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This is McGrady’s second 3pointer and 2 shots today.

Master Reasonable was very angry at the moment and shouted at the studio, Let’s see if Yao is in the important position in the basket; The other way around is still no; McGrady broke through or didn’t throw his own waves … Rockets guards are too lacking in ball awareness to lose.
Rebound Popup Yao’s experience of winding Ji Guoqiu’s little giant in the basket once again prevailed at this moment. He knew that if Ji Guoqiu jumped up and the other side bounced so well, he would definitely not be able to beat the twins’ arms and entangle their opponents so that neither of them could jump up.
品茶After a timeout, the Rockets replaced Scola with Hayes.
Ji Guo was ashamed to say that his egg hurt so much that he wanted to take advantage of his brother and Yao’s entanglement to pick up the backboard himself, but he never expected to be stuck in a favorable position by Hayes. He really didn’t notice when this guy less than two meters got stuck in front of him.
If he is only stuck in the main position, it will be a joke. The most shameful thing for Ji Guo is that he can’t squeeze this center less than two meters.
Hayes’ rebound in the frontcourt was unexpected, and the shame of the country could not be squeezed behind him, so the grandfather could watch Yao rely on his height to rebound in the basket and then make up the basketball easily.
Staples Arena suddenly stopped ringing. Yao scored this goal and scored 6 points and 4 rebounds in the first quarter.
Ji Guo, Chou He, and Ji Guo’s shame are both ugly. One is because they lost the backboard in the backcourt, and the other is because they were stuck in the position by 19m Hayes. They always feel embarrassed.
Why is this little king egg so strong? What did he eat to grow up? Ji Guo felt very puzzled. I don’t know what was the change and state of You Zhu when China flew.
Charles barkley didn’t know that someone was secretly thinking about his big ass. When he saw Hayes like this, he was excited and praised. By the way, he was like a cow. He said in a firm tone, I saw a guy who is 6′ 6 but has excellent defense and excellent rebounding. If he can grow 5 meters taller, I think he will be the best defensive player.
Kenny smith knows his virtue and agrees with a smile: This is a good example. It doesn’t matter how tall you are. What matters is that you play games like Hayes.
Ji Guoshame decided to teach him a lesson on the offensive end. This little man let him know that the nba can’t get along without height. There is a flying pig.
Artest made a trip to the bottom line to cover Ji’s humiliation in the high ball, and then completely blocked Hayes from catching the ball at the flank threepoint line with the help of the beast’s body …
Ji Guo was ashamed to have dumped Hayes, but I didn’t expect Battier to come over and put out a hand to block his sight. After the ball was thrown, I felt very bad.
Sure enough, as he thought, the ball slammed into the basket and popped up. Yao leaned against Ji Guoqiu again and stood on tiptoe to get a rebound.
Mad forgot about the rocket and this guy.
Ji Guo was ashamed to look at President Battier’s defense, but the top of the league is not inferior to his own team’s two defensive experts
If shane battier is better than james posey and Artest in defensive coordination.
The Rockets attacked Yao this time and simply landed at the top of the arc. They didn’t have the strength to take the important position and directly covered McGrady.
The little giant is very upset today. If he doesn’t have basketball in place, it’s hard to get it in place or not. It’s better to play pickandroll directly, and he is more likely to receive basketball.
McGrady broke through with Yao’s cover and took off at the free throw line, but I guess I feel bad today. The shooting percentage is really ugly. McGrady twisted a small waist and changed shots to distribute basketball to Shun Yao.
Yao caught the basketball in the paint area, stopped to get the ball, shook it first, and then immediately threw the basketball with a half hook …
Although Ji Guoqiu was shaken for a while, he still tried to take off the block, but Yao was too tall for him to hook the little giant headon.
I can!
Ji Guo’s shame shouted in his heart that he had been lying in ambush on the weak side for a long time, just waiting to help defend Yao. He was a runup, takeoff and jumping height close to 9m, plus his height and arm span. From the parallel lens, his head was almost flat.
Ji Guo was ashamed that his fingers touched the basketball and pulled it out with one force.
Before Ji Guo’s revenge, he judged that the basketball landed and grabbed the basketball.
However, the referee did not give Ji Guo shame a face and directly made a gesture of disturbing the ball, which blew Ji Guo’s amazing performance into effect.
No way. How could that ball be a disturbing ball? I can see it clearly. It’s definitely a good hat!
Ji Guo protested to the referee immediately after landing, but actually he didn’t see if the ball was a nuisance ball. He thought it might be a nuisance ball, but in front of the referee, he didn’t say so, as if he had suffered much injustice
I can see clearly, too. Do you want to argue with me? The referee sneer at a staring at JiGuoShame said
No, I think about it. You should be right.

Master! Pang Gan shouted outside the house, There is a messenger reporting from China!

I Huo Ran got up and said, Come in quickly!
The messenger strode into the account and came to me with his hands flat holding the letter barrel. Little people visit the great protector!
Sitting by, Jia Mu took the letter barrel from him, turned around and handed it to me.
I held out my hand and asked, Where are you from?
The messenger slightly bowed his head. The villain belongs to Jia Xu Jia Daren!
I took out the silk paper from the bucket and laid it flat on the table.
Jia Xu’s lonely and proud handwriting jumped out
A few days ago, Yuan Shao, an animal husbandry in Jizhou, borrowed Wu Huan’s riot to attack the soldiers. Several counties in the north of Youzhou looked at the wind and surrendered to the secretariat of Lu Zhi. Lu Zhi gathered his troops in Jixian County, and the court had ordered Qing, Yan, and Sanzhou to attack Ji and Qiu Zhang Gong personally went north for half a year earlier, or it could be chaotic.
Jia Xu scribbled in Luoyang on October 16th.
32 late decision
There are more than ten people sitting around in the big account.
The Central Plains is really in chaos. I took a look at the white hair. You are not bad.
The Taoist priest smiled humbly.
Since the Central Plains is in chaos, Tuoba Ye suggested cautiously, Does your master want to kill it back?
His brother Qin array immediately angry response master has been waiting for the opportunity, isn’t it? It is now!
I nodded slightly. I do have this intention, but I want you to discuss it carefully for the sake of caution.
Master, when you order your subordinates to be the pioneers! Chuyan patted his chest.
Exactly! Qin array cried, how long has it been since I was a little black? !”
Compared with these people, Chen Chen was much calmer. He asked the Jia Xu messenger sideways, Is Jing Zhaoyin still Huangfusong when passing through Chang ‘an?
Yes, the messenger nodded firmly.
Please think twice, master. Chen turned to me and explained with a slight hand, Huangfusong is a famous contemporary, and it is not advisable to move our army with him guarding Sanfu.
A famous contemporary? Qin Zhen yi tooth discontentedly you mean … we can’t beat him?
Chen to shake his head to know, of course, master you brave HuangFuSong even holding hundreds of military forces can’t stop our army but … so brothers casualties will be very heavy
Qin array does not agree with HuangFuSong hands can have hundreds of military forces? Huh?
I motioned for him to stop for a while and then said, Uncle Huang Fusong is tough and … I don’t want to play against him unless I have to. After all, the elder Huang Fusong is qualified.
Taishi Ci looked out of the window and said, It’s snowing …
They all turned their heads to see the glittering and translucent snowflakes hovering in the middle, and the whole western region seemed to have this kind of color.
This kind of weather at this time … I sighed. It’s really not suitable for sending troops …

On the 10th, trotters from all over the Central Plains came one after another.
Cheng Yu, Li Dian, Xu Huang, Zhang Liao, Seibel, Du Ji, Zhang Ji, Wang Lie, all of them have handwritten letters.
The news brought by Jia Xu is generally around October 20 when things are signed.
I feel very gratified when I look at the full case.
After giving the replies to the messengers one by one, I once again took Sun Yatsen’s art of war and tried to enrich my military literacy.
But I rummaged through thirteen articles, but I didn’t even read a word.
Yuan Shao, Lu Zhi, Cao Cao, Sun Jian, Zhang Wen, Huang Fusong …
I can’t shake these names with my eyes closed.

