such,Can focus on what General Hui Lei is good at,Carry out some targeted measures。

For example,General Hui Lei is good at fighting alone,Evacuation is extremely fast,Strong attack,The defects are also obvious,Taoism is not strong,If it’s the world of mental flow,Or other good at illusion,And a practitioner who has a powerful secret technique will restrain her。 If you know in advance that the opponent is good at methods,Can be prepared。 Read More

Xia Shuyue asked scaredly,“Why enema?”

The nurse was amused by her expression,“Enema is to reduce the risk of surgery,If you have a bowel movement,No need to irrigate。” Xia Shuyue froze for two or three seconds,Too nervous,Finally remembered,“I had a bowel movement at three o’clock at night,does it count?” Nurse smiled,“Calculated,You don’t need an enema if you have a bowel movement Read More

he,Has been recruited by the City Lord’s Mansion,May even leave this small world in the future。

Next,Fight after battle to determine the real genius。 According to the rules of previous years,When the top talents are over,City Lord Meng Ju will speak,Talk about encouraging spiritual practice,look back at past,Looking ahead to things。 And Qingling Old Way,And Jia Er, who has entered the City Lord’s Mansion and pretended to be a steward, is Read More

now,How can Xiaobai have this situation again?!

Although Mr. Koi has told himself,It will also degenerate,But when this day really falls,Still playing Zhu Minglang caught off guard!! “Bai Qi???”Zhu Minglang called it。 How did Xiao Bai open those smart eyes,But the eyelids were unconvincingly covered。 It looks sleepy,Can’t even make a soft cry,In fact, it doesn’t know what happened to it.。 It Read More

And the brother Li Huan on the side also smiled:“Parents,Brother Ming wants to cultivate。”

At last,By father Li Yun:“Small five,You want to cultivate,This is a good thing。My Li family,This is the Xiuxian Family,Me and your mother,And your four brothers and sisters are all immortal cultivators。” “But you are still too young,Undecided,In case of a madness,May not be able to practice!” “father,I want to practice the method of refining the Read More

As a scholar, fighting with others is already miserable,Let him be in that environment。

“Hey,I shouldn’t have been curious about immortality surgery if I knew it,I just hit and died,It’s better to die,Don’t have to be as painful as now!” Fight with smelly fart,This is so torturous。 Thought of here,Seun felt more bitter,It’s too hard。 The thoughts in Seren’s mind are extremely complicated,But actually the time is only one Read More

“39:50,There is not much time left in the third quarter,Let’s see if the University of Science and Technology can bite the score10Within minutes。”Female commentator。

“Green Party National University2Number player holding the ball,She wants to pass the ball to the inside player,All this seems to have been24See through,A precise interception,The ball is held by Purple Fang University of Science and Technology,24Fast break,She passed the ball to the basket,A teammate hit the ball steadily,Pretty!”The male commentator explained the attack clearly and Read More


First1112chapter Contest in the box In the box。 Wang Youcai is making fun with Banniang,Zhao Desheng opened the door and walked in。This guy deliberately pretended not to know Wang Lan。He laughed and said:“President Wang!Won’t it be the two of us?!” “I invite you alone,No need for other people to accompany”Wang Youcai laughed,Brought the menu,I just Read More

Alexander·Holmdorov used a lot of perseverance to organize his head desperately wanting to swing left and right.,And force it to move up and down:“I believe。”

“Haha……” Chen Geng is happy。 What is the most important thing to brag about? Not the sound of your cowhide,But when you brag,Someone’s flattering is just right,Such as this Alexander·Mr. Holmdorov,He’s good at flattering——As for Statham、Laleford and the other guys’ constipated expression,Chen Geng didn’t see it。 He watched as he had jumped down from the Read More

He considered:“Is such that,Ersao told me in the morning,She always feels flustered these days,She wants to send Yaya back for us to take……”How could he be a big man with children,Can’t tell Ersao that we are just temporary fake couples,He had to agree。

Tao Zhenzhen whispered inwardly,Zhu Yuxia goes to work during the day,No one cares about the child at home,Rural children are like this,She said nicely…… And Yang Weiguo was so generous just now,Isn’t it because of this?? She instantly turned into a delusion of murder:There are always people who want me! No wonder you were so Read More