Digital twins help digital transformation and intelligent upgrade

Digital twins act as a two-way mapping, dynamic interaction, real-time connection, and map the properties, structures, state, performance, functions and behaviors of the physical entity and system to the virtual world, to understand the physical world, understand the physical world.The transformation of physical world provides an effective means. Although digital twins can only be used Read More

De partijbouw leidt tot hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van "drie creatie" culturele bijstandsbedrijven

Trading Logistics Company had een leuke winst. Yuan Haiyu’s foto om de "thuis" -cultuur te cultiveren om een ??aanbevolen activiteitendrager met temperatuur te cre?ren. Het verkeerslogistiek bedrijf heeft de verjaardag van het bedrijf in het jaar gelanceerd en organiseert voortdurend de "tulbandlogistieke beker" -sportvergadering van de werknemers, blijft het "ik heb een totale groei" -themawedstrijd, Read More

Tea machinery companies help Shanxi medicine tea development

  Original title: [Develop Shanxi Medicine Tea Strong Industry Cluster – Focus 2020 Shanxi Medicine Tea Tasting Exhibition] Tea Machinery Enterprises Helps Shanxi Medicine Tea September 26th, the provincial agricultural machinery development center hosted Shanxi medicine tea production processing full mechanization Equipment promotion activities, 13 representative tea machinery production enterprises with national tea, including Fujian, Zhejiang, Read More

Shenzhen disease control reminder: the recent citizens arrived in Guangzhou Baiyun please report

Original title: Recently, the public arrived in Guangzhou Baiyun, please report on December 4th, Shenzhen CDC reminded the public that there has been in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, since November 26 (including), Guangzhou Baiyun District (especially the new street, Shuanghe Street) The history of the hotel is deep, and it is necessary to take the initiative Read More

Murong Nine:“It seems that the teacher is too good.,pity、pity!”Words and deeds,Go out a few steps,It seems that there is still some gas.,Turn around:“But the big princess is also、Extraordinary teacher is too good,Haven’t you entangle with men who don’t have three people??Also with two apprentices,Ah。”

“you!”Aunt listened to himself, his mission,Even in your mouth is still not clean,Can’t help but help。 However, it is unique to stop the unique arm——“Murong Fu”Martial arts,Not too older than Chu,And people are non-affordable,Not reasoning for them,Still avoid good。 Nine hard martial arts is not weak,Put in the rivers and lakes,It is also a master Read More

“Drive directly to the door,I’m going to catch him off guard。”The middle-aged man had an idea。Mengzi no longer ask,Maximum horsepower,The farm truck rushed into the village with annoying noise。

It’s noon time,Sunny,Sun,There are no people on the small road in the village,Good time at this time。The car turned two turns,Stopped in front of a colorful bungalow,Li Tianchou raised his eyes,It really is a supermarket,Letter,“Miaotang New Century Supermarket”。 Everyone jumped out of the car,The middle-aged man is faster,Pulling Li Tianchou into the supermarket gate first。 Read More