After entering December, I completely gave up the idea of moving troops to the snowstorm.
桑拿I looked up at the sky and murmured, His grandmother … how many days has it snowed?
It’s been five days, Jia Yu replied, rubbing his hands while sitting by the brazier, wrapped in fur.
The western regions are terrible! Shuang’er muttered complaints.
Shuang’er, do you regret following me to the Western Regions? I turned back and said with a smile
How can I regret it? Shuang’er leaned out of the quilt and pouted his mouth. It’s too cold here …
I patted the only shirt I wore, So I asked you to practice kung fu.
She is a face of injustice. People can’t learn …
I can reach out and pinch her pink face. Your sister still has some talents …
As early as in Shuofang, I transferred the first center of gravity method of Jiuyang magic to several women around me. Unfortunately, all the other women except Xiao Zhao made great progress. On the one hand, it may be limited by talent, but more … because they are not interested at all.
However, even the most accomplished Xiao Zhao can still shiver in the heavy cottonpadded clothes in the face of the winter in the western regionsafter all, there is only a heavy realm
I reached out and grabbed the poker and fiddled with the charcoal fire in the basin, which sparked several sparks.
Outside the window, the snow is still blowing with a strong wind and snowflakes, dyeing heaven and earth the same color.
It seems that it is impossible to assimilate the western regions in a short time, isn’t it? I lightly sigh a way
What did Gong say? Xiao Zhao asked his eyebrows.
I waved at her and threw the poker.
There was a muffled sound when the poker fell to the ground.

This December is really the coldest December I have ever experienced.
Because I have to wear a fur coat when I’m out walking!
In such bad weather, the soldiers have already stopped their daily drills and moved outside in the afternoon when the sun is shining.
Even a simple exercise like exercise is hard to seeit snows every day.
Most soldiers can huddle in the barracks to keep warm.
I have to say here that although I have prepared as much as possible, there are still people killed in the blizzard.
It was a dark, windy night in a month, and a foot soldier went out to relieve himself. He fell directly into the snow with more than one person, only to be found by the patrol sentries the next day …
As soon as this happened, I immediately lit up the military forces, cleared the snow area near the military camp and prohibited everyone from leaving the military camp without authorization.
Soon after this military order was reached, it was strongly opposed by the stubborn representatives of Qin array

When feng Chen turned away, she couldn’t help but look at it again.

Feng Chen’ an is twenty-five years old this year, or genius doctor, a brain scientist, is young and handsome, not to mention his family background, and Feng Grandpa and Feng Grandma are also quite worried about his personal problems; At the age of twenty-three, vivian Ma still has a childish temper, but he is beautiful and gets along well with Feng Chenan.
It would be nice if these two people could really be together.
Gao Xiaoxiao thought about this possibility in his heart and suddenly he was looking forward to it.
So when Han Shao came to the ward to meet people an hour later, Gao Xiaoxiao got up and left very quickly.
I’m worried that vivian will be lonely in the ward alone, but since there is Feng Chen ‘an, there should be no problem, right?
Vivian seemed to be very happy, waved and said, "Goodbye sister and brother-in-law, goodbye white!"
Seal Chen An sent three people to the front of the ladder door. Gao Xiaoxiao smiled and asked, "Chen An, my sister will trouble you to take care of it."
"No problem, take care of me!" Feng Chen’ an patted his chest and turned away in the sunshine.
When a family of three got into the car, Gao Xiaoxiao couldn’t help talking about it.
Who knows that Han Shu "tut" said "don’t misfits"
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao wonder "how is misfits? I really think they are a good match. "
Han Shu drove out Gherardini said "very match? How can you tell? "
"The two of them get along very well. Feng Chen ‘an’s family is good and handsome, but my sister is not bad. Why not?" Gao Xiaoyu said
"Ha ha"-"They are not suitable"
His attitude is not very good. After a while, Gao Xiaoxiao got a little temper and opened his mouth and said, "Do you think my sister deserves Chen An?"
Han Shu frowned. "That’s not what I meant."
"Then what do you mean?" Gao Xiaoxiao followed closely.
For a while, tut tut tut, for a while, hehe, sarcasm is no good.
Han Shu lowered his "cough" and put his tone right. "Xiao An is still young. Are you really willing to get married and have children so soon?"
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao looked at him not to talk.
Although the in the mind also recognized this statement.
"And his personality is not suitable for vivianvivian himself, just like a child and two children together.
Are you playing house with children? Can this day get by? "Han Shan another serious added.
Gao Xiaoxiao smacks the child at the corner of her mouth?
"I know your heart, vivian, but this emotional matter can’t be done by outsiders. Don’t meddle," Han Shu said as if it were an education.
He didn’t say something for fear of hurting her heart by being too blunt.
After all, the family style is so strict that even if you worry about your child’s marriage, you can’t rashly promise these two people together.
Gao Xiaoxiao nodded and thought for a while, then suddenly looked at him and asked, "What do you think vivian is suitable for?"
"…" Han Shu eyebrow bone jumped for half a day before saying "a little mature"
Grow up?
Gao Xiaoxiao nodded in agreement. "Is there anything you can introduce among your friends?"
Han Dong "…"
"Speak" Gao Xiaoxiao fingers gently poked his arm to urge.
Han Shao said seriously, "No, I’m surrounded by some naive men, like Brother Sheng Lu, and you haven’t seen them before."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
桑拿Do you have friends who are so black?
"A-choo!" Yan Nansheng directly sneezed in the office!
"What do you want for lunch?" Han Shu took the opportunity to change the topic successfully.
Easy chapter for commutation ticket rushed into the top ten!
Recommend a night of falling wind, rich and powerful army, less secret love addiction.
The first time I met her, she was gay. She almost beat him in front of all the men.
The second time he met her, he recognized her and saw that she was courting his soldiers, so he took her as a man he liked.
The third time I met him, he was a strict instructor in her university. Because he was late on the first day, he decided for the first time to use an iron fist for selfish ends. This’ small’ training made a difference.
Ling Xiaoran asked himself that he was the most skillful and deterrent in a country.
I was famous in the past, but I didn’t expect that one day I almost destroyed a woman’s hand, and I didn’t expect that I would be obsessed with this’ small’ one day!
A month later, he realized that after training for half a month,’ Xiao’ turned out to be a woman!
He was shocked but still couldn’t believe it!
A year and a half later, when watching the rows of training, several bodyguards respectfully shouted their daughter-in-law’ Zhan Shao’ Ling Xiaoran …
☆ 45 You look good like this.
"What do you want for lunch?" Han Shu took the opportunity to change the topic successfully.
Gao Xiaoxiao is still a little depressed and sighed and said, "Whatever."
Han Dong "…"
He picked his eyebrows and looked back in the rearview mirror. "What does Xiaobai want to eat at noon? Tell dad. "
Gao Xiaobai took his eyes back from the window and sipped his mouth and said, "Whatever."

