t do anything to me? I think that’s it. I’ll stay here for a few days, and I won’t go to drugs. You are responsible for buying and equipping weapons. You can throw them into your warehouse first. Let’s talk about it when the limelight is over. Otherwise, it’s not enough to go out and have one life. I don’t want to go up the death list by dozens of numbers. "
"Well, that’s the decision. We’re going to do this anyway. Maybe we can do this these days."
"Wait and see."
Speaking so many words, I feel a little mature. After all, I have learned less cunning than I did in the previous room.
We don’t know that the outside world has been fried, and players are asking which one is’ elegant’, but even if someone knows, will they tell others? It can be seen that there is something wrong with the IQ of the player who asks this question.
Other rumors have come out.
First, the player is elegant and the base level is LV9. If the player can kill him back to level 1, he will be promoted to level 97. This rumor has made many low-level players look for me crazily without leveling.
Second, the player stole the princess’s important artifact and equipment, and the king couldn’t take it back, so he issued a wanted order to make the player finish this, and that artifact was as outrageous as nine days ago. What’s more, it was said that the artifact was made of princess underwear, and he would be able to capture the princess’s heart and become the first son-in-law of this game kingdom. As a result, almost most senior male players were scared to join the ranks of low-level players in a crazy search.
Third, the player stole the princess’s heart but abandoned her to make her cry all day. This rumor has been recognized by the majority of female players for only a few hours. I became the first person among all evils. I was strongly condemned by the Women’s Federation for the first time since the game was born, and many senior female players volunteered to form a search team and vowed to find me.
If I hear rumors outside, I’m sure I’ll be the first to hit the wall and die.
Chapter 15 Life experience
Chapter 15 Life experience
Let’s put aside the unpleasant imperial edict for the time being and I will continue to walk to the first floor of the waterway.
The fourth floor of the underground waterway has been several hundred meters deep, but the humidity here is much heavier than the third floor, and the BOSS is wet and greasy. It feels very uncomfortable. The fourth floor is a huge text-shaped dungeon, while the third floor is a four-story text-shaped, intricate and narrow passage. There are three kinds of monsters in this floor: thieves, thieves (LV64) and green thieves. But I believe we will not be so lucky!
As soon as I entered here, I was attacked by a large number of green thieves, which was much more than the three floors, but it was just right for us to improve our experience. In the face of so many green thieves, I formulated tactics one and two without good luck. The three-disease mind blasting attack (mind blasting belongs to a range attack, but the range is the size of three people’s area), and I added my own blood to the healing technique and cut off the monster. In addition, it also made me learn the skill of super beginner [fury], which made it as convenient to kill and besiege myself as mow the grass. Every fury made the green thieves around me
After practicing for more than a day, the system will be upgraded in the morning tonight, and our series has reached.
Elegant base level LV45, occupation level LV45, health value 194, magic power 432, and I add agility to almost all the additional points, and a few of them add dexterity and intelligence, so I belong to a sensitive person now. This is how I dreamed of the super beginner’s leveling method many nights ago, because there was no knight and crusader’s super health value, no wizards’ super magical attack power, and no unique skills of two turns. The most special skill is to combine six kinds of one turn skills, which made me finally decide to improve my strength. It is estimated that I will be agile after 99, and my agility may reach 13 at the highest. At that time, many players will fail to hit me, even if they hit me. This is also a feature of thieves and archers, but they can’t fight for a long time. Negative weight determines that their blood supply is limited, but I am a super beginner who can’t solve this problem and deal with knight’s stormy occupation [poisoning] and [hiding]. These two things are enough for them.
Disease-based level LV4 occupational level LV46 health value 43 magic power 13 skill learned mind blasting level 7 (pre-skill required for summoning the Holy Spirit), dark barrier level 1, ice arrow skill level 5 (pre-skill required for freezing), freezing skill level 1, fire hunting level 1 (able to find hidden characters), monster intelligence level 1 (able to inquire about the details of magic objects), lightning stroke level 1, with a total of 46 skill points added, while his additional base points all increased strength and physical strength.
Generally speaking, I feel that it is quite easy to practice these dozens of levels at first. After all, it will rise to level 45 within a week, but the experience of the next dozens of levels will double, and then it will be really difficult to upgrade.
夜生活  title=However, one thing that is gratifying is that I reached level 45 and said hello to the disease method. I left first and then went to the warehouse to take out the’ potential ring’. Without saying anything, I equipped myself. I watched that my status bar didn’t change, that my skill bar didn’t change, and that my attack power, defense, health and magic power didn’t change. What is this thing? Anyway, it’s a four-level ornament. I can’t find the reason at the moment, but I don’t care if I wear so many ornaments.
At night, whenever I go online, I can always see Zhang Xian playing with that computer, which is simply tempting me. There is an impulse in my heart that I really want to touch the computer. But these days, Zhang Xian’s reaction shows that it is impossible to lend me a hand to play, and I don’t know what she is doing. The incessant typing makes me feel uncomfortable, but fortunately, every time I go online, she leaves the room and goes back to her room consciously.
Just as I was about to go to bed, I suddenly felt a knock on the glass outside the window for one or two to three minutes. I was sure that someone was out of the window and opened the window automatically by pressing the bedside. When I saw a masked man in black jumping in from the window, I was shocked. When I was about to call, the masked man pulled a masked face towel and looked at this face. I swallowed the sound of rushing to my throat.
The person in front of me turned out to be my sister Dongfang Yiping. I don’t know why I came in wearing such a black dress so late.
My sister approached me and looked at me. I felt the reluctance in her eyes and asked, "Sister, are you okay?"
"Well, I’m leaving. Will you miss me?"
It’s true that my life has been so far. I have a sister and a relative. When she leaves, I’m not lifting my eyes and relatives.

