Chongqing trunk road integrated management level nationwide second

  On July 27th, the news from the Municipal Transportation Bureau said that the Ministry of Transport issued the "13th Five-Year" national trunk road maintenance management management ability evaluation (also known as "national review"), Chongqing comprehensive ranking The eighth princes of the 12th Five-Year Plan were second, second only to Jiangsu, the best achievement of history, Read More

Chengdu Chunxi Road Street Implementation "Six Operations" to help business district companies accelerate development

To help the development of enterprises, activate high-quality development engines, Chengdu Chunxi Road street vigorously carry out gathering anti-disease, pay hard, policies, promote consumption, accurate investment, project to promote six actions, from different angles, Innovation method, coagulation gathering promotes the high quality development of economic and social. To carry out the gathering anti-optics, build a Read More

22-jarige dong Mingzhu vrouwelijke secretaresse is populair, de nieuwste reactie: ik ben gewoon een werknemer

Onlangs is er een mediaprapport. In de Chinese Manufacturing Leader Summit introduceerde Dong Mingzhu, voorzitter van Gree Electric, haar secretaresse: 22-jarige Mengyu-kinderen, en zeiden dat ze haar in de tweede dong Mingzhu, 11 november zal cultiveren Haar volk stuurde een video om op deze kwestie te reageren: Hallo Iedereen ~ Ik ben Meng Yu Tong Read More

Chen Gang: After the epidemic, the company should pay more attention to long-term development value.

People’s Network Beijing February 21 (Reporter Cui Zei) Under the epidemic situation, SMEs face severe challenges. How to make a crisis machine, amnealing? On February 20th, the People’s Network Strong Strong Forum passed the "Golden Table Round Table" people’s fighter, SMEs, and the severe challenges and turning departments of SMEs under the SMEs, and the Read More

Dit jaar, stro uitgebreide gebruiksubsidiekaankondiging

  Een paar dagen geleden heeft het General Office of Heilongjiang Provinciale overheid het ‘implementatieplan voor stro-uitgebreide gebruik van de Provincie Heilongjiang in 2021 uitgegeven’ (hierna "Programma" genoemd), heeft het in 2021 verduidelijkt, de provincie Stro ge?ntegreerde gebruiksdoeltaken en ondersteunen beleid. Het "Programma" is duidelijk en de alomvattende bezettingsgraad van stro in 2021 heeft meer dan Read More

The Ministry of Civil Affairs will shut down the 5th illegal social organization website in 2021 in accordance with the relevant departments.

People’s Network Beijing August 17th According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs website, recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Central Net Trunks, Industrial and Information Ministry of Industry and Information Technology implement the party’s central decision-making deployment, continuous efforts, precise strikes, and shut down in accordance with the law 2021 The fifth batch of 13 Read More

The third national entrepreneurial service show exchange activities held in Changchun

  On October 14, the third national entrepreneurial employment service show exchange activities held in Changchun. The Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Chairman Gao Yunlong attended the launching ceremony and announced the launch. Zhu Junhai, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee. Read More

“Have,The name of the private room seems to be called Shanghai“Xia Jian replied。

The waitress laughed softly:“Mr. Nice,Our VIP Room,All in Beijing、Shanghai、Named in big cities such as Guangzhou,You come with me“ Bypass a big tree in the lobby on the first floor,The stairs are behind the big tree,This idea is novel enough,Don’t you just have a meal?It makes people feel a little mysterious。 The box door of the Read More