But blade master is testing the timing of the cutin. He is fragile and sometimes wins the game by stealing the tower, which will keep his teammates in a 4to5 disadvantage situation. If you don’t grasp it well, you will be devastated.

And most of the time, it is a thousand miles away. There are not so many resources, but the timing of harvesting and growth in blade master is the biggest problem.
In fact, most people know you, right?
Chen Yi’s words made Zhang Hao feel uneasy. It is true that Zhang Hao’s idea is the idea of most people, and many professional players must have played it, but not every other injury determines the victory or defeat. blade master will definitely not be seen in the professional arena.
Yes, is there any way for blade master to fight and fight?
Zhang Hao is somewhat uncertain about Chen Yi’s expression
That’s for sure.
Holy shit, you’re serious.
Zhang Hao is dubious about Chen Yi’s words. After all, it is definitely not the general situation to be able to do this.
Of course.
Then blade master can be so powerful if he hits.
Zhang Hao said that he did not believe that the professional league was not a child’s play, nor did he know it, but it was intriguing to talk like this at the moment
Cut it directly
Chen Yi said that it is very simple and rude to let Zhang Hao one leng Are you kidding me?
It’s not that Zhang Hao doesn’t believe in Chen Yi’s words. After all, it’s too unreasonable to cut it directly. It’s simply a matter of dying and meeting Riven. In blade master, once Q is finished, the base will be stunned by a set of second rhythms.
Of course you have to have a card. Just hear me out.
For example, the meat outfit, the early highgrade W Chunge, or the summoner’s skill flashes to treat weakness. What did you leave in your hand without releasing the Q skill or summoner’s skill, and then you helped your teammates bear a wave of injuries, that is, hit you opposite?
At this time, you are not dead. Your teammates and support have successfully killed the opposite side, successfully fought the situation and successfully harvested it. How about Kerry?
You’re right. I’m right.
Chen Yi’s words made Zhang Hao seem to have caught something, but it was fleeting. What was it? Zhang Hao was constantly recalling Chen Yi’s words, and he was dressed in highgrade W Chunge.
What did you just say about highgrade W?
Zhang Hao suddenly discovered the mystery in Chen Yi’s words. After all, W must be, but Chen Yi particularly emphasized the word high grade, which is intriguing.
You found it. Yes, it’s a highgrade W
Chen Yi’s heart seems to be very satisfied with Zhang Hao’s understanding
Chapter 615 Lord W blade master
that’s late. don’t you tell me it’s a Lord?
Although Zhang Hao also specialized in blade master for a while, it was also the s2 period. At that time, blade master was still ap. At that time, blade master was the easiest hero to kill five times.
At the beginning, blade master was almost in flames.
You are right. I want to tell you that it is the typical representative of the main ba downwind dog.
Of course, in the early stage of blade master, gnak mainly needs to observe the map line. If the other party is playing wild and no longer in the nearby wild area, you can still consider going to gank, otherwise it will be a tragedy.
But it is not absolutely necessary to have a card if you want to take the initiative to pick things up and cooperate with your teammates from the opposite side to defeat the opposite side.
I am white
Zhang Hao listened to Chen Yi’s words very well. The theoretical level of the two is still relatively similar. Chen Yi can be described as a little bit.
What’s the card? It’s the same as my face.
Secondly, if you are confident that you can do well in Q, I suggest giving up blade master is really not worth the candle.
And even if you need blade master dialect, you still have to take the unified brush wild route. This main ank or antisquat should pay attention to leaving Q to hide skills, after all, or you can hit two D as soon as possible when you are displaced by 2v2, and you must cut it first in smallscale team battles of 2v2 and 3v3.
Well, this instant Q multiskill creates output and time for teammates when it is white.
Good, good, you understand very thoroughly.
Chen Yi now likes to discuss with Zhang Hao because both sides are white and not tired at all.
Chapter 616 Discuss with each other
But you must pay attention to the prevention of antiwild and antibase, so don’t think about gank.
Well, I know this.
夜生活Speaking of this time, Zhang Hao has an inexplicable feeling. After all, it is usually his turn to be opposed to the wild. When it is his turn to be opposed to the wild, he suddenly has a kind of feeling.
Of course, this feeling is fleeting. Although the competition for wild areas is becoming increasingly fierce, Zhang Hao is still not worried that many years of antiwild experience have made Zhang Hao’s wild areas perfect, and it is still rare to be opposed.
Well, it’s good to know, and if you find the opposite field, don’t panic and go directly to your teammates for signal resources. You can’t develop the opposite field, and you won’t stay in your wild area for long.
If he is hard on you, buff is a show at this time. See if you can win. Remember to signal your teammates. I suggest that you better arrest people at level 3 and catch people at level 2. It is very bad for blade master. Level 1 ank is a good thing.

When we landed on the outskirts of Liuzhou, Chris and I immediately [assimilated] into ordinary rebel magic soldiers. When we entered the city when everyone was not looking, we found that it was completely different from the next time. The ordinary residents fled all the rooms, and all ethnic groups had Chris. In other words, we got to know each other at the alien zoo. After a while, we learned that the leader of this group of rebels was a magic man named Atlas Morning. He was also a magic man tribal leader. The rebel army allied with seven tribes or races, and some of the 100,000 people hated me. However, I was a Qitian ethnic group.