"Mom, don’t borrow it from me if you don’t pay it back this time." Jiang Junyue still had to wait for no man to chase it again.

"Hum, it’s all the women who brought Lan Jingyi down. When you didn’t show up, LaCrosse wasn’t like this." He Ling glared at Lan Jingyi as if she were so bad.
"unbridled" hasn’t been spoken. The master yelled, "The beam is crooked. Which one of you and Han Yu managed the LaCrosse? Since childhood, no matter if he wants to marry a woman at this moment, he will take care of it? "
"Grandpa, you always agree?" Lan Jingyi was timid and asked the master in the past. This means that she agreed to marry Jiang Junyue. Hey, hey, how happy she is. No one wants her marriage not to be blessed.
"Did I say I didn’t agree?" The master didn’t answer and asked an inscrutable question, "LaCrosse will play chess later. You haven’t played chess with grandpa for a long time."
"Good" didn’t go to the room to negotiate with Jiang Hanyu, which also angered Jiang Hanyu, but it was quite kind to master Jiang Junyue.
After dinner, although the dining table was very unpleasant, Lan Jingyi was in a much better mood than she was annoyed that Jiang LaCrosse didn’t go home last night. She went to the kitchen to help Zhang Ma wash the dishes and coax Xiao Zhuang into playing chess in the living room.
Master looked at it again and again for a long time, but when Jiang Junyue didn’t want to leave the horse behind, he immediately jumped up. "I put it wrong. It’s really my eyes that I really want to put it here." Pick it up and put another point. Master regrets chess.
"Grandpa, you have regretted it twice, and you can’t regret it again." Jiang Junyue muttered a little, but he didn’t object to letting the master move the chess, and he was calm and another.
The master’s expression began to look dignified. After the bridge of the nose was reading glasses, his eyes were radiant. He glanced here and there and finally lingered for half a minute before he fell. "LaCrosse, I think what can you do to me?" Haha, you are going to lose. "
Jiang Junyue stood up and put his hand on the whole game of chess. "I stopped playing. If you hadn’t regretted those two moves, I would have won."
"Who regrets chess? Lan Jingyi, did you see grandpa regret playing chess? " Master asked seriously.
Lan Jingyi looked at the master, and he looked like an old child. How can he be like him? Hehe smiled. "I didn’t see the LaCrosse. It must be your fault."
Jiang Junyue said yesterday that Lan Jingyi said that Grandpa was not good. Today, she is on Grandpa’s side. In this world, it is really difficult to raise a woman and a villain. "Yiyi has to go to the company."
"I’m going, too?" Lanjingyi surprised and asked
"Aren’t you looking for a job?"
"I said I wouldn’t go to your company. I’ll find it myself."
"It’s up to you to find it, but the company has been busy these two days and resigned secretly. You can cover for a few days." Jiang Junyue looked miserable.
Look, the Chinese New Year is coming in more than half a month. Lan Jingyi thought about it and then found a job of her own after the New Year. "Well, I won’t help you after the New Year. You have to re-recruit the secret."
After dinner, the two of them rushed to the company. This is not the first time Lan Jingyi has been to Jiang’s family, but she will still be nervous. "Will someone say anything if you dump me to help?"
"What would you say? Didn’t pay "Jiang Junyue slow way.
"Hey what didn’t pay? You are a capitalist. "Lan Jingyi pouted. Then she didn’t work in vain.
"Well, I’ll make it up to you extra." Jiang Junyue gently grabbed Lan Jingyi. He didn’t feel at home until she was around. It was the feeling that he had been missing for more than ten years.
Two people got into the car leisurely. Jiang Junyue was dressed in a cool and handsome black suit, and Lan Jingyi was dressed in the same color. When two people appeared in the lobby of the building together, they suddenly attracted many people’s attention, which made Lan Jingyi slightly nervous. "Tilt …"
Jiang Junyue didn’t speak, but an arm moved slightly, and Lan Jingyi held him knowingly. This is a high-profile announcement to the employees of the company that she and he are together.
Although they are not married yet, thinking about their two children, Lan Jingyi doesn’t refuse his high-profile announcement that he will always give the children a warm home, so that they can love their fathers and mothers and care for their healthy growth.
The president’s ladder goes straight to the floor of the president’s office. There is always too much with him, which makes Lan Jingyi slightly unaccustomed.
As soon as he entered the office, Jiang Junyue pointed to the secret desk and said, "After you get familiar with the documents and materials for an hour or two, you will start to enter the formal work. Don’t ask me." He said as he reached him. President Jiang instructed Lan Jingyi to walk to the desk, only to see that a pile of materials turned out to be a secret for her, and there were some work handover lists.
"Have a face? Doesn’t she need to hand over to me? "
"Something happened to her family and she went back to attend the funeral. If she doesn’t hand over to you, you can have a look."
