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Lu Zhi, the commanderinchief and predecessor of the allied forces, hosted a banquet for the generals in the big account of the Chinese army.
Tian Yu enthusiastically introduced me to the main generals and officials of Youzhou. I knew only two people. One was he who specially introduced his relatives Tian Chou. In my impression, he worked as a fulltime guide during Cao Cao’s northern expedition to Wuhuan. The other is that the prefect of Guangyang is fresh and auxiliary, and he knows that he is a minority compatriot by his surname.
At any rate, this is a state’s elite marching on a large scale. The standard of food in the army is not bad. All kinds of food, wine, vegetables and vegetables should be servedless than the treatment of marching alone.
I chose Gao Shun Cheng Yu as my colleague. Anyway, I definitely can’t enjoy drinking with Lu Zhi.
Sure enough, Lu Zhi showed his card in one game: As the old man said, everyone can drink a pot at most.
His generals and officials are obviously used to italthough they have only been under the management of Lu Zhi for two months.
Naturally, I am not a drinker, but I very much welcome the alcohol restriction. It is not necessary to be greedy for wine and spoil the broth.
After the recovery of Liaodong and the pacification of Youzhou, let’s celebrate together. Gongsun Zan smiled and said that he also brought Chang Gongsun Xu and his younger brother Gongsun Yue to dinner togetherGongsun Yue had been hanging out in Youbei for a long time, although he didn’t have a prominent position, but he was barely a big man. Gongsun Zan military forces were said to be half sponsored by him.
Bo Xuan’s words are very oldfashioned. Lu Zhi praised his students. A moment ago, the news came from Yan Rou. After the enemy learned that the main army was defeated, they also retreated to Yan Rou to lead the army out of the city to pursue and behead two thousand broken remnants.
Yan Rou?’ I mumbled 1
Tian Yu, who was sitting on my side, woke up and said, Yan Rou is the right Beiping Taishouma general. Do you remember that you met his brother Yan Zhi before he left Jixian?
I patted my thigh. I remember that his brother stuck to the soil. I should have sent some people to support him earlier. This is really what I forgot about the benefits that Lu Zhi could bring to me at that time …
Yes Lu Zhi joined the topic My good nephew’s rate is that it is the first choice to rush to help Tuyin Fang
Hey, hey, I can’t honestly admit that I chose to return to West Road because I was afraid of your old man’s funeral home.
However, I can euphemistically explain that on the one hand, my little nephew is indeed negligent on the other hand … I turned my attention to Tian Yu Guo Rang has been urging my little nephew to do his best to help Lu Shu.
Guo Rang is worried that the old man can’t resist? Lu zhi corners of the mouth with a smile, but there is no smile in his eyes.
Tian Yu some embarrassed scratched his head belongs to …
There are two kinds of labels that can make people feel surprisingly angry, humiliated, able to serve their families and able to serve their wives.
Lu Zhi’s anger is not the slightest reason. His hands are full of blood and debts, and he has made great achievements, but he is worried that he can’t win by a brat!
As expected, the scene cooled down, and Gongsun Zan and Tian Chou could all huddle up and watch the play.
Alas, I can take the initiative to jump into to be honest, I’m afraid it can’t be reassuring for anyone to lead these hastily formed footmen to resist the Liaodong cavalry that has been practicing for many years.
Lu zhi’s immobile color
There are also three famous men like Lu Shu who can easily defeat the enemy. I struggled to raise the other side and belittle myself. Little nephew, after all, I don’t want to know anything about Lu Shu who lacks experience.
Contemporary three great stars? If you dare to be an old man! Lu Zhi’s attention was attracted by this title. After being modest, he chose to ask … I wonder if the other two are human?
Tian Yu secretly relax.
The title My little nephew often talks with Sanwei in Jingluo is what Sanwei calls I’m bragging about the atmosphere. Sanzang once said that Lu Shu, Huang Fusong and Zhu Di are the most famous in the world. This is purely my personal ranking of the old minister.
Lu Zhi’s right hand stroked his beard and smiled slightly. It’s really a shame that Huangfuyizhen’s famous generation Zhu Gongwei and Han Xing’s old master can accompany him.
After all, he is still a typical intellectual and will never jump out of this secular setting.
Lu Shu is really too modest. I decided to boast to the end. My little nephew didn’t feel angry at that time and asked why he didn’t answer my father’s results … Cough.
Oh? Lu Zhisong let go of his right hand and asked with interest, What did you say?
I rubbed the wine bottle in my hand. I said that although my father started from humble beginnings, he also devoted himself to suppressing thieves and prospering the Han Dynasty, but he was just a state superior to Lu Shu, and three of them were geniuses, especially Lu Shuwen, who was able to prosper the country, Wu Kean and the country was a onceinacentury talent. I was unceremoniously flattering.
In fact, in a strict sense, this is really not flattering Lu Zhi’s resume. There are many scholars who teach and teach martial arts. Wu wiped out the opening angle and settled the sky. He had one contribution to drive out Guo Anding, and he had another contribution.
In the evaluation of Marten, it’s not belittling. Marten’s level is at most a county to be a state male, and it’s also a blessing!
Lu Zhi sighed, It’s a great pleasure to be sure of the longterm position.
Fortunately, he didn’t immediately kneel down to the south with gratitude and cry Long live my emperor and I will spare no effort to die and so on.
I’m thinking about what to say to comfort. I’m very pleased that Lu Zhi Lu Zhi has turned the subject around. Ma Xian’s nephew, you’re taking a holiday to levy Liao. It’s reasonable to say that the old man should try his best to help you, but I’m afraid the old man is unable to do so now.
I am slightly stunned. Is Uncle Lu injured?
No, he denied my guess that there was a shortage of troops.
A lot of dead? I’m silent, and I dare not ask easilyit’s more like accusing Lu Zhi of poor command, even though I just kissed him up.