Chris looked at the round and said, "Do you want to sneak into the leader’s office?"
"Silk, then you stay in the pet and I’ll go in and have a look now."
The rebel generals in the leader’s mansion gathered together. It was accurate when I came. They were discussing such things as attacking Haoyue City.
"Chief, there were 100,000 defenders of our army’s 100,000 demon armies in Haoyue City, and the defenders of all nearby cities were evacuated to Haoyue City. Now the defenders of Haoyue City have reached 200,000. Our army’s two-to-one armament is weak, and the situation of strong armament is severe. Is this good?"
Sitting in the middle of the morning, they glanced at the woman next to him and said, "When will the rebels raise the flag?"
She looks ordinary but has a devil’s figure, but her face seems to be strong at the end of nine days, and she can’t see a little heat. She said coldly, "According to our information, the three rebel forces, Kejiao City, Shucheng City and Qianhou City, can raise their flags and rebel at any time. Riding two rebel armies in dry city, but I don’t know what has been delayed … "The rafter said that he paused and saw Atlas Chen nod and continued," The fire general troops are ready at any time if we can attack Haoyue City, and they will cooperate with each other to destroy the wood magic general, while the earth magic general and the flow maple general will sit tight and remain neutral. Finally, the elegant general is the devil’s diehard faction, which will definitely suppress all the rebel armies, and there may be some agreements between them near her city, so perhaps our temporary strategy is to cooperate with the earth magic general to destroy the wood magic.
Atlas morning nodded "did everyone hear that? I believe that even if the demon king has earth-shattering martial arts, he can’t return to heaven. He has five generals and three rebellions, and all aspects of our rebel army add up to millions of troops. The situation is still conducive to us. We want everyone to attack Haoyue City and everything will be easy. "
"Yes!" Everyone is excited to answer.
"So if you leave someone else to prepare for the day, we will head for Haoyue City. In addition, the Magician Corps needs 300,000 copies to prepare for the short-distance delivery of scrolls."
After everyone left, Atlas Chen held the rafters on his shoulders and said softly, "Thank you."
"We are all together in the morning. How can we say that? I will help you if you want to do it. "
I suddenly had an idea in my heart, and after a little thought, I decided to jump to Atlas Morning and the rafter. When someone suddenly jumped, two people immediately took out their side weapons, and Atlas Morning shook a one-meter-long stick and immediately turned it into a two-meter-long, three-long stick, while the rafter took out a whip and paid attention to it.
After I jumped, I quickly spread out my hands and said, "Atlas leader has something to say slowly. I suddenly came out of reality without any malice. Why don’t you wait for me to talk about my purpose before you decide?" This is your military stronghold, and I can’t escape anywhere, can I? "
It was the leader of a party who sat back in the chair in an instant and asked, "Who is Ge?"
I shrugged my shoulders and made a so-called move and sat in the chair opposite Atlas Morning. "I said that Miss rafter doesn’t need to be so nervous, right? If I had come to assassinate the atlas leader, I wouldn’t have taken the initiative to show up, wouldn’t I? "
Huan Chen winked at the rafter before putting away his whip and then turned to me and said, "I wonder if the pavilion has something to do with me?"
"Deal! I help you attack Hao Yue, and you help me find something. "
"oh? I’m sure of attacking Haoyue. Why do I need your help? "
"Hahahuan leader, you still overestimate yourself. Although the demon king doesn’t know where to go for the time being, Princess Pupil is not a weak person. All your actions are planned by her. Everyone in your organization knows and believes that you know what Princess Pupil has in the seventh army. No, I said, if Princess Pupil transports her seventh army, do you believe that these people can resist?"
Atlas morning heard this cold sweat. Princess Pupil’s Seventh Army is not an ordinary army. It is a special army that combines assassinations, assassinations, poisoning and other talents. This is also the special license granted by the devil to Princess Pupil. It is to set up an army against enemy leaders. The deadly assassination is not something that ordinary people can resist.
"It seems that we still have the qualifications. What do you want me to find?"
"The treasure of the underworld-the soul of blood!"
"What? Do you want me to go to the old man and get this thing? "
"If you don’t take it, you may be wiped out before you go to Haoyue. Hehe, then I’ll go first!"
桑拿网"Wait for the synthesis!"
I approached Atlas Morning and shook hands. "I want to tell you three things, so you can capture Haoyue, the first Haoyue City, and combine more than 200,000 troops. However, Haori City next to Haoyue does not embed a blow, and Haori City has half of Haoyue City’s hay; The second Hao Yuecheng garrison commander, General Mumo, really listens to the command. His relatives, more than 100,000 legions of miscellaneous brands, want you to be a strategist. Even if they don’t rebel, their attack power is much weaker. The third fire demon general will definitely lend you and Haoyue City a life-and-death fight before attacking. Therefore, you have to make a pretence to send 30,000 troops to fight July 7th to let the fire demon general support you. Then, after you wait for the fire demon and the wood demon to fight life-and-death, you will have a fisherman’s profit, and then the leader of Atlas will hehe. Will I say it later? "
Chapter 16 Haoyue War
"Wonderful! You are my lucky star!" Atlas morning listened to the excitement and shouted, "Don’t worry, I’ll ask the old guy to spit it out and give it to me for half a day. I’ll send someone to get it immediately."
Huan Chen arranged for me to have a rest in a hotel. I was also very surprised to think of that thing called blood soul. I suddenly knew it. At this moment, I heard a voice in my heart, "Idiot, I told you that your The Hunger ring is a very powerful artifact. There are The Hunger ring, The Hunger halberd, The Hunger bow, The Hunger reincarnation knife and two The Hunger balls and blood soul. If you want to combine six pieces, the real power of The Hunger ring will be presented."
When I heard the words, I remembered that there was a little dragon girl. "I still hibernated you, and you haven’t spoken these days. By the way, is it true what you said about the rebels just now?"
"Of course, the dragon is a thousand miles away."
"So powerful?"
"If you can make a high-level transformation, it is also possible. Unfortunately, you can’t even do the initial transformation now, and you don’t want to think about it."
"What if you can transform at the beginning?"
"I won’t tell you!" Lan Xun didn’t come out again after he finished speaking. I also took the opportunity to think about my original purpose of coming to the underworld, which was very simple, but before I knew it, there were so many accidents, which really surprised me.
The next day, Huan Chen was ready to send an army to Haoyue City. He divided the army into three parts, one of which was a main force of 70 thousand troops lurking in the mountains, while the original vanguard of 30 thousand troops pulled 40 thousand civilians to attack Haoyue City. Seeing that civilians have never experienced war, I still have some feelings that can dominate others’ lives
And I was given the title of military adviser by Atlas Chen, which made me right. If Atlas Chen knew my real purpose, I really don’t know if he wanted to, because I have reported all the trends of Haoyue City to Pupil, and General Mu Mo has also taken corresponding measures. Of course, the first condition for me to be a military adviser, the blood soul has been put in a sealer. When I took out the The Hunger ring, the blood soul shook desperately, and the crusher immediately merged with the The Hunger ring. If I look at the The Hunger ring attribute, I find that there is nothing added. It seems that The Hunger ball is needed to exert its real power. Where is The Hunger ball? A red ball is really hard to find in such a big fairyland. If Lan Xun didn’t know about Master The Hunger’s ball in the morning, I really couldn’t find the blood soul, and this thing is just a good ornamental ornament in other people’s hands.
"Military adviser, what are you thinking?" Atlas morning see I don’t talk and asked.
"Atlas leader you have to find out the surrounding environment? Is there an ambush? "
Atlas morning haha laughed. "Don’t worry, all the surrounding mountains have been explored. I believe that there will be our fire demons and wood demons waiting to be destroyed in the ambush."
The war is on the verge of breaking out. In the morning, 30,000 vanguard magicians are mixed with civilians [life blessing]. They all jump into the ten-meter-high wall like springs. I can’t speak when I see it. I didn’t expect that there is such a magic that can improve my own sports ability. All those siege equipment have become waste. The war site has become a wall and city streets. The war is fierce and almost melee, but I feel the atmosphere of war far away, but I still can’t feel the feeling of bloody pieces in the war. However, I can see the wall battle clearly after I enhance my eyesight.
As I expected, 30,000 regular vanguard troops didn’t own 200,000 Hao Yuecheng, and they were defeated in three hours. At this time, Atlas Morning began to call for help, and General Fire Devil’s army immediately appeared not far away and joined the siege ranks. At this time, Haoyue City resisted suddenly, and there were riots in the city. After Atlas Morning, I didn’t know what happened in the city and discussed with Fire Devil for a while. Immediately, more than 70,000 regular troops and General Fire Devil began to attack Haoyue City, and hundreds of troops were squeezed into the city in an instant, and I’ve already run away. Wait a minute. What happened in Haoyue City won’t fry my skin when Huachen finds out.
I saw a fire in Haoyue City from a distance, followed by a loud noise, followed by a "rumbling" sound of building collapse. This is the plan that I decided to set up a city to destroy the fire demon and the Atlas Army after consulting with Pupil, and of course I am undercover! As for Atlas Morning and when most of the fire demon troops were destroyed in Haoyue City, the consequences can be imagined when hundreds of thousands of troops surrounded them, and I was not in the mood to watch them fight to the death. At this time, I was heading for another stronghold of the rebels.
The magic pupil princess villa pupil happily laughed "indeed as expected severe little a trick makes hundreds of troops go to hell hahaha …"
Next to the witch god, he was slightly happy and asked, "What’s so happy about the Princess Hall?"
Pupil smiled for a while before saying, "Isn’t it something to be happy that the rebel army and the fire rebel army were wiped out in the morning?"
"What?" Witch god surprised at the pupil "what’s going on? We don’t seem to have sent reinforcements. How can 200,000 miscellaneous troops resist two roads of almost 300,000 elite troops? "
"A clever guy helped me finish, not to mention that the second detachment of the Seventh Army is ready? I’ll leave it to you to assassinate the remaining rebel leaders. I want them to die before they rebel and see who dares to rebel. "

"I’ll" Jiang Junyue grabbed Xiao Qinqin as soon as he found out his arm. As a result, he waved his little hand and narrowed his eyes into a crack before putting the little thing. "Dad … Dad …" She shouted out that her little face was wrinkled into a ball. That was the rhythm before crying.