Jiang Junyue said that people have entered his office.
Lan Jingyi crustily skin of head to study the documents in his hand.
After graduating from college, she married Lu Wentao. After her divorce, she worked in a small supermarket in China. French workers all worked and washed dishes. There was nothing to do at that time. At this moment, Lan Jingyi felt like a primary school student. She had to learn every lesson carefully.
"Sister-in-law is gone?" Looking at it carefully, an abrupt man rings from the top of his head. Lan Jingyi looks up at Jiang Junliang’s burning eyes. She can’t like Jiang Junliang very much. Jiang Junliang is a second uncle. Although the number of meetings is very small, every time he feels that this Jiang Junliang Jiang Junyue is out of place, it seems that he is particularly interested in Jiang Junyue’s position as president. He always wants to replace Jiang Junyue and his accomplice is his father Jiang Hanchang.
"Well, I’m not doing this. I won’t do it, but I’m here to help LaCrosse temporarily." Lan Jingyi directly rejected Jiang Junliang’s words.
"Sister-in-law, you can’t say that so many people in the company, but the eldest brother asked you by name. It seems that this position belongs to sister-in-law. Well, eldest brother wants to see you all the time, haha."
Lan Jingyi’s lip-licking Jiang Junliang’s words are to motivate her not to take over the position of Jiang’s president’s secret, but why should she listen to him? Jiang Junyue and Jiang Junliang are two people. Naturally, she believes Jiang Junyue. "Jiang Junliang, you are wrong, right? I want to see him every day. Well, I’ll get out of the way after I get married." She calmly said that she left all the posterior ways for herself. This secret can be done or not. She always doesn’t want to be led by the nose. She still likes to find a job by herself,
Chapter 14 Photos of Women
"Oh, sister-in-law, I also support you to marry your eldest brother now. I just don’t know what uncle and aunt think, and they don’t agree with me anyway. If I knew what they opposed, I would have persuaded them."
"Thank you for your kindness." Lan Jingyi looked down faintly and continued to look at the documents in his hand. He didn’t want to say this again. "By the way, did you come to the president?" I just read the information that when the company is in class, no matter what job the president is in, she should be called the president. It seems that she can’t call Jiang Junyue to dump again in this class.
The word tilting is like a magic wand, which always tickles her heart.
"Ha ha sister-in-law looks quite professional? Well, I’m here to see Jiang Da’s president, and I’d like to ask Lan Secret to inform me." Jiang Junliang’s glib smile made Lan Jingyi hate it more and more, but he was the Jiang family after all and hated her again and again, and he could bear it.
Pick up the line and dial it to remember the number of Jiang Junyue. The three numbers are easy to remember. "President Jiang Junliang is here."
"Invite him in" Jiang Junyue was very satisfied that Lan Jingyi entered the situation so quickly. "Well, by the way, send two cups of coffee in, one with yellow sugar and one without sugar."
"Good" Lan Jingyi wanted to ask him if he added sugar or not, but when she glanced at Jiang Junliang and fell on her desk, she held back and said nothing that could not let Jiang Junliang catch her unprofessional place. "Mr. Jiang Jiang invited you in."
"Sister-in-law thanks." Jiang Junliang smiled and took two steps, then turned around and smiled at Lan Jingyi. "Sister-in-law heard that your mother has been looking for your father?"
What do you mean?
Lan Jingyi looked warily at Jiang Junliang. "Do you have any news?"
Jiang Junliang spread his hand. "Hehe, I haven’t heard anything for so many years. No news is good news."
No news is good news?
品茶Lan Jingyi watched Jiang Junliang slowly step into the back of Jiang Junyue’s office, thinking thoughtfully, there is hope without news, right?
At this moment, she suddenly panicked. Does Jiang Junliang know about Dad?
"Jiang Junliang, you live, you make it clear that you know where my father is?" Lan Jingyi couldn’t help chasing after the past. Jiang Junliang’s words were so appetizing that she wanted to know some answers through him too much. How did Lan Qing find her father these years? No one knows better than her. Lan Qing is looking forward to her father coming back every day.
She gently shook the brooch on her chest, which was given by her father to her mother. Later, her mother gave it to her. She was used to wearing it wherever she went, thinking that this way would be an unexpected occasion. When her father met and saw the brooch, she would recognize herself. She dreamed of that day for I don’t know how long.
"Well, I’m just saying it. Why are you serious?" Jiang Junliang teased a smile, and the expression made Lan Jingyi really angry. But when she saw that she was sitting in a big chair and quietly looking at herself and Jiang Junliang Jiang Junyue, she didn’t react until she just lost control. She would believe a man like that.