He himself went on to say, I have lost more than 10,000 wounded soldiers in this campaign, and it is hard to support the expedition in Liaodong. I hope you can understand.
I nodded, Little nephew can make it difficult for Lu Shu. I haven’t forgotten Jizhou in the south … and there is an ambitious figure.
Money, food and soldiers, but I can refuse.
Thank you, Lu Shu. I stood up slightly and handed over. It is enough for Gongsun Du to recover his little nephew once he has died in three counties of Liaodong.
Gongsun Du is dead, but his long Gongsun Kang has fled back to Liaodong. Lu Zhi added a glass of wine with his hip flask. I’m afraid it will also cause you a little obstacle.
I laughed. It’s just a bunch of thieves. Let Uncle Lu see his head before the end of the year.
64 Lu Zhi hinted
My good nephew is brave, but you must not underestimate Gongsun Du’s foundation. Lu Zhi put a hip flask with him.
Oh? I continued to laugh at his own father’s death, and his main step was crushed. What money does he have?
You won’t forget that there is Wu Huan in Liaodong, will you? He took the glass, raised his jaw slightly and took a sip.
I feel that I can’t laugh. … May Lu Shu teach me. Before I heard that Wu Huan in western Liaoning and eastern Liaoning claimed to be 100,000, but this time the enemy was 70,000 at the very most, and Wu Huan has always been famous for riding and shooting. It is obviously not the main force of Wu Huan that I scattered tens of thousands of infantry …
Bo Jue is more experienced than the old lady in this matter, right? Lu Zhi smiled and motioned for his students.
Zan has been in contact with Wu Huan for many years, so he knows a little about his habits. Gongsun Zan is still keeping the necessary modesty. In fact, Mr. Ma and General Ma all have to worry too much about Wu Huan Hu species, all of which are small people with power. If you are strong, he will attach himself to paying tribute, and if you are weak, he will gather people to plunder. Now that Gongsun Du is dead, its main army has been defeated, but the remaining down archers are bound to be depressed at the beginning of 30,00040,000 monarch’s death. When the general moves eastward, he will
I don’t have any impression of Wu Huan, but referring to the Qiang people’s personality … I think they are all semiattached to the grazing nationalities in the Han Dynasty, and the difference is not too big, right?
Gongsun Zan’s sentence is extremely correct. When you are strong, he is as loyal as a sheep and as loyal as a dog. When you are depressed, he will turn into a baiwenhang and tear you to pieces.
You mean that Wu Huan, who wants my army to go in the past, may not firmly support Gongsun Kang? I asked rubbing the bar.
Gongsun Zan nodded. Adults don’t want these aliens to be brave and brave, but they are not afraid of death. In fact, they are afraid of dying. Others will not work hard to make them realize that the strength of our army is that they can’t shake nature and go back to their hometown with their tails between their legs! His tone is very impolite
Well, I hesitated. The question is … how can we make them realize that our army is hard to shake? Even if you add 4,000 light riders to our hands, there are only 17,000 cavalry in our hands. If you show your strength? In the face of the socalled 100 thousand Wu Huan cavalry, my military forces are really hard
Don’t General Ma have any footmen? Gongsun Zan surprised and asked.
I clap my thigh almost forgot that there are twentyseven thousand steps left! But … I hesitated again. It’s still not as good as more than 100,000 Wuhuan cavalry!
Ha ha ha! Words just export not only Gongsun Zan even Lu Zhi, Tian Chou, Tian Yu and others all laughed together.
I … said something wrong? I looked around in wonder and thought that what I just said was right. Forty thousand people are more confident than one hundred thousand people, right?
My good nephew is still inexperienced, and some people take it for granted! Lu Zhi smiled. There are indeed more than 100,000 Wu Huan in eastern Liaoning and western Liaoning, but it is no longer a time for everyone to fight horses. Besides, there are hundreds of tribes in Wu Huan, and unless the court decides to completely exterminate their families, they will never unite and fight against us.
Er … Lu Shu … is absolutely right. In fact, I should refer to the Qiang people’s situation. Baiwuhuan is just a scattered tribe because I have heard the word 100,000 Wuhuan cavalry many times. I have subconsciously regarded them as a cooperative army.
Lu Zhi gathered up a smile and asked, In the future, I will withdraw my troops and return to Jixian County as planned?
品茶论坛Your old man’s house is really highly effective, and you can’t even bear to rest.
I thought for a moment and slowly replied, It’s necessary to lead a crowd in Liaodong, so … my nephew has to wait for the infantry to come before entering Liaodong. Is it appropriate for you?
Be careful, he nodded. You should do some rest in Tuyin City first, and then take back Liaoxi and Changli after the troops are unified.

"Of course I know that it’s not surprising that you are followed by the dark guards according to the degree of Huangfuda’s intention to you, but you won’t wait any longer. Those two guards won’t be able to come for a while, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t wait any longer."

Shui Yun-jin sneer at one. She thought about it for so long before. Ji Qing and Yi Sen didn’t show up yet. It turned out that they were stumped. It seems that Shui Huai-quan really made great efforts this time.
"Hou watched Huangfuda go into the forest to let people send you the letter. This is the royal hunting ground. The forest is so big that you can’t think of it. Since he went in, it’s not so easy to think of it. This time, you will die. I won’t learn those tricks that are not allowed to be framed and planted on you. It’s painless for you. You have to wait until today, and finally such a good time has come."
Shui Huaiquan asked herself that today is the best time, and she was lucky that he tried so hard to deal with Shui Yunjin.
"How long have you prepared for today?" Shuiyunjin glanced at Shuihuaiquan disdainfully.
