Luo Yicai doesn’t care about this,Very aggressively pushing Luo Jun out of the office,And locked the door from the inside。Look at Luo Yi’s cute look,Xia Jian couldn’t help laughing。

“This old man,Just like to be nosy。If grandma is there,Promise to scold him again”Speaking of grandma,Luo Yi couldn’t help but sighed again。 Xia Jian smiled and said:“Uncle Luo seems to know something?How did he know?” “Let’s go home for dinner today noon,Maybe Ali told him something。The old man gets excited when he gets in the Read More

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Seek reward and support</p> Ask for monthly pass for subscription</p> Book Friends:</p> Welcome to join the group,Talk about blowing water。</p> Old driver inside,Moe new owner,Mensao people deserve everything</p> In another book,The name of the animal that appears,Not fictitious,But there are such creatures。</p> Wilderness also involves some first aid knowledge,Can be used in reality。。</p> First459chapter Crying Read More

“it’s time to,Time to break!”

With a thought of Li Ming’s ontology,The vast kingdom of God suddenly rumbling and began to expand。 The original boundary wall of God expands outward again。 This expansion,Sudden violent reaction。 “boom!” The whole kingdom of God shakes,Suddenly a void channel,Connect directly to God’s country,An endless stream of chaos rushes out of this end of the Read More

It’s just that there are risks,Once the plan goes wrong,Then everyone will be in danger,There must be someone to attract firepower to make others escape,And do,Means sacrifice。

Just when Yu Zhe felt,This plan needs to be refined,suddenly,A few nuns ran over screaming,I was so anxious that even the priest almost didn’t hear clearly,Don’t mention him as a foreigner who doesn’t understand the language。 The nuns forcibly calm down,The priest was shocked when he understood,He quickly asked what happened,Only then learned: Someone climbed Read More

“Why should I say so much?,Anyway next,Actually it’s almost processed。”

“But think about it,Looks like this,Actually there is no problem at all!” Now,With the people around,They all looked in front of them。 obviously,at this point,What should I do,Actually just this problem,It’s not easy already。 And after looking at these,Actually from now on。 this matter,Wang Teng’s heart,I already understand。 “Rest assured,What they are now,Can’t threaten me Read More

Leo shook his head:“Remember that we are suitable for the author,In another few days I will bring Weibull and Hancock to find you!”

Ming Ge:…… I brought so many people here to kill me?And you have a relationship with the empress? Three guys no less than him or even better than him go to his turf,I’m afraid it can kill him directly。 “Don’t think too much,I just do it for safety,After all, I’m afraid you will kill me Read More

Came to the hospital ward,Jiang Wan’er looked at her father who was still sleeping,Very depressed。

“Doctor Bi,Fang Yu……Is there really no news??” When Jiang Wan’er sighed,Bi Shujun brought Ruan Wu to inspect Jiang Yiyun。 See Bi Shujun,Jiang Wan’er has hope in her eyes。 Fang Yu,Even if you have one more message,Let her feel at ease for a while。 only,All this is just a luxury! “Doctor Fang……Really haven’t come back yet!But Read More

“Count as one!”

“And I!” After Li Tianzhi repeatedly asked,There are only six gods who stand up,Only a few,Most of the rest are watching,He was about to ask one last time,Venerable Huo Xing stood up。 “Chang Mou dare not violate the old palace owner’s last wish,But I can’t understand how you are today,Ruined the Tiangong projection,Even if you Read More


Chapter six hundred and seventy seven Go straight to Huanglong Iquitos City,The famous neighborhood closest to the port,Polan Street。 Before the red fog era,This was once the famous red light district of Hewan,Attracts those who come to explore the Amazon River Basin,Ask for the most primitive secret of human instinct。 In the words of an Read More

After Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan came in,,Bai Qi is already sitting in the office,When she saw Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner, she asked Lin Yuner:

“what’s up?When I arrived this morning, I thought I was in the wrong office.。” “Later, I saw that the name on the door plate was indeed my office。When was it decorated?。” Lin Yuna said:“Xiao Fan feels that the two of us are too crowded in this office,That’s why we expanded the office area a bit,It Read More