Chinese beschaving "Rose Star" Shangshan-cultuur licht de archeologische schitterende eeuw aan China

"Wan jaren Zhejiang en Chinese beschaving" Academic Symposium scene.Op het People’s Network, de onderzoeker, het Cultural Relics Archeologisch Onderzoeksinstituut van Zhejiang, Shangshan Cultural Discurity, Jiang Leping, vanaf de leeftijd van de Shangshan-cultuur, en de twee aspecten van de regulering van Shangshan Cultuur in de eerdere grotstadium, twee aspecten van de berg Cultuur. Connotatie en betekenis. Read More

China Bouwbank Heilongjiang-tak om koolstof- en aandelenfusies en acquisitieprojecten uit te voeren

China Bouwbank Groen Krediet Ondersteund Nationaal Elektrisch Investeringsgroep Photovoltaic Power Generation Project. China Bouwbank Heilongjiang-tak van de tak van Heilongjiang van het Netwerk van de Mensen Harbin 28 oktober The First Province’s Carbon and Equity Fusies en Acquisition Investment Business, om de Groene Financi?le Ontwikkeling in staat te stellen, ondersteunt "Long Yue" -samenwerking en het Read More

Ruisi, Zhejiang: How much is spent, can you buy the landscape and air in "Zhejiang?

  Zhejiang Provincial Government Information Office recently held a press conference, issued the national first provincial "GDP" GEP) Specification Land Division Ecosystem "(hereinafter referred to as GEP accounting standard). Zhejiang Province will provide a unified reference basis for the use of the green mountains, the quality of the green water, and can be traded through the Read More

2021 Beijing Culturele Wetenschap en Technologie Integratie Ontwikkeling Conferentie en Documentaire Verbetering

De vergadering voerde eerst een korte samenvatting uit van de "2020 kapitaalculturele wetenschappelijke en technologie-integratie-ontwikkelingsactie" en heeft een certificaat en medaille uitgegeven voor de "uitstekende display-prijs" geselecteerd door de Kobe Organizing Committee. Tegelijkertijd heeft de vergadering aangekondigd dat de "Beijing Cultural Integration Development Project Samenwerking Promotie" en de "Capital Cultural Science and Technology Integration Development Read More

They are "the strongest people"

On March 5th, Chengdu, Sichuan Revolutionary Disabled Silk Restaurant. For 70 years, the disabled soldiers overcome the difficulties of ordinary people’s imagination, and the ability to contribute to the construction of the motherland, and the obligation to do nearly 10,000 conventional education reports, producing a positive social response. In 2019, the hospital was commended as Read More

Qinghai Xining Bus Station’s first batch of 9 passenger delivery recovery operations

Recommended reading Huawei further narrows the wearengine size, loaded into a smaller-diverse sensor, achieving a diversified wear device, and performs monitoring these capabilities to open to all services. 2021-11-1721: 29 This study is expected to provide a potential biomaterial for OP bone defect repair, and provide new entry points for subsequent OP and bone deficiency Read More

Ruili WAIVES ACCOMMODATION FORES for People Under Quarantine

WorkersreceivefoodpreparedforpeopleunderquarantineformedicalobservationattheentranceofacentralizedisolationsiteinWandingtownofRuilicity, Yunnanprovince, onNov13,2021. [PhotobyWuXiaohui /] Ruili, asmallcityinYunnanprovinceexperiencingsporadicCOVID-19infections, ($ 328,500) forpeoplewhoarebeingquarantinedindesignatedareasbeforeleavingthecity ,, whichbordersMyanmaronthreesides ,, residentsmustueaving, includingreducingapplicants, thecityreported39locallytransmittedcasesand30importedcases, accordingtolocalauthorities. "Asofnow, nolocalcaseshavespreadfromRuilitootherareas," hoodsareaffectedbyviruscontrolregulations, themayorsaidthecityhasalsoissuedavarietyofsubsidiestotaling68millionyuan. "Wearealsoprocessingfundsallocatedtohelp58,300poorhouseholds,"Ervaccinesforchildrenaged3to11YearsoldInaneffORTTOESTABLISHERDIMMUNITY..

Tongcheng creates a "first quarter" community pension service circle

Since this year, Tongcheng actively responds to the aging of the population, accelerating the harvest of the residential community institutions to coordinate, medical integrity, and strive to create a "first counter" community pension service circle, and constantly improve the feelings of the old age. Happiness. The city, town (street), community (village) three-level pension comprehensive service Read More