If you don’t know that Shuihuaiquan is a sinister and shameful person, Shuiyunjin might praise him. This is the outskirts of Beijing. First of all, you can avoid a lot of troubles and eyeliner riding and shooting. After that, the practice is that everyone will go hunting in the Woods and leave some civil servants and wives with them. Shuihuaiquan is sure of this. When Huangfuda enters the Woods, people will stumble, and Yisen and Jiqing will lead themselves to come. Everything is natural.
He put everyone away. Now, even if people kill and set fire to it, no one will know. Then he will put all the blame on Prime Minister Bu, and one more move to kill people will win the game.
"It wasn’t long before you were a scourge. I couldn’t live a day without you. You had to die. Since that bowl of poison failed to kill you, it’s necessary for me to take it back now." Such a shameful remark was taken for granted by Shui Huaiquan.
Shuiyunjin glanced at Shuihuaiquan coldly. He was afraid that one day his evil deeds would be exposed. He even dared to kill himself. Naturally, it was a thorn in his side. She withdrew her eyes and stopped looking at Shuihuaiquan, but looked at the man in black beside him. This man seems to be the leader of the killer. "How much money did he give you? I will give it to you twice."
Shui Huai-quan’s face turned blue to this point. Shui Yun-jin can still hold her breath. She would be whimsical to hit a killer with her idea.
The leader in black felt fresh after being surprised by Zheng. It was the first time he heard such interesting words. He really laughed. "The killer kills people without asking the source, the reason and the result. Seeing silver, but although we are rebellious in the Jianghu, we also know that if you accept silver, you have to do it. If you don’t die today, you will give twice as much silver to the villain, and the villain will obey your command to kill."
Shuiyunjin sneers that a killer can argue with her so confidently, but it sounds a little interesting.
Shui Huai-quan gave Shui Yun-jin a contemptuous stare and wanted to pick and choose. Unfortunately, she is still a little tender. "You will never give you a break if you don’t worry about it."
"I will definitely live well if I don’t watch you die," Shuiyun Park replied weakly.
Shui Huai-quan snorted. He looked at the black leader around him. "You can never let her get out alive here, otherwise neither you nor I will have a good game."
"Don’t worry, it’s not the first time for you and me to get together. It was much more difficult than it is now more than ten years ago. It can all be done. It’s just a little girl this time."
The leader in black, otherwise he will look left and right, and there will be a delicate woman in front of him, and everyone around her will come to rescue him. It’s a bit of a fuss to ask him to kill a little girl with dozens of brothers himself.
These words fell into the water, but Yunjin’s ears made her look tight and shocked. It was more than ten years ago.
In addition to this time, there is another time when they are not married for the first time. She vaguely feels that the truth will be completely solved fifteen years ago, and there should be a result.
"Don’t be careless. If she is really so easy to deal with me, she will invite you out of the mountain again." Shuihuai Spring sank and woke up.
The leader in black has a smile on his face. He can see that he is cautious and worried in his eyes. At least there are some famous people in the Jianghu who can invite him to kill himself. He is either rich or expensive, but it seems that he is careless to ask him to kill a little girl today.
"You can rest assured that I took people’s money for nothing to eliminate disasters."
Shuihuaiquan nodded his head for a moment, then he looked at Shuiyunjin and lifted his feet to leave.
Shuiyunjin watched Shuihuaiquan leave her face and said nothing. Looking back, she saw that it was the black leader Gherardini.
"According to my temper, I have always disdained to kill a weak woman. It seems that I will break the precepts today."
Water cloud park looked at him wantonly puffed up and didn’t speak.
"You don’t look like a timid person facing us who kill people without batting an eye, and I haven’t seen you show half cowardice. Then I’ll give you a decent way to die. You can solve it yourself." The black leader’s eyes were somewhat appreciative. He took out a dagger from his sleeve and threw it at Shuiyunjin’s feet.
Shuiyunjin looked down at her eyes and narrowed her eyes. She always felt that she was the kind of person who knew the truth well, but she never disdained to do such a stupid self-harm thing as letting her kill herself. She still cherished her life.
"It seems that you are not very clever. Since you are not well-advised, don’t blame me. We don’t know how to be passionate about jade." The black leader’s cold words fell behind his big hand, and the black man flew up and pointed his sword at Shuiyun Park.
Shuiyunjin looked at the knife and came straight at her chest, still deadpan.
Just as everyone was staring at Shuiyunjin’s share of indifference in a crisis, Lin Han came from the horizon. He hurried to the corner of the sky and kicked the black man out. He heard "bang" when a black man smashed the stone mouth on the slope.
The leader in black looked at the one foot and he was already dead. In the eyes of his hand, he saw Lin Han falling into the water. He was livid and got news from Shuihuaiquan. He had stopped everyone around Shuiyunjin. How could there be another one?
Moreover, the bearer’s martial arts are unfathomable, and he is full of Shaqi. It seems very difficult to deal with people who have been killed for a long time.
"Who are you? I didn’t find you."
"Don’t Shuihuaiquan and Prime Minister Bu never wake you up? Maybe they don’t even know that there are people following me. Today you made a mistake." Shuiyunjin sneered.
When she received the letter from Shui Huaiquan, she knew that it was bound to be dangerous today. Shui Huaiquan had to deal with her. Naturally, she didn’t want more people to find out, and Yi Sen and Ji Qing were walking in front of ordinary people. Shui Huaiquan and others were bound to try to trap them.
Only when he can let Shui Huai-quan’s scruples not be threatened will he let go and boldly expose all the secrets to the sun. She will come to Lin Han alone, and she will come here in a hurry when she should be rescued from Chen. Fortunately, it’s not too late. It’s just the right time.
桑拿"That’s not necessarily even if his martial arts is no matter how good he is, he is also a person. I can’t believe that so many of us can’t cope with him." The black leader’s face is much more dignified than before, so he can’t dismiss this girl.

