Chifeng City won the National Party History Knowledge Competition "Excellent Organization Unit Award"

  Recently, the results of the "National Party History Knowledge Competition" activity of the Party’s History, the "National Party History Knowledge Competition" activity was announced, and Chifeng City won the "Excellent Organizational Unit Award", which is the only union city of the autonomous region.   It is reported that this event is to celebrate the 100th anniversary Read More

Candidates must fill in the "Health Conditions" in advance – Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

Source: Hohhot Evening News Yesterday, the Autonomous Region Education Admissions Examination Center issued an announcement Anyone who plans to participate in the 2022 general college entrance examination and need the on-site confirmation, and participate in the registered staff must be carried out every 14 days before the registration site confirms, the mass temperature measurement, record Read More

2021 Daxing Automobile Culture Festival released the first brand of spending map

People’s Network Beijing September 30 (Pool Dream) In order to accelerate the promotion of international consumer center urban construction, actively play the government guidance, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the market, effectively stimulate residents’ consumption potential, 2021 Daxing Automobile Culture Festival and Daxing Consumer Brand Awards The ceremony is open in Beijing. At the meeting, Read More

Small four-party screen witnesses China Enterprise Science and Technology Transition Foot

  "Take a photo, commemorate" "record segment video, share it to friends" … With the development of communication technology, smartphone functions are getting stronger and strong, have become an indispensable equipment in daily life. Open the phone camera and record the video, almost become the habit of most people.   The increasing popularity of 5G networks further Read More

President of Hong Kong German Chamber of Commerce: Violent incidents seriously affect the company’s business, hoping that Hong Kong society will return to the right track as soon as possible

Original title: President of the Hong Kong German Chamber of Commerce: Violent incidents seriously affect the business operations, Hong Kong society, the Hong Kong society will return to the right track of China, Berlin, September 10 (Reporter Peng Dawei) Hong Kong German Chamber of Commerce, Ning Maark, Ning Maark, Ningmark, Ningma, Ningmach, Ningmach In an Read More

Strong "Four Force" practice this collar, Xiangcheng Economic Development Zone propaganda ideological and cultural workers collectively "charging"

Modern Express News (Correspondent Tangliping) On November 5th, the Party History of the Party History of the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Suzhou City and the Propaganda Ideological and Cultural System "Strong Traditional" Training Course will start. It is reported that the activities are carried out in the form of theoretical teaching, collecting activities, Read More

“Don’t lie to me,Did some bastard bully you??Tell me,If so,I will take someone to fix him”Wang Youcai said,Took out the phone。

Chen Xiaoju smiled and said:“Stop it,He went in again,I want him to bully me and I won’t be bullied” Wang Youcai listened,Asked a little surprised:“what did you say?Zou Yong, he went in again,For what?” “Fight!His temperament determines his fate。Just hurt me,What do you think I should do for the rest of my life?”Chen Xiaoju smiled Read More

“OK!Where, let’s finish eating before leaving”Dong Xuanxuan said,Very generously walked into Jia Lina’s bedroom。

Xia Jian had to follow in,Two people sit down for a while,Jia Lina’s meal is ready,Three people gathered around a small table and ate。 “Close the door early at night,Remember to be locked”Xia Jian is eating,Whispered to Jia Lina。 Jia Lina took a look at Xia Jian,Took a breath and asked:“Won’t you come back tonight?” Read More