On the wedding day, Nan Nan wore a phoenix crown and Lu Xun bowed their heads and became bald.

Seeing that South-South is also happy, Ding Shi’s heart is filled with emotion.
Both of them have experienced ups and downs in their feelings, even despair.
品茶论坛Okay, it’s all over
The future is still long, and they can continue to be happy.
Ding Shi depends on Ye Xiangyuan’s arms and tears can’t stop flowing.
Ye Xiangyuan is very resistant to kiss her nose. "Baby, you can’t cry or our daughter will become a crying bag."
When Gu Changning and Xu Xin were married, they often felt tired. Only after checking did they know that they were pregnant.
Now she is five months pregnant.
This pregnancy, Ye Xiangyuan accompanied her, and she had a very comfortable life.
They all want a daughter.
Ye Xiangyuan even picked up the girl’s name and bought dolls and clothes for her daughter every day, so she became a conscious nanny.
Thank you, babies, for your reward ~
Chapter 434 Married life outside marriage 5
South-South nature was completely eaten by Lu Xun on the wedding night.
The next day I was carried to the airport.
Their first was Lu Xun in the northwest. After serving in the army there, they went all the way to Europe.
Every time she comes to South and South, Ding Shi feels happy and envious for her.
Ye Xiangyuan knew her mood and held her promise, "We will travel when the baby is born."
They didn’t have a honeymoon trip. Ye Xiangyuan once said that he would take her around the world, but it didn’t come true because of his busy work.
However, Ding Shishi is still quite satisfied with his present life.
She will feel very good if Ye Xiangyuan and her family are all around her.
To make matters worse, their horse is expecting a second baby.
In this way, after a few months, the baby was born in the spring of the following year.
It’s also a boy this time.
Except Ye Xiangyuan, who is a little sorry that she is not a soft waxy daughter like Ding Shishi, everyone else is very happy.
Grandpa Chu, in particular, feels that the baby is like him and can’t let go every day.
I didn’t go to Vancouver last summer vacation because I found out that Ye Xiangyuan and Ding Shishi were pregnant.
In winter, they have been living together since they brought Grandpa Chu to the Imperial City.
The baby was named Ye Yao.
The name came from Ye Xiangyuan who was going to give it to his little daughter, but it turned out to be a baby boy. Ye Xiangyuan was disappointed and put the name An Xiaoerhou directly.
Grandpa Chu scolded him directly after he knew it.
It’s a pity that Ye Xiangyuan is too lazy to modify it in his mouth book.
Ding Shi thinks that when children grow up, they will fight hard with Ye Xiangyuan.

Lu Wenbin rushed to the sidelines and threw himself into the first row of fans. The excited fans rubbed their hair and almost tore off their jerseys.

Bonfradiana players watched and celebrated Lu Wenbin, but there was no anger or revenge.
品茶论坛The strength difference is so great that they feel like the coach that they can’t even defend.
Now they are playing a routine game, and it will be ok if they finish the game for 9 minutes.
They don’t want to think about how many goals Real Madrid will score or how many goals Lu Wenbin will score.
After celebrating for more than half a minute, Lu Wenbin and Real Madrid teammates returned to their own half-time game to start again.
After the kick-off in the middle circle, Bonvladian also handed a few feet forward to try to finish the shot and see if the dog shit could get into a goal.
However, before the ball hit the forbidden area, Alonso successfully stole the ball outside the forbidden area.
Then Alonso’s opponent gave the ball to winger Ozil before the counter-grab.
Ozil played as a substitute for Real Madrid, but that was because Lu Wenbin and Luo were even more abnormal and squeezed his position.
Ozil’s physical strength is not weak, but he is the main force of the German national team. His front waist protection and ball assists are world-class.
This time, after the midfielder got Alonso’s ball, Ozil took a step forward and looked up. After adjusting the pace, he directly started to find Lu Wenbin, the center in the forbidden area
Although there are still people defending Lu Wenbin in the backcourt, after all, it was Bonfradian who attacked Real Madrid with the kick-off, and Alonso broke the ball and suddenly counterattacked.
When Ozil received Alonso’s ball when there was no wave, he directly hung it obliquely into the forbidden area, so that Lu Wenbin was accompanied by two Bonfradian players to keep an eye on him.
Even though the two defenders are pulling and pulling, Lu Wenbin is too thief to run and too strong.
He first missed the ball and took two defenders away from it, and then he just turned around and rushed over to meet the falling ball, jumping up and throwing his head at the door.
The two defenders straightened Lu Wenbin’s jerseys, but they still failed to stop Lu Wenbin from taking off and heading the goal.
However, after all, the header attack was disturbed. Lu Wenbin didn’t head out the ball quickly. Although he ran to the left post, his strength was not great and his speed was not fast. It was not difficult to save.
However, the goalkeeper of the Spanish-Chinese team is too slow to react, which is far from the top goalkeeper like casillas
If it’s casillas, Lu Wenbin really won’t get the ball, and it may be directly held by Kathy.
However, the Bonfradina goalkeeper started a step behind.
Therefore, although Lu Wenbin didn’t push the ball hard and fast, the goalkeeper didn’t catch it in the end.
Although he touched the ball, he didn’t push it out because of the slow start and jet lag.
The ball bounced with his finger to the left post and bounced into the net nest.
At this time, it was less than 2 minutes since Lu Wenbin scored a goal, including celebration, opponent attack and Real Madrid counterattack.
Did Lu Wenbin score his seventh goal in his game again in 2 minutes? Did he help Real Madrid lead the opponent 11 times and raise his total annual goals to 141 goals?
This is a milestone goal.
This is the first time that Lu Wenbin scored 7 goals in a single game in his career.
Therefore, seeing Lu Wenbin heading the ball into Bonfradian and winning the goal, the Bernabeu stands boiled again, and several fans shouted dumb. Lu Wenbin cheered and screamed.
Still excited about Lu Wenbin’s goal, the commentators were all stunned and then jumped up from the commentary seat like a madman and roared with excitement
"Oh, my God, another goal. Lou scored two goals in two minutes."
"The seventh goal This is the seventh goal in Lu’s game. Lu completed the miracle of seven goals in a single game. Lu completed the first miracle of seven goals in a single game in his career."
"God, scoring seven goals in a game is definitely a game to remember in history."
"I don’t hesitate to announce to you that seven goals in a single game must be the top ten players with the most goals in a single game in football history. Just a moment, let’s check the information."
"Lu’s total number of goals in the year has reached 141, which is simply daunting. Maybe no one can surpass Lu’s record except Lu himself in decades and hundreds of years."
Chapter 545 Individual goal record in a single game Mid-Autumn Festival

