He laughed at her.,Flexible:“Blue,You want to see the first snow,Snow is snowing tonight,You look at it is good.?”

Lu Haocheng clears her hand,Low head,Pain, some can’t be self-suited,I have been over for a few months.,She is not awake,He wants to see her smile.,It seems to listen to her voice。 He wants her.!Le Zhenxi stands in front of his own floor,Looking at this year’s first snow,And the person he worried,I haven’t woke up。 Time Read More

Because of this one,This ghost face book student,Will find a way,Steal this Heavenly Orb,did not think of,Was discovered by Zhongtian。

“Am i in my head,Soon you will know。” The ghost face scholar heard what Zhongtian said,Even think about it,Just shot。 “Humph!Today i will”Word behind,Never finished,His face becomes ugly。 because,The power of this ghost face book student,Much stronger than myself。 “Eat me。” The ghost face scholar is stunned when he sees him,Know this is a chance。 Read More

Chen Feng unwillingly continued:“brother!I have sent someone to investigate。Xia Jian and Wang Youdao belong to the same village,This Wang Youcai has been at odds with Xia Jian since he was a child,And the two of them,Seems to be fighting fiercely in a village,It has only eased in the past two years“

“You tell me what’s the use of these?“Chen Jiang said impatiently。 Chen Feng said with a smile:“brother!We can’t fight him alone, Xia Jian,Why not pull Wang Youcai on。Even if we lose,Wang Youdao’s brother is with us,You can live on your face。10,000 steps back,I want to go into the water,Why does Wang Youdao lead you?“ Two Read More

Blue Xinyi,Tonight,Know that she and Li Guo meet,She is very worried,I followed it.。

In the case of the time,She is also like this to wait in the car.。 “Gather,Are you OK?” Blue Xin is worried about her。 Le Yu is uncomfortable to see her,“Blue baby,I’m busy,Drunkenness,I want to vomit。” Le Yu is uncomfortable to squat on her shoulders。 “Miss Lele,We continue。” Li Guo said,Le Yu, who has been Read More

The more so,While seeing here,Hong Deshao said directly to this side:“All right,Now words,Don’t talk so much nonsense。”

“What you want me to say,Get off now。” When Hong Deshao finished,Is scolding Wang Teng。 but,Looks at Wang Teng,Actually Wang Teng himself,I didn’t feel it at all,What’s wrong with this look。 And look in front of you again,Actually these things,Wang Teng itself,Feels very good。 It just fell in front of me a little bit,Wang Teng Read More

“President Xia,I heard you made another ruthless move this time,Make this little flat city shocked”Zhu Hui asked with a laugh。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Not as exaggerated as you said,Business is not easy now。We have not all retired the most profitable real estate,What’s the shock??” “Don’t talk about real estate,Pingdu has a lot of space for development,Limited demand,After you dig out the first pot of gold,The others don’t make much money。Mr. Chen and Mr. Mao Read More

“Hi!How do you talk“Xi Zhen became angry when she heard it,When she saw that it was Wang Youcai,Xi Zhen understood in her heart,This person came here on purpose,If so,Then she’s not afraid。After all, this guy is their boss’s enemy,She has to vent her anger for the boss。

Xia Jian sitting in the car took a look,He can’t go down,With Xi Zhen’s temper, we must fight with Wang Youcai。This is in Xiping Village after all,If the two of them fight at home, people will be jokes。 “Yo!Third Young Master of the Wang Family!No wonder this tone is so domineering。What does it mean,This place Read More

Did not wait for her to speak,There came a more impatient sentence,“It’s okay to hang up。”

“do not,Don’t hang!”Lu Xin is anxious,Huo Yunhe is very principled,Never do things that waste time,The most annoying thing is talking on the phone,If I don’t speak again,He will definitely hang up。 “Yun He,There is a new private kitchen near your company that tastes good,Let’s try it together?” ———— Chapter Eighty Six Widely advertising Discuss carefully,Did Read More

Wow!There was a sudden noise in my ear。

Lu Menglin turned his head and took a look,Suddenly shocked。 I saw a huge beast head,Long neck,Use a thick tongue to wrap a bunch of plant branches and leaves,Easily roll table-sized branches and leaves into your mouth,Chew up。 Lu Menglin took a closer look,This prehistoric behemoth is four stories tall,An animal head is as big Read More

For this time,Of course Zong Xueqin couldn’t be so straightforward,Promised to General Kim,After all, the kind of woman who can come and go,He is not lacking。

On the contrary, Zong Xueqin knows a truth deeply,That is for men,The best is what you can’t get,So at this time, she naturally has to whet General Jin’s appetite! Zong Xueqin gently opened General Jin’s hand:“cut,Who is going to you,Golden kennel and silver kennel are not as good as their own dog kennel,After this matter,I Read More