Old Dong smiled at them and waited for him here. Otherwise, besides lawyers, the police and criminals are the most knowledgeable people in the world. You have to find Lao Liu for this thing. Of course, we have to work together. He can’t give the credit to Liu Jing in vain

The two sides agreed that Lu Tianfang shouted for help, so when You Wanfa took out the modified gun, Xia Jie took out the pigkilling knife, Xu Jingzhong took out a homemade hand/gun and Mei Jiao took out a dagger, Lu Tianfang finally shouted for help!
When they came in before, Ou Yun was the last one to come in quietly, but he didn’t kill the security door when he heard help. Liu Jing frowned and rushed in with people.
As mentioned above, these people are fraudsters. Although they are determined to engage in robbery and kidnapping after all, they are not fugitives. They really don’t have the courage to fight with the police to the death. Ninety percent of them are here to scare people. When they see the police coming, they will catch their hands and scold themselves for their bad luck.
Before Liu Tianfang came to lament his bravery, he was directly packaged and thrown back to Lujia by Liu Jing, and was scolded by Han Yanyan with his ears. After a while, Liu Heming came and directly rewarded him with a kind leg (of course, he didn’t kick the landing day and hid). Han Yanyan not only stopped her husband, but gave her son a slap in the face. They were extremely dissatisfied with her son and detained him at home to recuperate.
A few months later, the case was finally closed. Xu Jingzhong gave him 1.25 million yuan back to the public security bureau to get Qian Yinxi. She still couldn’t understand what happened. Ruan Yichen felt that she really couldn’t bear the responsibility of disciplining her cousin. She told her third aunt what happened. The middleaged widowed woman was a strong and courageous person. I heard that Ruan Yichen promised to take out 1% to thank the investigation company. Ruan Yichen left A city and returned to the provincial capital with her lovelorn daughter still crying. She wanted to keep an eye on her daughter. This time, she didn’t really make a big mistake and regretted
Lu Tianfang suffered mixed doubles, while Wang Sitian received a regular order. The business was still a regular customer. A whitecollar worker of a company found that his fiance had no time to accompany him for the Dragon Boat Festival on weekends and the MidAutumn Festival, and he was missing during the Chinese New Year. He suspected that the other party was having an affair and found someone to catch him.
The first question Wang Sitian asked for such a guest was, Dear, are you sure that’s your fiance? Not a traitor/husband?
46 The sixth chapter is small three (a)
The Year of the Monkey is the year of Petboy’s life and her life has been turned upside down.
Petboy is a Mongolian cohabiting fiance, Wen Guang, who is from Henan. They agreed to go to Mongolia for the New Year this year. By the way, they formally introduced Wen Guang’s wedding to their parents and relatives. However, after New Year’s Day, Wen Guang Company received a big single employee to work overtime until the 29 th of the New Year’s Day. Petboy Company has had employees take turns to have a flexible holiday since childhood, except for a few families who stayed until the 20 th of the twelfth lunar month. Most people left before the 25 th of the twelfth lunar month.
Cui Xin came to think of A city to accompany her fiance, but Wenguang asked her to go home early and meet her again and again at the beginning of the Lunar New Year.
Because the company is very busy, Petboy took a taxi to the train alone, carrying big bags and small bags. She felt lost in the crowd in Spring Festival travel rush … Wenguang words made her even more sad. Did you get a car? I’m sorry I can’t send you. Explain to your uncle and aunt that I’m sorry I didn’t grab the first ticket and grabbed the fourth day …
When Petboy spoke, she had an idea in her mind. Although she is an only child, her family is very good. Every year, she goes to her grandparents’ home for the New Year. Without her parents, Wen Guang is a person. How will he spend this New Year?
Maybe it’s really a girl’s extroversion, maybe it’s really love. As time goes by, the idea of staying in A city with Wenguang is getting stronger and stronger. Half an hour before the train, she finally made up her mind to refund the ticket and pulled luggage case out of the car.
The residential area rented by her fiance used to be a dormitory of a large stateowned enterprise. The youngest room has been 20 years, and half of them can’t move away. Most of them are indigenous people, and half of them are renting houses. Because the location here is very good and close to the city center, there are bus and subway houses. Although the old rent is not cheap, they chose to share it with them. A couple returned to their hometown three days ago for the New Year.
When she pushed open the door, Petboy was stunned. She got up at five o’clock this morning and cooked breakfast and dinner. She was worried that Wenguang could not see it and would not go home for dinner late. She put the food in a freshkeeping box and put a note on the table. In addition, there was enough sauce beef and fresh pickles in the refrigerator to eat in the Chinese New Year. Even the table was clean and there was no kitchen waste in the garbage can.
With a sudden jump, she went back to the two rooms and opened the refrigerator where they had been children. There was nothing in it.
She opened the wardrobe again, and the Wenguang winter clothing department was gone. Her heart kept beating. What happened? Did Wenguang ask for leave to chase her? Want to give her a surprise?
She dialed Wenguang … Hello?
桑拿会所hello? Honey, did you get on the train? I’m too busy to go back here.
Where are you?
My company is very busy. I didn’t tell you to call me when I got there.
What happened to Petboy sitting on the bed with his mobile phone in his hand? What did Wenguang Company say? His clothes are gone.
She took a mobile phone and knew that if she called their company, the horse would know the truth, but she didn’t dare to dial. She looked at the desk clock in a daze and didn’t know how long it would take. It looked like a generation was as short as a blink of an eye. She finally got up the courage to dial the words of Wenguang Company. Hello? Sisterinlaw Wenguang had a holiday three days ago. He said he would accompany you home for the New Year. Didn’t you come together?
Petboy could hardly believe his ears. I have nothing to talk to you about, Xiao Zhang. Is your company busy recently?
Not busy.
Do you work overtime on weekends?
The receiver heard something was wrong and paused. That … sometimes adds …
I know that Wenguang is back and he didn’t go to the company.