Whoever loves first and loves more in love is destined to pay more.

What’s more, he made it plain to me at the beginning. He and I signed an agreement and paid me so much …
But after thinking about it, I still deliberately pretended to be uncomfortable.
Since he said that he has me in his heart, I certainly hope that he can coax me.
He bent over me to let me sit face to face with him and then stared at me carefully. "On the one hand, I came to France to create the illusion that I fled the country, but the more important reason is that I want to save you and clear up the misunderstanding with you … I am afraid that if something happens, you will not hear my explanation and will always hate me."
I can’t help but grab his hand and ask, "What do you mean if something happens?"
Although I know the obstacles ahead, he is so powerful in my heart.
To be honest, I never thought he would fail …
Ye Xiang kissed my distant relative and whispered, "Don’t be afraid if it’s one thousand."
He understates it, but my heart is higher.
I’ve been with him for so long that I know more or less about his sex.
The lighter the clouds are, the more serious things may be.
I can imagine how many things will happen to him when he returns home this time, and whether his life will be in danger …
He clasped the back of my head and put me on his shoulder. "I hope you can forgive me for what I have done before. I have decided at the moment … that my father and uncle and my eldest brother have avenged me … I also have reasons to return to China … but other than that, you are the most important baby in my heart …"
Said he kissed my forehead so gently and piously.
My heart suddenly beat violently.
He confessed to me in disguise, which made me move more than once.
I heard it sweetly and felt something was wrong.
Section 326
He is not an emotional person, but in the castle for more than half a month, he almost never reached his heart to me.
Moreover, after Gu Changyu arrived, he did not hesitate to distance himself from her and maintained me everywhere.
I suddenly felt scared when I thought about what he just said.
It seems that he treats every day as the last time and will be gentle with me in every way …
My heart is breaking at the thought of this possibility, and tears come out of my eyes.
品茶论坛I pulled his arm tightly and cried, "I don’t want to be separated from you … since I am your baby, you can’t abandon me … anyway, I will never be separated from you …"
These two sentences were finished several times.
I’m not usually an excitable character, but I don’t know that I cried out of breath this time.
Maybe I can’t help feeling sad because I imagine that he may encounter danger.
Ye Xiangyuan touched my back one by one without speaking.
I sobbed, "Send my parents and Xiaochen away … My parents will take good care of the baby … I want to be with you. I must be with you …"
Ye Xiangyuan held me in his arms and didn’t speak.
I felt his strong heartbeat against his chest, and the panic and worry in my heart were even worse
He held me and remained silent.
I just don’t give up when I hold his neck.
I don’t know how long it took Ye Xiangyuan to lightly sigh and stroke my hair. Judo "After you are not so worried, you can live a normal life with you for a long time, and I will definitely come back to you in peace."
Even if he promised me so seriously, I still don’t feel at ease.
I looked up from his arms and looked into his eyes. "I don’t want to be abandoned by you again. You promised me … how can you let me leave you?"
Ye Xiangyuan stared at me deeply and there seemed to be a thousand words in my eyes.
I muttered, "No matter how many reasons you have, you can’t leave me alone, you know?"
He sighed long.