"Give it to me quickly." Lan Jingyi quickly hugged me and then lay down on the pillow with Xiao Qinqin. As a result, a milk ` head was once again taken into a small mouth by Xiao Qinqin, and she closed her eyes and went to sleep again.
"It’s not a good problem to give her up from the day." Jiang Junyue was a little angry and took over his woman for a whole day. If he bullied his woman like this every night, he really didn’t want anyone to do it, and his daughter couldn’t do it.
"I’ll move out if you dare."
"How dare you?" Lan Jingyi hugged Xiao Qinqin Jiang LaCrosse and put her arms around her from behind. The small waist and small mouth haven’t been loosened yet. Lan Jingyi suffered a loss and leaned over from behind her with two hands.
"Don’t …" So LanJingYi immediately feel like a touch.
That feeling is too magical.
But she refused Jiang Junyue as if she didn’t hear it and ignored it.
Lan Jingyi’s eyes are all wet, but her body can lean back. She almost exclaimed that the man was behind her.
"Pour don’t make children?" She gently coaxed him for fear of waking up Xiao Qinqin.
Jiang Junyue is leaned over his head and bent into a semicircle and looked at her.
Soon Jiang Junyue’s eyes fell on her lower abdomen, which was a long scar, not ugly, but definitely not beautiful. The scar made him feel distressed. "Does it still hurt?"
Lan Jingyi felt that he had penetrated a hole in his body. "It hasn’t hurt for a long time …" She didn’t seem to want to say anything.
"What is it? Tell me, "he gently coaxed her into not being with her at that time and regretted that she must have been very helpful at that time. It is said that when a woman gave birth, she most longed for her man’s side, but he didn’t.
"It’s a rainy day that itches and makes you uncomfortable. It’s usually fine." She said lightly that women sit on the moon without falling ill.
"Why are you so stupid and still running out in the cold? If you don’t look for him, he will be fine." She whispered softly in her ear. When Xiao Wu described to him that he was heartbroken when she didn’t go out to look for her in the month, he added Lome Wei to her punishment. It’s nothing compared with the punishment he gave her. It’s too far to see Luo’s face and Luo Qijiang’s small face. He can also do that. For Lan Jingyi, he will make up for it in his own way.
"I miss him so much. I always feel that he is waiting for me to pick him up in a corner of the world. At that time, I was very worried. I was afraid that he would be taken away by the bad guys and disabled by people. I was afraid that he would be sold to a bad family, and he would not be able to eat enough and wear warm clothes …" Now she is still worried
"Stop it" Jiang Junyue can’t listen to it any more. If he hasn’t found a son yet, it is estimated that he will be in such a good mood. He knows that his son is in a good mood. "Yi Yi will definitely give you a message. Don’t worry." But I don’t know if the master will give him back his son and Lan Jingyi think of this Jiang Junyue. He has a headache. He is not soft on Luo’s family, but can he still be like that with his own family?
Grandpa is both grandpa and mom and mom. What can he do to them?
"Good, I listen to you." Lan Jingyi gently replied to her arms. Xiao Qinqin finally released her mouth and spit it out. She finally let her lie down comfortably. She was really tired. This whole night, her heart was filled with surprises one after another, but although she was tired, she was not sleepy at all. On the contrary, she looked at Jiang Junyue with a little excitement. He really looked up at her and looked at him. She still felt like a dream. "Is it true that I am not dreaming?"
"No" put his arm around the woman, and her eyes made him even more sorry. Why didn’t he know everything earlier?
桑拿会所If I had known earlier, she wouldn’t have to suffer so much alone. He would have given her one surprise after another. He thought she would be happy.
I think she is a stupid woman who always thinks of others but never thinks of herself. At that time, it would be much better if she told him that it was better for two people to face them together than for her to face them alone.
And Zhuang Zhuang’s disappearance, how much harm it is. Lomevi’s punishment for Lomevi is really the lightest. If it weren’t for her surname Luo, he would never have spared her.
"Yi Yi, did you hate me especially when you gave birth?" The scar on her abdomen made him think that it was so long. Although she was anesthetized during the operation, the wound will definitely hurt when she recovers after the operation. She has to take care of Qinqin and endure the pain caused by the disappearance of Zhuang Zhuang. She must not take good care of herself.
"No" means that she wants to leave him. How can she hate him? It’s just that she feels very lonely at that time.
"What a fool!" Jiang Junyue leaned over again. This time, his kiss fell on the tip of her abdomen and worshipped the scar, as if this would relieve her pain.
LanJingYi a thrill "pour don’t … ooze ooze?" Daughter side she said what also dare not really dare not.
"Ha ha ….." He chuckled. It turned out that she was worried about the small light bulb around her, but the small light bulb was asleep. At this time, she was sleeping soundly, and her lips were still smiling. She was probably looking forward to the drama between him and her mother tonight. Jiang Junyue sat up and held a hug and picked up Lan Jingyi’s long legs and walked out.
"Let me go cold" Lan Jingyi struggled, but he already felt his body hot in his arms.
"It won’t be cold for a while," he assured her, but he still took a blanket to cover her body and turned up the heating a little before he went to the living room sofa
"Go back to Qinqin, you can’t sleep alone." Lan Jingyi was in a hurry. This man is so annoying. She doesn’t want to at all now, but he is too strong. She is no match for him, just like he sees a little red riding hood.
"Then I can’t sleep alone in the living room." He rolled her to the sofa or the small sofa was too small to lie alone, but he hugged her tightly and actually lay down a strong body and pressed Lan Jingyi …
"I really want to love you so much that this sentence can be hidden into a secret …" The familiar bell rang at this moment.
Although Jiang Junyue didn’t hear it, he couldn’t wait to smash it, but he wanted to put the woman on the spot first.
"Tilt … hurry up … hurry up. It may be my mother." Lan Jingyi thought that he had called Lan Qing before and wanted to push Jiang Junyue away. He and she are so fast. Although they are engaged, they are not married yet, are they?
"No" but I don’t want Jiang Junyue to say that he ignored her.
"No, you’re quick to get up. I want to answer the phone." Lan Jingyi suddenly pushed Jiang Junyue away. She was too worried about her mother.
The strength was so sudden that Jiang Junyue let her successfully push him away without warning. Lan Jing Yifei seemed to rush into the bedroom, but Xiao Qin slept soundly and was not awakened by the bell. She quickly picked it up and took the baggage and take the journey without looking. "Mom, is that you?" It’s so late that a mother will call her.
But I don’t want to respond that she is not Lan Qingyin but Liu Wentao’s "Jingyi saves me"
A’ save me’ made Lan Jingyi instantly shocked. "What’s wrong with Wen Tao?" It can be reflected that she is worried about Liu Wentao. Her voice is impossible for her not to worry. It is not normal at all.
"I don’t know that I feel bad about the heat … it’s very hot … Jingyi, please come and save me." On the other side, Lu Wentao was incoherent, but one thing is certain: he is very uncomfortable now. When thinking about what Lu Wentao has done for more than a year, Lan Jingyi immediately asked, "Are you at home?"
"Yes" is a single word with a little discomfort, which makes Lan Jingyi more and more worried.
"Good my horse in the past" hung up and Lan Jingyi rushed to the front of the wardrobe. There were a lot of clothes in the closet. Jiang Junyue bought them for her yesterday. She just chose a pair of pants with just the right size. When she saw the orange thin down hanging in it, she remembered that the tailor-made salesman Lan Jingyi in that fashion shop yesterday. She knew that Jiang Junyue had followed up the store yesterday and that the smelly man had tricked her.
Chapter 12 Strange reaction
"Good my horse in the past" hung up and Lan Jingyi rushed to the front of the wardrobe. There were a lot of clothes in the closet. Jiang Junyue bought them for her yesterday. She just chose a pair of pants with just the right size. When she saw the orange thin down hanging in it, she remembered that the tailor-made salesman Lan Jingyi in that fashion shop yesterday. She knew that Jiang Junyue had followed up the store yesterday and that the smelly man had tricked her.
However, she was not sad at all when she was played like this. On the contrary, there was a deep sweetness in her heart.
Just wearing that thin down, she likes to be neatly dressed. When she turns around, Jiang Junyue is lazy and leaning against the door cabinet. blazing with anger stares at her wearing a morning gown. Naturally, nothing is worn through the slightly open gap between the two sides, which shows his charm. "How to go out?" Exaggerated voice with faint unhappiness and thick insatiability sequela. He is not happy. He is suffocating.
"I want to go out." Lan Jingyi walked towards Jiang Junyue in front of the bedroom door. She was in a hurry and didn’t know what happened to Liu Wentao now.
Jiang Junyue raised her hand from behind and shook her in front of her eyes. "Going to meet her ex-husband?"
"Tilting is not what you want."
"What is that? Do you know what time it is? " Interrupted by a good thing, Jiang Junyue wants to kill someone. Now whoever interrupts him, he wants to kill someone. His own side has already ordered Jiang Han not to disturb his good thing when the sky falls tonight, but he didn’t expect that Lan Jingyi’s side was out of order.
Lan Jingyi’s mind turned to think of the sofa in the living room. He was ready to go. What’s wrong with him? He stretched out his hand and pushed him towards the wardrobe. "You also changed clothes and went with me. Liu Wentao had an accident. He always asked me to save him. Hurry up." She has a great advantage in having a conscience and taking Jiang Junyue. That is, if she can’t handle Jiang Junyue, she can help her deal with this man.
"Well, he loves to die and live and live. Why should I mind his business?" Jiang Junyue still doesn’t want to