Petboy feels that he is really a genius at lying, and he is still in the mood to cover up for colleagues in Wenguang Company at this time.
But who can be deceive by such a clumsy lie? When she called Wenguang again, the line was busy. After ten minutes, she couldn’t get through. She was unwilling to redial again and again and still get through.
I don’t know how long it took Petboy to think of a friend who told her a story, Hey, do you remember that workshop talk that helped your friend?
When I saw Petboy, Wang Sitian suddenly felt very touched. How long has it been since she received such a normal case and met such a normal client? So you met because of work?
It’s our company, it’s their company’s tour manufacturer, and I have more contact with their company after the sale.
How long have you been together?
We decided on Valentine’s Day in 15 years that we moved together after my house expired this summer.
Since when does he not go home on weekends?
The second week after we moved in together, he said that the work was very busy, and he came to take the weekend not only without rest but also on duty.
You didn’t call his company?
So … not so good, although we have close but …
Don’t rest over the weekend … a holiday? We are both together on Valentine’s Day and Christmas, but festivals like Dragon Boat Festival, MidAutumn Festival and New Year’s Day … Petboy just remembered that he was particularly busy or would have something temporary when he arrived at such festivals.
Can you get through to him now?
Section 62
Petboy shook his head. Wenguang’s mobile phone has been turned off.
will he answer if you call him during the festival?
He said it was not good to supervise the branch factory in the industrial park without local signal …
Wang Sitian sighed and had a preliminary rebellion against this situation. Girl, are you sure you are his girlfriend or not a lover?
How is it possible! We’ve talked about marriage. He’s already met my parents! We have already bought a house. Let me write my name in a safe room …
How much did you pay for the house?
My parents paid 500 thousand, I took 100 thousand and he took 400 thousand.
What is your name?
Yes, he seems to have borrowed money. Since then, he has never given my family a salary to pay off debts, but he has a good income and an annual salary of more than 100 thousand yuan will be paid off soon.
Is his salary in your charge?
No, he has been paying the rent and water, gas and water since we moved in together. I am in charge of daily life. He will buy clothes for me and I will buy clothes for him.
You bought him clothes. Did he take them away this time?
He took the jacket and two sweaters I bought for him.

But it’s a pity that Dean made a deviation penalty again and again

Lampard’s cousin Redknapp said, If a player doesn’t run enough on the court, you will lose every chance to get the ball, but isn’t it the same for a referee? Dean always runs very little in the game, but he always makes a series of weak decisions.
Some Red Devils fans directly accused an idiot referee and a retarded linesman of screwing up the game.
But there is no doubt that Didier Drogba’s most controversial goal penalty may also have ruined Manchester United’s unrealistic dream of winning four consecutive championships, because before the threeround league system in Premier League history, there has never been a situation in which a team can win the championship in seven games without losing.
After the game, Ferguson was furious at the assistant referee’s decision, which he thought was a clear misjudgment.
I can’t understand that the assistant referee was in front of the ball and there was no interference around him, but he made a misjudgment, Ferguson said bluntly
We really need highquality referees for such an important game, but today the situation is quite different. The referee’s performance is really bad, Ferguson was angry
Sir Alex Ferguson’s anger can be imagined. He doesn’t care about Chelsea’s death at this time. The more difficult it is for Sir Alex Ferguson, the more erect he is to meet the difficulties!
But the referee ruined the game. Manchester United not only lost the game at Old Trafford, but also drifted away from what Ferguson called the title race!
Because Chelsea overtook Manchester United in the standings and led Manchester United by 1, it is now second in the league!
Finally, when it comes to the title race, Ferguson is really disappointed and lacking in confidence.
There are still five league matches in which we are 9 points behind Liverpool, and maybe the gap will be widened to 1 point or 12 points in the next day, even if it is 9 points, considering that we are still 1 point behind Chelsea, Manchester United is already at a disadvantage in the title race! But Manchester United still won’t give up!
Ferguson’s lack of confidence is to recognize the reality, but his tone is still tough.
Red Devils Manchester United just won’t give up!
Manchester United will never give up if there is still a possibility of winning the championship. This is the idea that Father Ferguson instilled in Manchester United from the first day of coaching Manchester United, and it is also the spirit that Manchester United can not stand up in his charge!
However, Fleet Street is more realistic, and some bb football commentators released the season Premier League closing statement after the game.
Chelsea’s victory at Old Trafford directly sent Liverpool to the Premier League throne! Will Liverpool lose four of the six league matches? No way! Can Manchester United and Chelsea win all the remaining five league games? Not necessarily!
Who is the champion?
Liverpool! To be continued.
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. 1145 cute fans]
On April 4, Coleman led a team to Bohan.
The penultimate round of the Premier League should be the most relaxed game for Coleman since he took over Liverpool.
It’s easier to play the Carling Cup and FA Cup than to play the earth cup. Coleman still has certain expectations, but the substitute array is really not good.
But before this game, the redblue battle between Manchester United and Chelsea appeared, and the result that the Red Army most wanted to see.
Chelsea wins!
As a result, Liverpool will be one game ahead of Chelsea and nine points ahead of Manchester United.
In the penultimate round, there is no pressure to win or lose or draw Coleman.
Liverpool can lose the game enough to lose points.
Considering the visit to Barcelona in a few days and the rotation of Coleman, the environment is perfect now.
Imagine if Manchester United wins, Liverpool can’t say that they can afford to lose this game!
Liverpool sent a substitute team to the scene at Burnham’s home.
Coleman will naturally not say you can lose this game, but he will still inspire the team to hope that the substitute players can cherish the opportunity to play and make contributions to the Red Army’s top of the Premier League.
Seemingly serious and carefree, Coleman sat in the coach’s seat and watched the game.
He can’t help thinking about the coming summer transfer.
Some players in Liverpool’s reserve team do not meet the standards of top teams, while some players have actually communicated with Coleman in the hope of leaving in the summer.