And he’s glad he insisted

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We are destined to meet again.
Can Xue Wonderland Nightmare Attacks
Moon mark
RO city name
Luen-Midgard Kingdom
* * * * City-Prondra
Knight Island-Isrud Island
Mountain Capital-payon
Port capital-Alberta
Magic City-Ji Fen
The Border Capital-Dream Rock
Bell Tower-Elpalan
Fantasy City-Gingerbread City
Tianjin city
RO-based attribute
The basic points of characters are
Strength-Strength +1 = Strength +1 Weight +2 that affects the character’s attack power.
Agility-the higher the avoidance rate, the higher the avoidance rate may also affect the attack speed. The impact rate of attack speed is 5%. Agility +1 = avoidance rate +1. The movement speed increases.
Physical strength —— Endurance and physical strength affect the character’s defense strength. The higher the value, the higher the defense strength is. It also affects the increase of health when upgrading, the speed of recovering health, physical strength +1 = health +2, and defense strength +1.
品茶论坛Wisdom-it affects the character’s magic attack power and magic defense power, and it also affects how much magic power increases when upgrading. Wisdom +1 = magic attack power +1M defense power +1 wisdom +2 = magic power +1.
Dexterity-dexterity and proficiency The higher the hit rate, the higher the hit rate may also affect the attack speed. The impact rate of attack speed is 2%. If you are equipped with bows and arrows, you will be dexterous +1 attack power +1 dexterity +1 = hit rate +1 attack power and dexterity +5 = attack power +1.
Luck-the rarity of the treasure may also affect the avoidance rate. Lucky +1 = avoidance rate +1.
Is the attribute value of the base plane.
Attack power-the sum is power+weapon attack power 22+, which means that the power value is 5 and there is no weapon.
Defensive power-the sum is physical strength+armor defensive power 1+5, which means physical strength value 51, which means armor strength 1.
Magic attack power-Magic attack power 5~65, 6 magic attack power, every 5 wisdom magic attack power will increase, every 7 wisdom magic attack power will increase, and every time it increases, it will increase by 2 points. If it increases by 4 points this time, it will increase by 6 points.
Magic defense-the sum is wisdom+equipment magic defense.
Hit rate-the sum is base level+dexterity.
Avoidance rate-the sum is base level+agility +1/1 luck.
The occurrence rate of knowing one’s heart-the higher the value, the greater the chance of knowing one’s heart.
Attack speed-the higher the number, the faster the number of attacks.
RO skill table
Skill table
Swordsman’s proficiency in one-handed swordsmanship, proficiency in two-handed swordsmanship, quick reply, slam, provocation, anger explosion, body domination, weakness attack, mobile recovery HP, and automatic slam.
Knight’s spear proficiency, stab attack, spear stab attack, riding attack, spear throwing attack, two-handed sword attack speed increase, counterattack, monster mutual attack, riding, cavalry training.
Knight Lord Reiki Sword, Double Sword Block, Medium Attack, Speed Recovery, Rage Gun, Spiral Stab, Damage Boost, and Skillful Hit.
Crusader’s letter, automatic defense, shield attack, rotary shield attack, reflection shield, holy cross attack, holy cross judgment, sacrifice, light shield, spear proficiency, spear acceleration, healing, angel protection, angel attack, healing, riding, cavalry training.
Templar Crusaders’ threats, lay down their lives, and holy sounds.
Magic Zen, fire hunting, mind blasting, holy spirit calling, dark barrier, ice arrow, freezing, petrochemical, rocket, fireball, flame wall, lightning strike, thunder explosion and energy jacket.
Wizard pillar attack, fire hunting, meteorite, thunder, thunderbolt, water polo, ice blade wall, frost, snowstorm, seismology, cracking, swamp, monster information.
Super Magic Master’s Soul Absorbing, Magic Strike, Magic Increases, and Mind Strike.
Sage evolution, cancellation of casting, magic punishment, mantra removal, free singing, automatic mantra chanting, fire attribute addition, water attribute addition, wind attribute addition, dragon knowledge, fire element domain, water element domain, wind element domain, earth element domain, magic effect cancellation, random skills, monster intelligence, seismology, and fragmentation.
Wise HP conversion, mind exchange, mental exhaustion, mental shaking, speed reading, mist wall, flammable net
Thieves double whammy, ghosting, stealing, hiding, poisoning, detoxification, sandblasting, retreating and avoiding, and throwing stones.
Assassin’s right hand training, left hand training, hidden weapons training, camouflage, sonic throwing, tooth shadow, poison coating, toxic rebound, virus scattering, toxic infection.
Cross Assassin’s advanced blade training, psychic shock wave, dark instant, venom system, deadly poison coating.
Angel protection, angel strike, light hunting, teleport, array sending, light barrier, healing, acceleration, deceleration, angel tears, angel light, angel barrier, angel blessing, healing, sacred light.
Priests token proficiency, divine power blessing, sacrifice blessing, sprinkling water blessing, holy blessing, glory hall, healing, poison mitigation, resurrection, exorcism, ode to the virgin Mary, lucky carol, silence, metempsychosis, angel anger, cross exorcism attack, Zen mind, dark barrier.
Blessing, sacred temple, meditation of the goddess of God
The monk’s iron sand palm, luck pranayama, gas storage, inspiration, * * fist, serial palm, raptor boasting, bow and shadow, substitute stealthily, flick magical power, soaking strength, true sword breaking the path, bursting gas, King Kong not bad, and Asura overlord boxing.

