“Drive directly to the door,I’m going to catch him off guard。”The middle-aged man had an idea。Mengzi no longer ask,Maximum horsepower,The farm truck rushed into the village with annoying noise。

It’s noon time,Sunny,Sun,There are no people on the small road in the village,Good time at this time。The car turned two turns,Stopped in front of a colorful bungalow,Li Tianchou raised his eyes,It really is a supermarket,Letter,“Miaotang New Century Supermarket”。 Everyone jumped out of the car,The middle-aged man is faster,Pulling Li Tianchou into the supermarket gate first。 Read More

“tell me the story。”Zhu Minglang said。

“Nihaiyan, you know?”Luo Shaoyan said。 “heard about it。”Zhu Minglang nodded。 “The Yan family is a relatively cruel big family,They often do things that are somewhat against humanity,It happens that many countries themselves impose tyranny,Especially support the Yan people,So they are a force that ordinary people don’t dare to provoke in Nihai。”Luo Shaoyan said。 “You speak Read More

Mizuki Elemental Flower,The essence of five hundred years,Zhu Minglang arrived at the mountain stream,I saw Mr. Koi floating in the air and napping。

Wake it up,Zhu Minglang intends to ask for some specific details。 really,Mr. Koi does not remember that he said these words at all。 “You keep nap。”Zhu Minglang said。 Along the north side of the mountain stream,Zhu Minglang went to the Zhudian。 In the inner court of Zhumen,There is no original iron、Refined,So even if you enter Read More

Because Microsoft and Google、Apple is different,The foundation of too much cooperation between Changxiang Technology and Microsoft。Because Microsoft’s main source of profit is software and services,Not hardware,It’s not like Apple makes a lot of money by selling mobile phones.,But at least there can be enough profit,So the two companies are competing with Chiguoguo。

If Changxiang Technology did not develop the Xin system,The two sides can also cooperate on brain-computer chips,Like letwindowsCan more support brain-computer chips。 But after the brain-computer chip was launched for half a year,Microsoft has not actively contacted Changxiang Technology for cooperation,Until Changxiang Technology launched its own system,Now there is only the most direct competitive relationship Read More

Out of the Criminal Police Brigade,Chen Erniu looked unhappy,Muttered in his mouth:“Thanks what’s the use,Don’t come for some affordable,People’s clothes,Just wore it for two days“

“Just now your mouth was kicked by a donkey,Come out and tell me what’s the use“Xia Jian glared at him and said。 Song Fang following them,Busy with a smile:“forget it!The boarding time is almost the same,Waiting for the train station,I just need to change my original clothes back“ Chen Erniu is unwilling,But is there any Read More

Wright was silent for a moment,Showed a smile,I am not against the opponent if the power is strong,I’m already prepared,Why panic。

The Holy See is very powerful?However, the number of strong people in the Holy See of the Holy See in this era is even less than one-fifth of five thousand years later,I am not an opponent now,But I will have more than ten or twenty years,Step into the sanctuary,It’s not a dream to step through Read More

Although Ding Ruoyan’s words are a bit insincere,But Chen Geng didn’t mean to go into it,He nodded:“Also good,Many people come out of the system to start businesses,It’s also a good choice for you to leave a job without pay and start a business……Have you figured out what to do?”

“Not yet,”Ding Ruoyan licked her hair,A little embarrassed:“But I want to make electronic products。” electronic product? Chen Geng thought for a while,Asked:“Specific?” “specific……Gone,”Ding Ruoyan seems a little embarrassed,Bowed his head and pursed his mouth:“What do you suggest?” Chen Geng’s heart moved,Laughed:What is this girl thinking,He probably already counted。 “How about making a battery?”Chen Geng asked。 Read More

“of course I remember,Such a large oil tanker,So spectacular!”Chubby face exclaimed。

“Ok,Is quite spectacular!But the problem must be quite big!”Qiao Tianyu arranged,“Keying,You immediately find a way to contact the person in charge of that group of China Oil Tankers,I want to see him,The sooner the better!” “it is good,no problem!”Xiao Chuan readily agreed。 For the chubby face,She is good at dealing with people! Half a month Read More

“do not,”Chen Geng hurriedly waved:“Director Chen,Let me tell you the truth,If you plan to import one or two engine technologies from me、patent,Because everyone is the descendant of Yan Huang,no problem,I promise you the best price,Never ask for prices,But if you plan to let me blend into the Hongqi car……”

He shrugged:“Forget it。” what?! Chen Geng is not willing to cooperate with FAW on Hongqi cars?! When Chen Geng said this,All the people of FAW and Secretary Liu were stunned.,They didn’t expect Chen Geng to refuse。 Liu Shouhua asked without thinking:“why?” Chen Geng didn’t hide anything,Frank way:“Very simple,I have been with Changan Automobile in your Read More