China Enterprise 500, Private Enterprises 500 List Release

Deze krant Beijing 25 september (Reporter Lu Yan, Zheng Zen) 25 september, China Enterprise Federation, China Entrepreneur Association is voornamelijk gebaseerd op 2020 bedrijfsinkomen, de 20e release van China Enterprises 500 Single, National Grid, Petroleum en Sinopec zijn allemaal eerder . De 500-uitgegeven China Enterprise 500 heeft biljoenen bedrijfsinkomen bereikt, die met 500 uitgebrachte 500 Read More

Chongqing people have entered the "upgrade mode" in the next ten years.

  The upgrade path of Chongqing people has never stopped. From the 1980s, the bucket of the bamboo shoots in the middle of the 1980s, the spring bamboo shoots, from Chongqing’s first true commodity housing community, South Garden to Chongqing, the first batch of garden communities, California Garden, from Longhu Xiyuan, Rongqiao Peninsula,Blue Lake Waiting until Read More

China @ 四 川 | my country realizes 4410 meters above sea level to use laser beam calibration cosmic probe detector

  Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, May 17th (Reporter Wu Xiaoying) reporter learned from Southwest Jiaotong University, my country has achieved a wide-angle Chekenkov telescope array (WFCTA) for a high-altitude cosmic observation station (Lhaaso) main detector Absolute calibration and atmospheric monitoring can use laser beam calibration cosmic probes at an altitude of 4410 meters. The high altitude Read More

City of Culture Weifang

Weifang, acitylocatedinthecenterofShandongProvince, hasbeenaddedtoUNESCO, acitylocatedinthecenterofShandongProvince, hasbeenaddedtoUNESCO, acitylocatedinthecenterofShandongProvince, hasbeenaddedtoUNESCO, acitylocatedinthecenterofShandongProvince, hasbeenaddedtoUNESCO ,, Weifangishometomorethan300kitemanufacturerswiththeiryearlyoutputvaluereachingtwobillionyuan ($ 300million) .Theproductssoldtomorethan40countriesandregions, makingup85% ofthedomesticmarketand75% spalm, butcanflylikethewind! Yangjiabuw, YangjiabuNewYearprintswerel, orhediaoinChinese, involvescarvingoutpeach, apricot, orolivepits, snational-levelintangibleculturalheritagelistin2008 ..

The "repair" "Repair" must prevent the mainland from digging Taiwan high-tech talents

Recommended reading Gansu Province Zhangye Color Danxia under the white-snowdown, trailing, colorful, look extra beautiful, beautiful. 2021-12-1309: 2613, as the main activities of 2021 (22nd) Hainan International Tourism Island Happy Festival, 2021 (6th) Hainan World Leisure Tourism Expo, 2021 (7th Hainan International Tourism Food Expo, 2021 (Second) Hainan International Tourism Equipment Expo is held at Read More

Targeted antibodies allow breast tumors "break"

  Science and Technology Daily Beijing November 4 (Reporter Zhang Mengran) American researchers found a key molecule in certain types of breast cancer, which prevent immunocytes from entering tumors to kill internal cancer cells. 3 days was published in the British "Nature" magazine or to find new therapies to find some invasive breast cancer. Dr. Li Read More

Taste traditional culture welcomes the Mid-Autumn Festival

  Zhang Qikai, Linyi Guzhen Street, Yuxi County, Huaibei City, Anhui Province, welcomes the Mid-Autumn Festival.   Wu Ke Tao (the people’s vision) The traditional culture, welcomes the Mid-Autumn Festival. Even a few days come, there have been colorful activities, let people feel the meaning of Mid-Autumn Festival and share the reunion time. Painting the rabbit, chronograph, Read More

Perspective 2020 Digital Economic Summit and Huanghe Xiangpeng Ecological Development Conference

  As the first national large data integrated test area in the middle, Henan is building a new data infrastructure to promote the change of urban governance. In Zhengzhou Longzi Lake, there are many wisdom and innovative applications that have landed, such as drone low-air inspection, bus unmanned, no boat cruise. This series of innovation applications Read More

The Sanglong showed such terrible wisdom,Mostly because of this Yin Lingshi girl!

She is the true leader of these lost dragons!! “They are dangerous,The Yin Ling master is guiding them to the lair!” I wish Minglang dare not stay here again,Left this stone village immediately。 The tricky thing is,Zhu Minglang doesn’t even know Yusuo、Xinghua where did they go,This Lihuagou is so complicated,Without clear guidance, it is impossible Read More

Xiongji smiled slightly,Smoke a cigarette,Pass it to Xia Jian and light it up。Xia Jian never smokes,It’s just that drinking a little bit of wine can sometimes add to the fun。Because Xiongji asked him to talk about things today,This cigarette can be smoked。

Xiongji closed the door tightly,Then whispered:“Your Venture Group Contracted Project,Let’s work。Collect funds together,Late distribution,Of course,Your startup group can account for a large amount,Details,We can talk in detail“ “How many qualified companies can you associate with,These companies can’t just find,Certain relevant qualifications are complete,And good reputation,Sufficient funds“When Xia Jian said this,,I have a plan in my Read More