Never see you again.

Lan Jingyi directly took it out and called Mr. John. "Mr. John said last night that I agreed, and I promised that person that I would never see Jiang Junyue again." Yu Qian tried to find another way. There must be a way out.
Section 3
It’s all the same if the world leaves. Lan Jingyi didn’t cry and didn’t go anywhere. She went straight back to the hospital. "Mom found the kidney source" and told Lan Qing the news as soon as she pushed the door. This is good news for Lan Qing.
"Great, I finally have another chance to wait for your father to come back, hehe."
There are spoony women like mom in this world, or women in this world are so stupid, just like themselves, knowing that that man will not come back and will not appear, but still can’t help but miss him.
The kidney source person is a mysterious person. He refuses to see his mother and himself, and Lan Jingyi can’t help it. The kidney source test of the other party shows that it really matches his mother’s kidney. Lan Jingyi finally signed the agreement and wrote her name by hand. At that moment, her hand trembled slightly, but she still firmly wrote the pen.
The operation is scheduled for half a month.
This time also let Lan Jingyi breathe a sigh of relief. She has to raise 40 thousand euros, which is 300 thousand. For the rich, it’s just a matter of nine Niu Yi hairs, but for Lan Jingyi, it’s really a problem of several cows, but she doesn’t even have one.
Lan Jingyi thought that the first way was to borrow it, but she could borrow it.
Worried that even if I sell blood every day, I can’t come. Seeing that the operation deadline is approaching day by day, a small advertisement on the road attracted all her attention to borrow usury.
She knows it can’t be touched
But that’s a life-saving usury. She must touch it.
If you want to pledge your passport in the past, you can give it to her. Lan Jingyi agreed directly without hesitation.
The more Jiang Jun leaves him, the better she will live.
I haven’t heard from him for almost a month, and I haven’t seen or heard his voice for almost a month, and she has lived to this day.
On the day of the operation, the mysterious kidney donor entered the operating room very early, but Lan Jingyi had no idea who it was. The hospital gave her a confidential job.
It’s just that I wish I could save my mother. Some things can’t be forced if you want to.
The operation is in progress
Lan Jingyi sat in a cold chair and waited silently for Mr. John to come and leave early in the morning. He had a job and said he would come back after the operation.
Holding a cup in hand, Lan Jingyi kept drinking hot water, and the heat would make her feel better. She walked through the torment from morning till night, and the operation was still in progress.
Lan Jingyi drank a glass of water. She was hungry, but she had no appetite. She didn’t want to eat anything. Just be hungry. She wanted to save some money. She owed so much usury, and that money made her often uneasy.
When mom’s surgery is over, she will make money, and she will definitely earn it back. There will be no more trouble from Lu Wentao here.
Thinking with her head down, she felt dizzy. The dizzy feeling made her hold the chair handle quickly, and her eyes began to spin. Generally, she saw someone passing by, and she quickly called for "help me" and then fainted. Lan Jingyi, the outdoor seat of the operating room, knew nothing.
When she woke up, she was lying in the hospital bed, and the infusion was being dripped into the blood vessels. She looked at the nurse and hurriedly said, "Is my mother’s operation over? How is she now? "
"This young lady, your mother’s operation is very successful, and now you are being observed in the intensive care unit. Even if you get up, no one can go in there except doctors and nurses. Besides, you are pregnant, and the fetus is very unstable. If you want to keep the baby, you should stay in bed. If you don’t want the child, you should apply for an operation and have an abortion in less than two months." The nurse quickly said while adjusting the infusion that Lan Jingyi gradually turned blue.
Chapter 74 No news
She has been taking medicine, to be exact, the man gave her medicine, and she also obediently took what after each event, so that she could get pregnant.
What is it?
She can’t figure it out.
But if you are pregnant, doctors and nurses will not play such jokes on her.
Quietly looking at the top of the shed, her mind was lost in chaos, and she could hardly hear what the nurse was saying anymore.
I can’t stop thinking about the news that she is pregnant.
Do you want it?
Does she want this child?
Fortunately, Lanqing ICU, otherwise my mother would be very worried if she saw her like this.
She hasn’t eaten all day again. She added nutrients to the infusion.
The nurse came again. "Have you decided whether to keep the baby or not? If you don’t protect your infusion, it’s also a wave. "
Lan Jingyi’s eyes are sluggish and she turns her head. She owes a lot of money or is it usury? How can she raise this fetus in her womb when she can’t even pay back the money?
Besides, this kid’s father didn’t want to have a baby at all. If it wasn’t for an accident, she wouldn’t have a baby at all.
A grind her light way "arrange abortion"
"Oh, it’s a pity that they are twins. If they are born, they will be more attractive." The nurse shook her head and walked towards the door.
"You … what did you say?" Lan Jingyi stopped the nurse and said, "You said I was pregnant with twins?"
"Well, you can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman. Maybe it’s a twins."
It seems that the twins are what every woman yearns to suffer once, and that is what every mother wants, and Lan Jingyi is no exception.
At this moment, she wants to keep these two children again, no matter who their biological father is, if she is born, it will be her child and her life will continue.
At this moment, she suddenly changed her previous decision, "Nurse, don’t apply for abortion." At this moment, she said this decision, and she suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. The mother of two babies will keep you, and she will give birth to them even if she eats chaff and pharynx.
Lan Jingyi began to eat and gradually got better. The first thing to do in some beds was to see her mother, who was still in the intensive care unit. These days were the most critical period after the operation. If the mother’s body was not integrated after kidney transplant, there would be a strong reaction. No one in the hospital dared to be careless. Doctors and nurses were watching the mother lying in the hospital bed through the glass. At this moment, she suddenly felt that she was alive and there was hope for living.
A few days later, my mother finally survived the most critical period and finally got out of the intensive care unit. Lan Jingyi pushed her wheelchair and took her mother to the hospital garden. It was nice to see that there were comfortable flowers, trees and greenery everywhere.
Lan Jingyi walked very slowly, thinking about the baby in her stomach. Her heart was tender. It seemed that when she knew these two children, her heart was filled with them more than that of Jiang Junyue in recent days.
桑拿网"Yi yi recently how didn’t see you call lacrosse? Did the young couple have a problem? If mom wants to talk about you, don’t be too sexual. What about this man? You always have to leave some noodles for him, otherwise you will never be seen again. "
"Mom, you said it was my dad, right? Mom, what’s my dad’s name?"
"Your dad, he’s a half-blood. Hehe, he’s handsome."
"Mom, what did my dad do before?" Seeing Lan Qing refused to say her father’s name, she couldn’t ask her mother how much she wanted to say.
Lan Qing’s face darkened. "Don’t talk about him. Besides, he won’t appear. His heart is really cruel."
"Mom, just tell me about it." This time it was Lan Qing who told her about her father. She really liked listening and loved listening to her father. Although she hated it, it was always her blood father.
"Forget it. Mom is tired. Let’s go back. Yiyi will listen to her mother and call LaCrosse later."
Here we go again. Mom seems to have lost the name LaCrosse today, but she sounds so awkward. That man, she will never see him again. She signed the agreement. He has done everything to her.
That man is not worthy of her love, not at all.
Lan Jingyi pushed the wheelchair back and there came a smell of toast not far away, which was her favorite smell before, but at the moment, as soon as the smell came over, she suddenly ran to a tree and squatted down to vomit. Was the little thing born later the last thing she liked was bread? Or do you like bread best?
I vomited with my hand on my lower abdomen. I was about to get up when suddenly a figure spilled obliquely on the trunk lawn. "Yiyi, what’s wrong with you?"
A warm and generous palm fell on her back and patted her gently, which was nothing like Lu Wentao. Has he ever treated her so gently before?
"Oh …" I vomited for a while, and she was so embarrassed and smelled of vomiting. Liu Wentao would definitely get up and leave, but without his hand, she patted her back and let her gradually relax. Finally, she stopped vomiting, which made her feel tired and weak all over. The hand automatically slipped from her back to Lan Jingyi without looking at him. "Thank you." Before he treated her badly, he helped her. Now she knows very well.
"Iraq, we must be so cold silent relative? I want to talk to you about whether you have eaten your stomach by vomiting like this. Let me take you to see a doctor. "He reached out and shook her hand. Lan Jingyi quickly moved forward and missed his hand." Liu Wentao, if I remember correctly, you and I have lost it. "

Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure!

Someone inspired the ban!
What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments!
Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go!
Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, with a tight heart, immediately manipulated the force of space and swept away to the blue light beam like lightning.
There are other treasures!
In the distance, Fang Yun’s heart jumped, mixed in the crowd, and swept away like lightning towards the valley.
Fang Yun is not familiar with this small ancient world. However, this does not mean that others are unfamiliar. There are so many strong men in North China, and there are always people who can inspire the real secrets of this ancient small world.
That’s why Fang Yun didn’t leave immediately.
ah! Among the blue beams, several figures rushed fast, but they were thrown faster. When flying out of the blue light beam, it was already cracked into several pieces, and blood splashed.
Someone triggered the ban! Fang Yun heart movement. He glanced at his eyes and found that many people in the crowd showed fear on their faces when they saw this scene.
Suddenly stopped.
Go in! Fang Yun mind thoughts fly, at the foot of it is not to stay. He has seen that so many people have just entered. Only twenty people were cut out. Obviously, only these twenty people were unlucky, and the others went in smoothly.
This is a question of probability, and the spell is means and fate!
Hey! The light flashed and Fang Yun immediately swept into the green light …

Chapter 669 Suppression for ever
Just entering the green light, I heard a loud buzz, and a simple bronze sword with 18 handles, dragging a long blue sword light, was suspended in the void. Head on is a piece of sword light, intricately mixed, beheaded.
On the eighteen bronze swords, the energy is not so powerful. But the cohesion of that energy is purer than that of the strong in the star realm. Even the so-called indestructible foreign star iron can be easily cut into mud.