"Muer, are you here?" Isn’t it a dark fire when Muer listens and looks back? I was happy in my heart, but my face made the opposite expression. I hated the dark fire and said, "Why are you here? What about elegant? How can he not come to pick up Sister Tianwu? "

The dark fire looked gloomy. "He is desperately trying his best in the life test, and I don’t know if he can succeed, but I heard from the Snow Queen that it seems that it is not going well now, and the cards in the life test are extremely difficult."
Tianwu nervously asked, "Where is he?"
The dark fire pointed to the long passage. "You will see me when you go along the passage. This is to guide the players to help you through the past or not. Who knows what will happen inside."
"Dad, you wait here and I’ll be right back." Tianwu said and flew to the passage without looking back. Looking at Tianwu’s figure, the corners of her mouth inadvertently gave me a smile, as if she had some idea.
Mu Er pulled up a dark fire and asked, "Where is it in your meeting? Why can’t I see one? "
Dark fire MuEr ear whispered, "To tell you the truth, all our congregations have retired."
"What? Retire? "
Dark fire quickly hand covered MuEr mouth "how can you be so big? Scared to death, don’t tell, or serious problems will happen. "
"Then why did they quit?"
"Of course, there is a reason for this. You see, so many players are so easy to move in our planned direction. Of course, our congregation incited us."
Muer said "Oh" and then turned to ask, "Then why don’t you quit?"
"I I can’t. Who doesn’t know that dark fire is an elegant guild? Besides, I cut a dash in the bell tower, and now it’s dark here. Maybe others can’t see me as soon as I get to the passage, and someone will definitely ask me for an artifact, which is now in the trial of life. Where can I find an artifact? "
When Muer and Dark Fire were whispering, Xixi and Ye were also talking about dancing.
"Ye, do you think Sister Tianwu will really stay in this world?"
"I believe that I don’t know for sure!"
"Go away and say so many things for nothing. To be honest, I don’t really want to dance in heaven and stay there. After that, we may not have a chance to meet again. How sad!"
Ye sighed, "Me too."
Chapter 13 The Snow Storm ()
Chapter 13 The Snow Storm ()
It rained for the first time in fairyland, which has never happened before, and the atmosphere of the battlefield slowed down slightly. Some guys with too strong fighting capacity found that there were fewer and fewer people around them, and many people gathered in the city. Because of the decrease in the number of people and the stalemate of BOSS, the current situation was not good for the players.
Lan Fengyun and Locke went into the underground cave early. As soon as they found out that the crowd was wrong, Lan Fengyun said to Locke around him, "President Locke, why don’t we get along?"
Locke always kept smiling. "Close? What should be combined? "
Lan Fengyun didn’t say anything to Locke. He continued sarcastically, "You can see that we can’t do anything with this 10,000-strong root, but together we can definitely hit it at the key moment."
Locke just thought for a while. "Well, the temporary alliance was also established because of the meaning of the face. I believe you are also hiding from the five big bosses behind you, right? Do you want to find an iron man? Most people in Fengyun Alliance are iron-handed, and it is very convenient to achieve our goal by borrowing his strength. "
桑拿按摩  title=Lan Fengyun smiled and walked all the way to the channel with Lok Bing in one.
There is a woman behind them, a very beautiful woman like a demon. Her smile is more mysterious than Blue Cloud Locke’s "mantis catches cicadas and yellowbirds, two fools"
Tianwu ran for more than ten minutes, but there was still no end in sight. What was going on in my mind? Nothing. What’s with the long tunnel? Moreover, it is a very strange phenomenon that people are getting less and less as Tianwu runs. When Tianwu comes in, many people have already come in front and there is a direct passage. There is no fork at all. Why are there fewer and fewer people?
After discovering that something was wrong, Tianwu stopped and carefully observed the surrounding cave walls. These cave walls, like ordinary stones, could not find anything strange, but Tianwu insisted on slowly observing and touching every inch of the cave walls along the cave walls.
Suddenly, the heavenly dance hit a concave stone, and my heart suddenly became white. What channels would be less and less? It turned out that many people must have gone to the second place through different machines, and the elegant life test is believed to start here.
As Tianwu thought, the trial of our brothers’ lives started from the passage, and the original huge underground cave, the ice queen, started the trial of life together, and the entrance was the passage at the bottom of the cave.
However, at first, this road was difficult to be seen through by the soldiers and the disease method very quickly. They knew that the cave wall was organic without thinking. We came to the second place by plane. Here is a square ground with more than a dozen uneven columns, and each column is arranged just to block the opposite side. Several of us can see the columns but can’t see anything across the room.
I immediately smiled at the back and said, "Have you thought of anything special here?"
Lin Bing smiled and didn’t talk. Wu Bing also smiled and didn’t talk. He looked at the last sunny rain. "Sister Rain, do you want it?"
Rain or shine a look at all looked at his face a red "what do you guys ask me? I don’t know. "
Everyone laughed and said, "This should be a maze. According to the Snow Queen and Jade Emperor, there is a maze in the process of their life trials, and usually this ring is to be passed in the early stage. This need is the quantity. When they and The Hunger passed, did they waste too much time? If we want to pass this, it is better to wait for the players behind us."
I echoed, "Hehe, what shall we do during this period? Why don’t we have a competition? I don’t know the strength of several of us for so long. "
Wu Bing responded with "Good!" For a soldier, it’s the funniest thing for a soldier.
Let’s not talk about it for a while, and wait for the players behind to say that it’s too difficult to really love you. He and Tianwu walked for a long time before they found that they had entered a very strange room organically. Among the dozens of players who came in with him, there was his sworn enemy, a martial arts master girl, who they had seen for many times. Like it’s too difficult to really love you, she also liked to take risks alone, and many times both of them had to fight for a BOSS, and the result was even a tie.