For example, the Spanish Lera.
This is also the embarrassment of Liverpool’s current position in football.
桑拿会所After all, Liverpool is not a super club like Barcelona or Real Madrid.
There are many excellent players in Real Madrid who are willing to be substitutes and suffer in the Bernabeu to wait for opportunities.
However, in Liverpool, players like Leila will find it unnecessary to spend it at Anfield if they get a steady chance to play.
Liverpool have a great chance of achieving very good results this season, and even more brilliant achievements.

But the boss of Nai’s family didn’t agree to buy shares.

It’s too hard to wait to buy a low-level team or create a team of your own, from the lowest level all the way.
桑拿网This matter can be left to Mendes and others to consider and negotiate slowly.
Chapter 657 Federation Cup
After Dietford’s second wedding, the transfer was handed over to Mendes and his assistants Lu Wenbin and Kate to fly to Brazil to prepare for the Confederations Cup in 2013.
In fact, China’s national men’s football team has already arrived in Brazil to start pre-match adaptive training. Lu Wenbin came late because of the delay in getting married, and did not report until the game was about to start.
Strictly speaking, this is also a phenomenon of playing big cards and should be criticized.
However, Lu Wenbin got married because it was not his chores, so everyone wouldn’t say much.
Moreover, Lu Wenbin’s former China team training base was not attended by many people except a small number of Chinese and overseas Chinese, and there were also few journalists.
When Lu Wenbin arrived at the training ground, Brazilian fans and journalists from all over the world suddenly exploded. Every day, hundreds of people gathered outside the training base to watch the China team training or ask Lu Wenbin for autographs.
Even the Brazilian fans in the football kingdom have been recruited by Lu Wenbin’s skills, which shows that Lu Wenbin is different.
In an interview with reporters, Lu Wenbin declared in a low-key way that the China team came to study and accumulate experience in participating in the world series and would not have any thoughts on the champion.
His record of winning the championship will definitely suspend this Confederations Cup.
Lu Wenbin’s assertion made reporters laugh and made fans feel the humility of China people after it was published.
No matter how strong Lu Wenbin is, football is a physical sport, and it will take 11 people to compete.
No one believes that China can win the Confederations Cup. How perverted Lu Wenbin is.
Lu Wenbin didn’t believe it himself.
He hopes that his teammates will win one or two games and qualify for the group, which is the greatest achievement.
After rushing to Brazil to join the China training team, Lu Wenbin also received the Confederations Cup.
The difference between the Confederations Cup and the Olympic Games is even greater. There are rewards for each step, and the rewards are huge.
The national team competition is becoming more and more important. The most important way for Lu Wenbin to gain experience and skill points is that the national team competition awards account for a large proportion.
Perhaps the controller is a future China fan.
This is an unsolved mystery.
The first victory in 41 international competitions
Asked to lead the China team to win the first victory in the 2013 Confederations Cup and win the first victory in the international competition of the China Men’s Football Adult National Team.
Reward 10,000 experience and 1 skill point.
42 group qualifying
It is required to lead China’s 2013 Confederations Cup group to qualify for the semi-finals.
Reward 20,000 experience and 2 skill points
43 advanced to the final
It is required to lead China to win the semi-final of the 2013 Confederations Cup and advance to the final.
Reward 50,000 experience and 5 skill points
44 confederations cup champion
Asked to lead China to win the Confederations Cup in 2013.
Reward 10,000 experience and 1 skill point.
Looking at these rewards, Lu Wenbin is drooling.
But he knew that China had almost no chance of winning the championship.
However, the first victory in the international competition and the group qualifying must strive for one.
If he can advance to the final, he can add the special skill of Italian ball to the master level, and then he can add the goalkeeper attribute to more than ten points.
As the game approaches, the media reports on the Confederations Cup, and more and more world fans focus on Brazil.
The Confederations Cup is much higher than the Olympic football match.
Olympic football is the u23 youth team, and it has been separated from other events. In terms of competitiveness and attention, it is better than the Confederations Cup.
The following year’s World Cup preview Confederations Cup has attracted more and more attention from the media and fans.
On June 16th, 2013, the Confederations Cup of Brazil officially kicked off. The opening match was held by Brazil vs Tahi. The venue was located in the Gacharin National Stadium in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.
Nine minutes later, Brazil, the host country, beat Tahi 3-0, making an easy start.
Then two groups and his six teams began to fight each other.
Mexico lost 12 to Italy, Spain beat Uruguay 21.
China will play in the last group match.
On the evening of June 17th, belo horizonte, the fourth largest city in Brazil, the second largest stadium in Brazil, Miro Stadium is second only to Maracana Stadium. The second group match of the first round of China vs Nigerian Group B is about to begin.
The game attracted more than 60 thousand fans to watch the game on the spot, occupying more than 60 thousand seats

It was another sunny day, and my parents pushed the baby and took Xiaojin to the valley behind to bask in the sun.

Ye Xiangyuan took hold of me and said, "Let’s go too."
I gave him a wink.
It seems that he was busy the day he arrived, and he was very leisurely these two days.
But we should be on the run in a mess, but he is still so calm that I can’t understand it.
He dragged me to the back valley.
Xiaojin is having a good time with the baby. The baby is waving his paws to reach what Xiaojin has in his hand, and he is about to catch it and get away from it.
So many times the baby quit and ignored Xiao Jin.
Xiaojin rushed to apologize, but the baby still ignored Xiaojin, who was so depressed.
I think it’s funny that "the baby has a big temper"
Ye Xiangyuan pinched my nose and said, "This is Cong."
I laughed.
Look at the past, Xiao Jin has coaxed the baby, and the two brothers have played together again.
Ye Xiangyuan suddenly said, "The baby hasn’t been named yet … I want to name him Chen. What do you think?"
