First1133chapter Action begins Venture Group,Inside Wang Lin’s office。 Jin Yimei drank the coffee Wang Lin made for her,She smiled slightly:“Renjia Yunmao Group is worthy of being a well-known national enterprise,This cooperation agreement has just been signed,30 million is already on our account” “For this,I can’t sleep well for days。Now the hanging heart is let go,If Read More

He doesn’t know where his bones are,No one seems to care about the life and death of this insatiable person。

“Little Master,Little Master!”Hao Ye ran towards here with others。 Li Xinghua、Nan Lingsha、Fang Niannian、Zhirou、Hu family brother and sister,And everyone from the bronze sword army,The many subordinates of the wolf riding,Gathered here at this moment。 The fire fell before,Everyone supports each other,This will not be annihilated by the sky fire like the wild beasts running in the Read More

When Ye Xuan looked in front of him subconsciously,at this time,Ye Xuan’s heart,Even more eager to try。

And Ye Xuan’s side,Other people looked at the delicious food around,Served up one by one。 Although I don’t know the price,But when I look at this beautiful packaging,How to see,The price is definitely not cheap。 “Wow,Caviar,Foie gras,These ones,Are very top grade,It costs too much。” “I think our supervisor is so sincere,What’s next,Even though,We are ready Read More

And this happened,Still too sudden。

So then,How to solve such a thing。 I won’t talk about other issues for now,But then,Such a thing,In fact, it’s the most important link。 Just stare at me a little bit,See here,Wang Teng thinks the more he feels ridiculous。 “All right,Actually start now,I won’t talk about other issues for now。” “but,If we really look at Read More

“You go! I’m so tired。Moreover,Secretary Lu saw me coming,Maybe still angry,Affect his recovery”Xia Jian said,Just smile。

Tong Jie heard what Xia Jian said,She couldn’t help but breathe out:“I thought you were a bit broader than Secretary Lu,I didn’t expect you to be the same,Since you said that,I’ll go first”When Tong Jie said this,Unhappy。 Xia Jian has a look,Busy stretched out his hand to stop Tong Jie。He smiled:“Just go!What hurry。Call Wei Xiaoming Read More

That is a coffee shop,Gou Shengtian is drinking coffee safely,Several tall and mighty bodyguards around。Different from the beautiful Gou Hui,Gou Shengtian looked like a very tough person。

Murderous look in your eyes! Saw Fang Yu coming,People caught Fang Yu directly, “take away!” “Don’t you want to talk to me?” Fang Yu wondered。 Gou Shengtian is too rampant! “My daughter was taken away,The other party asked to take you there immediately。You feel,Still need to talk?” Finished,Gou Shengtian directly let Fang Yu get on Read More

I have been familiar with four combat skills in three days,Shenhuo Burning Sea,Water Man Jinshan and Heavenly Thunder God are all combat skills that belong to the range attack,The hot wire is a single body。

Fuming is good or bad,That teacher let Fuming go in and continue practicing,After all, Fuming is really unreliable! “Yo,long time no see” Fuming turned his head when he heard the words,Bai Liming walked slowly with his pocket,Looking at Fuming with a smile on his face。 “Why haven’t I seen you lately??” Bai Liming smiled upon Read More

If they kill the Snake King Gang,No matter the success or failure,Will cause serious damage to the Snake King Gang,And the tea horse gang can take advantage of the situation。In fact,This group of young people have done it,They settled the hunting team of the Snake King Gang,Let the lion king and the bat king be buried in the jungle,It has already dealt a heavy blow to the Snake King Gang。

If this time,They took the opportunity to kill the snake king gang lair,Just in case,Tea Horse Gang can pick up a big bargain,Even unsuccessful,There is no tea horse gang,The Snake King Gang’s vitality is greatly injured,Naturally, I won’t be stupid to find trouble with the tea horse gang,So this is a good opportunity to take Read More

Although he is not a good face,But it can,Better than losing face, isn’t it?

Shen Ziyao:Uncle Jiu is polite。 Tony:Haha,You’re welcome, Uncle Jiu,These are just a few more famous coffee names。 Can be thanked by group members,Tony is laughing,This is the first time he has tasted this treatment,And it’s from the mouth of the more pure-hearted Jiu Shu,Happier。 Shen Ziyao:But Jiu Shu,Since you drank foreign tea,That was to help Read More