"What are you doing here?"
"You big head ghost, what are you doing here again? Why do I see you every time? You don’t hinder me again this time. "
"Do it yourself!"
Two people hate each other and walk in the cracks between two stone pillars in different directions. Tingting just turned the stone pillar and was immediately disturbed by a gust of wind. Then she stepped out and was hit by a huge wind and the ceiling fell. Tingting’s eyes were so sore that she found herself back in the original place. She turned around and smiled because she saw that it was too difficult to really love you. She was leaning against the wall with one hand and didn’t ask, but she knew that it was blown out by that strange wind.
"What’s the matter? Is anyone speechless with pain? " Tingting certainly won’t forget to satirize each other at this moment.
It’s really painful to really love you. He just hit the ceiling more seriously than Tingting, then hit the stone pillar tip, especially after the pain setting was added to the fairyland. Although he heard Tingting’s irony, he was so sore that he couldn’t speak. He glared at Tingting and pretended not to hear it, then took out the medicine bottle and drank it desperately.
The soldiers hid aside and said, "It seems that it is impossible for one or two people to escape through this wind maze."
"I thought so, too. It’s a good thing I didn’t go in. You see,’ It’s too hard to really love you’ hurts like that if we go …"
After waiting for more than ten minutes, players kept entering this mysterious room. Of course, some people tried to enter the seam of the stone pillar, but with one exception, they were blown out and fell dizzy. Finally, everyone knew that there was a human root behind this stone pillar and it was impossible to pass.
Chapter 14 Life Test Wind Maze
I look at this maze of wind, but I wonder how the three of them got through the moon mark. After all, there were three of them at that time, and they once said that many special abilities would be closed or invalid when they entered the life test card. I don’t want to think about it, because now I already know how we got through it.
The number of people is increasing, and some teams can resist it for a while after joining the same guild. Finally, the whole team is blown out, so everyone realizes that it is necessary to unite through this. More and more people are divided into small groups to form two groups, one is the snake swimming alliance center, and the other is led by Tianwu, who knows what we are doing. Will she come in again? But also brought all the people in his guild.
There are so many people gathering next to Tianwu, which is a very simple reason. Tianwu has no record of failure after taking part in the challenge, and the challenge is played through the video fairyland. There are no people in the fairyland who don’t know Tianwu.
The fallen world first launched an attack, and thousands of knights held hands and steadily entered the crevices of the stone pillars step by step. Before they stepped, the first few people were blown off half, while others were being pulled to the back, and the people behind them moved on. This time, because there were too many people, even if the wind blew, it was impossible to blow everyone away. Therefore, the fallen world group members passed the wind maze and danced in batches, and it was not backward to copy the fallen world method.
And of course, a few of us are not behind me [alienation]. Everyone has changed, mixed into the team and passed the wind maze.
Show us a huge underground lake. Visually, the whole lake is like a rectangular lake, which is just in the middle of the right path, while the two sides of the lake are steep and vertical. It is impossible to cross the lake from both sides, and it is even more impossible to think about this lake because players have tried to cross it before, but they are attacked by water monsters in the lake or pulled into the water or directly attacked to death. Fallen people are thinking hard about solutions at the lake.
The fairy first suggested that "the president is not as good as our angel Polly."
The winner retorted, "This method won’t work. First of all, we don’t have so many angels, Polly. Besides, even in the past, we didn’t know what was on the other side of the lake. If so few people passed by and died, wouldn’t it be a waste of manpower?"
Renxian continued to insist on his own point of view and said, "This congregation has tried to die, but it won’t take long to resurrect from the city just now and jump in, but it seems that there is a little more experience in death loss. Besides, we can send a group of people there and let a few people take them back. Isn’t it ok for Angel Polly to send another group?"
The fallen world agreed, "Well, good idea. Let’s try it like this first."
After saying that, the fallen world and others began to prepare for the dance. Looking at them, they were not prepared to participate or obstruct it. Just let them experiment, but they wanted to be elegant. Where is the dead guy? Is it already over?
Qingyu asked Wu Bing, "Brother Wu Bing, do you think they can get through this method?"
Wu Bing looked at the lake and the ceiling and hesitated and said, "Well, normally it should not be that simple, but I don’t see anything wrong."
When the five of us discussed it, there was a noisy noise over there. "What? Angel Polly can’t fly? How did this happen? "
The angel of God said very naively, "The president really doesn’t have all angels. Polly can’t even feather."
"Boy, what should I do?"
Tianwu smiled and looked at them from afar. They had thought of a way in their hearts and said a few words to a congregation around them. In a short time, all the magicians and super-magic teachers in Tianwu troupe closed up.
Tianwu said to the magicians, "You wait together to freeze the lake into ice without stopping [snowstorm] [ice wall technique] [freezing technique], then we can pass."
Everyone suddenly realized that they immediately began to die. When people saw Tianwu and others moving, they immediately started to freeze the lake together.
Groups of people passed by, and the five of us passed by smoothly. I can’t help thinking in my heart that it’s a good thing I didn’t try it alone, otherwise I couldn’t think of a way to pass both of them.

Never see you again.