桑拿论坛The baby is a nickname. The name has never been there.
I didn’t think that he suddenly started this crop, and I was stunned to react.
Chen is a treasure, which shows how much he values the baby.
On second thought, Xiao Jin is a beautiful jade baby and a treasure, and the names of the two brothers also match well.
Ye Chen, "I whispered and said with a smile," It’s very nice. "
Ye Xiangyuan put his arm around my shoulder and said, "Not Ye Chen."
I don’t look at him.
He smiled, "It’s Ding Yechen."
Chapter 339 Nickname
I looked at him wait for a while.
Ding yechen
Is the baby my last name?
Although I told him to raise the baby for my parents, I didn’t ask for a surname.
I, he will give the baby his last name.
Of course, it doesn’t matter who my surname is in my mind.
But his move … Obviously because of me.
I don’t know how touched I am. I’m at a loss
Ye Xiangyuan touched my hair and said, "I should have given the baby a full moon wine … I must reissue it for the baby when things are over."
I shook my head and whispered, "It doesn’t matter if we want to be a family together."
He hugged me and said nothing more.
I stood on tiptoe and kissed him.
He smiled and hugged me to Xiao Jin and the baby.
Just like yesterday, our family got together again, but without my sister-in-law and grandfather.
Ye Xiangyuan actually discussed the barbecue before I finished my sadness.
And Pan Dong has brought the tools with his bodyguards.
I was dumbfounded.
After that, there is a special chef who is responsible for baking things.
Ye Xiangyuan is just like a posture that takes us for a spring outing.
I simply don’t know what to say
But I think my parents and Xiao Jin are very happy.
It’s really pleasant to have warm sunshine, gentle breeze and gurgling mountain streams in the valley
I got a chance to tell my parents about Ye Xiangyuan’s naming the baby.
I heard that my dad was silent for a long time before saying "then listen to him"
I’m a little dazed. Isn’t my dad dissatisfied that Ye Xiangyuan named the baby without his consent?
But the baby is Ye Xiangyuan anyway …
My mother seemed to see that I was puzzled and patted me on the back. "We think it’s true that he gets better again and again. It’s also true feelings … We’re just worried about you …"
I can’t help being stupefied.
The original crux is here.
When I was born prematurely, my parents didn’t know the reason, but they should be able to guess that they were angry.
What’s more, it’s obvious that Gu Changyu abandoned a family when Ye went far away.

Spain made a substitution at half-time, probably because it felt that the three-goal lead was not enough.

Of course, the fact is also true.
Spain also slowed down its offensive at half-time, and the defender saved his energy to prepare for the semi-final.
Even so, in the 71st minute, Spain once again scored the fourth goal by Silva, 4 ahead of China.
The Spaniard controlled the ball and defended China. It’s not easy to talk about attacking even if he grabbed the ball.
It was not until the 7 th minute that Lu Wenbin personally broke through with the ball, causing Iniesta to foul, and then a direct goal was scored to save face.
In the end, China lost 14 points to the World Cup and European Cup champions, and the Spanish team completely explained that football is an 11-player game.
It’s better than scoring 16 goals a year and winning the Golden Globe Award for three consecutive times. Lu Wenbin also led the China team in the world championship confrontation.
After the game, the western media hyped the game like Chinese New Year.
Spanish 41 victory over China Lu Wenbin’s ability.
Lu Wenbin can’t support football alone, but it still depends on 11 people.
China can’t make it to the World Series by Lu Wenbin alone.
Perhaps the western European and American media have long been dissatisfied with Lu Wenbin’s sudden emergence.
For ideological reasons, China’s achievements are unpleasant and problematic in the eyes of foreigners
However, Lu Wenbin’s dazzling achievements have made them unable to find a chance to talk sarcastically.
Now I finally found it
It still takes 11 people to play football.
China has produced a Lu Wenbin who may win some honors at the club level, but at the national team level, Lu Wenbin can’t lead China to win the Confederations Cup or the World Cup championship alone.
It seems that everyone has finally found Lu Wenbin’s shortcomings, and it seems that they can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Lu Wenbin is not an alien or a robot.
For the China team, the morale was boosted by Lu Wenbin after the initial depression.
After all, the aura of Lu Wenbin’s top leaders is not a decoration.
Lu Wenbin said that this was a rare opportunity. China was the world champion with a real knife and a real gun, and played an experiment to test the gap between the world champions of China.
Although China beat France in the warm-up match in 21 years, it was a broken French team and the quality of the warm-up match could not reach the real effect.
This time, Spain, which has won three world championships in a row, sent a main team, China, to do it with real swords and spears.
Although the 14 th defeat was disastrous, the China team was not defeated, and Lu Wenbin also pulled back a goal.
Generally speaking, China team has accumulated the experience of playing against the top teams in the world.
The world champion can also play China 41, so his team, China, may not be unable to fight.
For example, Uruguay, the last group match.
After the second round, Group B won two consecutive victories. Spain scored six points before qualifying. Uruguay scored three points, ranking second. Nigeria scored one point and lost more. China scored one point at the bottom.
In the last game, if Spain loses to Nigerian China and beats Uruguay, China will still qualify.
Judging from the results of the direct match, China drew with Uruguay and won Nigeria, so Uruguay should be stronger than China.
桑拿论坛However, Uruguay beat Nigeria 21 times, and there is not much difference between the two teams.
Besides, China’s Nigerian draw was won by Lu Wenbin after changing from the front waist to the back waist at half time.
What would happen if Lu Wenbin played the lower back early and his teammates were more tacit?
Maybe China has already won the first game.

But ten minutes passed quickly.

Or that one minute is not fast at all. That root is suffering. Jiang Junyue has no building.
Is there something wrong with the ladder?
The president’s ladder has never been moved, and it has been parked on the first floor, which means that the man has never been in the ladder.