Lan Jingyi directly took it out and called Mr. John. "Mr. John said last night that I agreed, and I promised that person that I would never see Jiang Junyue again." Yu Qian tried to find another way. There must be a way out.
Section 3
It’s all the same if the world leaves. Lan Jingyi didn’t cry and didn’t go anywhere. She went straight back to the hospital. "Mom found the kidney source" and told Lan Qing the news as soon as she pushed the door. This is good news for Lan Qing.
"Great, I finally have another chance to wait for your father to come back, hehe."
There are spoony women like mom in this world, or women in this world are so stupid, just like themselves, knowing that that man will not come back and will not appear, but still can’t help but miss him.
The kidney source person is a mysterious person. He refuses to see his mother and himself, and Lan Jingyi can’t help it. The kidney source test of the other party shows that it really matches his mother’s kidney. Lan Jingyi finally signed the agreement and wrote her name by hand. At that moment, her hand trembled slightly, but she still firmly wrote the pen.
The operation is scheduled for half a month.
This time also let Lan Jingyi breathe a sigh of relief. She has to raise 40 thousand euros, which is 300 thousand. For the rich, it’s just a matter of nine Niu Yi hairs, but for Lan Jingyi, it’s really a problem of several cows, but she doesn’t even have one.
Lan Jingyi thought that the first way was to borrow it, but she could borrow it.
Worried that even if I sell blood every day, I can’t come. Seeing that the operation deadline is approaching day by day, a small advertisement on the road attracted all her attention to borrow usury.
She knows it can’t be touched
But that’s a life-saving usury. She must touch it.
If you want to pledge your passport in the past, you can give it to her. Lan Jingyi agreed directly without hesitation.
The more Jiang Jun leaves him, the better she will live.
I haven’t heard from him for almost a month, and I haven’t seen or heard his voice for almost a month, and she has lived to this day.
On the day of the operation, the mysterious kidney donor entered the operating room very early, but Lan Jingyi had no idea who it was. The hospital gave her a confidential job.
It’s just that I wish I could save my mother. Some things can’t be forced if you want to.
The operation is in progress
Lan Jingyi sat in a cold chair and waited silently for Mr. John to come and leave early in the morning. He had a job and said he would come back after the operation.
Holding a cup in hand, Lan Jingyi kept drinking hot water, and the heat would make her feel better. She walked through the torment from morning till night, and the operation was still in progress.
Lan Jingyi drank a glass of water. She was hungry, but she had no appetite. She didn’t want to eat anything. Just be hungry. She wanted to save some money. She owed so much usury, and that money made her often uneasy.
When mom’s surgery is over, she will make money, and she will definitely earn it back. There will be no more trouble from Lu Wentao here.
Thinking with her head down, she felt dizzy. The dizzy feeling made her hold the chair handle quickly, and her eyes began to spin. Generally, she saw someone passing by, and she quickly called for "help me" and then fainted. Lan Jingyi, the outdoor seat of the operating room, knew nothing.
When she woke up, she was lying in the hospital bed, and the infusion was being dripped into the blood vessels. She looked at the nurse and hurriedly said, "Is my mother’s operation over? How is she now? "
"This young lady, your mother’s operation is very successful, and now you are being observed in the intensive care unit. Even if you get up, no one can go in there except doctors and nurses. Besides, you are pregnant, and the fetus is very unstable. If you want to keep the baby, you should stay in bed. If you don’t want the child, you should apply for an operation and have an abortion in less than two months." The nurse quickly said while adjusting the infusion that Lan Jingyi gradually turned blue.
Chapter 74 No news
She has been taking medicine, to be exact, the man gave her medicine, and she also obediently took what after each event, so that she could get pregnant.
What is it?
She can’t figure it out.
But if you are pregnant, doctors and nurses will not play such jokes on her.
Quietly looking at the top of the shed, her mind was lost in chaos, and she could hardly hear what the nurse was saying anymore.
I can’t stop thinking about the news that she is pregnant.
Do you want it?
Does she want this child?
Fortunately, Lanqing ICU, otherwise my mother would be very worried if she saw her like this.
She hasn’t eaten all day again. She added nutrients to the infusion.
The nurse came again. "Have you decided whether to keep the baby or not? If you don’t protect your infusion, it’s also a wave. "
Lan Jingyi’s eyes are sluggish and she turns her head. She owes a lot of money or is it usury? How can she raise this fetus in her womb when she can’t even pay back the money?
Besides, this kid’s father didn’t want to have a baby at all. If it wasn’t for an accident, she wouldn’t have a baby at all.
A grind her light way "arrange abortion"
"Oh, it’s a pity that they are twins. If they are born, they will be more attractive." The nurse shook her head and walked towards the door.
"You … what did you say?" Lan Jingyi stopped the nurse and said, "You said I was pregnant with twins?"
"Well, you can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman. Maybe it’s a twins."
It seems that the twins are what every woman yearns to suffer once, and that is what every mother wants, and Lan Jingyi is no exception.
At this moment, she wants to keep these two children again, no matter who their biological father is, if she is born, it will be her child and her life will continue.
At this moment, she suddenly changed her previous decision, "Nurse, don’t apply for abortion." At this moment, she said this decision, and she suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. The mother of two babies will keep you, and she will give birth to them even if she eats chaff and pharynx.
Lan Jingyi began to eat and gradually got better. The first thing to do in some beds was to see her mother, who was still in the intensive care unit. These days were the most critical period after the operation. If the mother’s body was not integrated after kidney transplant, there would be a strong reaction. No one in the hospital dared to be careless. Doctors and nurses were watching the mother lying in the hospital bed through the glass. At this moment, she suddenly felt that she was alive and there was hope for living.
A few days later, my mother finally survived the most critical period and finally got out of the intensive care unit. Lan Jingyi pushed her wheelchair and took her mother to the hospital garden. It was nice to see that there were comfortable flowers, trees and greenery everywhere.
Lan Jingyi walked very slowly, thinking about the baby in her stomach. Her heart was tender. It seemed that when she knew these two children, her heart was filled with them more than that of Jiang Junyue in recent days.
桑拿网"Yi yi recently how didn’t see you call lacrosse? Did the young couple have a problem? If mom wants to talk about you, don’t be too sexual. What about this man? You always have to leave some noodles for him, otherwise you will never be seen again. "
"Mom, you said it was my dad, right? Mom, what’s my dad’s name?"
"Your dad, he’s a half-blood. Hehe, he’s handsome."
"Mom, what did my dad do before?" Seeing Lan Qing refused to say her father’s name, she couldn’t ask her mother how much she wanted to say.
Lan Qing’s face darkened. "Don’t talk about him. Besides, he won’t appear. His heart is really cruel."
"Mom, just tell me about it." This time it was Lan Qing who told her about her father. She really liked listening and loved listening to her father. Although she hated it, it was always her blood father.
"Forget it. Mom is tired. Let’s go back. Yiyi will listen to her mother and call LaCrosse later."
Here we go again. Mom seems to have lost the name LaCrosse today, but she sounds so awkward. That man, she will never see him again. She signed the agreement. He has done everything to her.
That man is not worthy of her love, not at all.
Lan Jingyi pushed the wheelchair back and there came a smell of toast not far away, which was her favorite smell before, but at the moment, as soon as the smell came over, she suddenly ran to a tree and squatted down to vomit. Was the little thing born later the last thing she liked was bread? Or do you like bread best?
I vomited with my hand on my lower abdomen. I was about to get up when suddenly a figure spilled obliquely on the trunk lawn. "Yiyi, what’s wrong with you?"
A warm and generous palm fell on her back and patted her gently, which was nothing like Lu Wentao. Has he ever treated her so gently before?
"Oh …" I vomited for a while, and she was so embarrassed and smelled of vomiting. Liu Wentao would definitely get up and leave, but without his hand, she patted her back and let her gradually relax. Finally, she stopped vomiting, which made her feel tired and weak all over. The hand automatically slipped from her back to Lan Jingyi without looking at him. "Thank you." Before he treated her badly, he helped her. Now she knows very well.
"Iraq, we must be so cold silent relative? I want to talk to you about whether you have eaten your stomach by vomiting like this. Let me take you to see a doctor. "He reached out and shook her hand. Lan Jingyi quickly moved forward and missed his hand." Liu Wentao, if I remember correctly, you and I have lost it. "