Lan Jingyi didn’t react correctly. When he rushed back to the office and rushed to the French window, where was the man’s car? The car was gone and no one else came.
Lan Jingyi is confused.
Jiang Junyue rushed back to the company after processing those photos and videos, thinking about the blue view all the way, and waiting for him in Yi Zheng’s office became more and more cheerful.
On the first floor, Jiang LaCrosse was about to step in front of the president’s staircase when it rang. It was a short message indicating that Jiang LaCrosse’s consciousness was awake, but before he opened the short message, his heart suddenly accelerated.
No one has been silent for five years, and he has contacted the number, which is so familiar and strange at this moment.
He took a deep breath before he opened the message.
"The older you are, the softer you are."
The more gentle he is, the more gentle Yin Qingrou used to be. He called her Rourou, and the more she told him, the more he remembered that it was a warm and sweet past.
But at this moment, when looking at this short message, Jiang Junyue felt that it was really Yin Qingrou who sent him a short message.
He thought he was dreaming, or someone was playing a joke on him, so he stared at the number and the nickname Rourou for five years, which has never changed in his life.
The heart is beating faster and faster.
For a moment, he wanted to call her, but when his finger really dialed the number, his hand trembled again.
Chapter 191 Habits are hard to change
Would he be disappointed if it weren’t for Harumi?
I went to see her, and when I went there, I knew everything, and I could see at a glance whether she was real or not.
Quickly put away Jiang Junyue, who didn’t stop, turned around and ran out of the Chiang’s building. He jumped to the car and went straight to the restaurant deep in the bamboo forest in the southern suburbs.
In the past, every time they dated, they liked the quiet bamboo forest and the strong coffee smell there. Two people sat and drank a cup of coffee and listened to the whispering of the bamboo forest for a day or a night.
He also took Lan Jingyi there.
Was the girl who played the sogeum that day really sunny and soft?
Then why didn’t she come back to see herself for so long? Why did she have to wait until today?
品茶论坛A series of questions urged Jiang Junyue to drive fast.
It was supposed to be half an hour’s journey, and it took him more than ten minutes to drive outside the bamboo forest.
It was a surprise. I was surprised to get a text message.
He is looking forward to seeing Yin Qingrou again. Has he really come back after waiting for five years to find her?
At this moment, his heart was left with the delicate face of the sweet girl who loved lavender.
When he got out of the car, he walked step by step to the western restaurant, staring at the place where he used to like sunny and soft. Not long ago, he also sat with Lan Jingyi.
Suddenly I felt a little sorry for Yin Qing’s softness. She had never seen anyone die or a corpse. He actually brought Lan Jingyi here. At this time, he felt sorry for Yin Qing’s softness.
After crossing the bamboo forest, the field of vision was finally broadened, and he could finally see the window position through the glass window.
A slender figure was sitting there quietly, and he saw the silhouette of the figure, and the outline of the side face was so like sunny and soft.
In an instant, Jiang Junyue began to run to the bamboo forest and wanted to fly over to verify with his own eyes-was that Yin Qingrou?
I forgot everything. At this moment, there was only the girl sitting quietly in the world. She was like a painting, an ink painting of a quiet mountain, but it was enough to stir up waves in his heart.
Hand pushed open the glass door "sunny and soft …" Jiang Junyue couldn’t help but let out a low cry, soft and low, but full of expectation and longing.
The quiet and sitting woman slowly looked up and showed her beautiful face. The lip corner smile in Jiang Junyue’s eyes was as elegant and sweet as before, and her big eyes, which seemed to talk, were looking at him quietly.
"Soft ….." Jiang Junyue steps faster and faster wish a blunt past but really stopped before Yin Qing soft but he didn’t know what to say.
He still doesn’t believe that the woman in front of him is really her for too long, and five years is enough to change a person’s life.
His hand gently raised his fingertips and fell white and his cheeks were glowing with micropowder. It was still like that. Blowing a bomb could break the skin. When the fingertips passed over the texture lines, the two bodies trembled gently together. He was also Yin Qingrou.
Section 11
"The more …"
This is Yin Qing’s softness. Yes, it is only because of her that she calls him a nickname that belongs to her. No one else has ever called him that.
However, as soon as it became softer and softer, Jiang Junyue’s mind suddenly gushed out another two-word nickname, which was also called his nickname. It was Lan Jingyi’s nickname that was so gentle every time he called him. At this moment, he finally remembered that Lan Jingyi was waiting for him in the company office.
It was also at this time that he remembered that he should give her a word.
However, it is not appropriate for him to call in the past after all. After thinking about it, Jiang Junyue sat safely opposite Yin Qingyou, just as two people sat opposite each other many years ago. It seems that those five years have never been experienced, and they have returned to that time.
The bamboo forest outside the window is still green, he is still so handsome, and she is still so sweet. Now Jiang Junyue is full of unspeakable mature men, and the male taste is even more fascinating to women.
"When will you come back?" Jiang Junyue made two prologues with such a sentence. He always suspected that the woman who saw Sogeum leaving that day was Yin Qing. If it was really her, she would have come back early.
"More than two months" Yin Qing said softly that Shui Yang looked at Jiang Junyue with dribbling eyes. "The more you go, the same thing hasn’t changed at all."
Jiang Junyue bowed his head and fiddled with him. He wanted to send a text message to Lan Jingyi to tell her not to wait for him. He wanted to tell her that he was temporary and had something to go back. He didn’t want to tell Lan Jingyi about it somehow, and he didn’t want Lan Jingyi to know it at all.
Seeing Jiang Junyue concentrate on texting without responding to his own words, Yin Qing smiled suddenly. "Hehe, is it texting your child’s mother?"
Just about to press the send button, the hand was slightly delayed. "Do you know all about it?" So he doesn’t want to hide it from Yin Qingrou. It’s best to forgive him at this moment. His heart is still confused