“I don’t know something here。”

The penalty head pointed at the high wall of the City Lord’s Mansion and said:“It is said that Shui Qingfeng is also a master of formation,There must be many formations on Qingfeng Village。If we don’t check the formation of Qingfengzhai first,I’m afraid to pay a heavy price。” “So your task for asking me for help Read More

Yuan Feng and Guihu look dumbfounded,Even forgot to do it,Only one idea,People,do you died?

Fuming feels like falling into a bottomless abyss,It’s dark all around,Suddenly fell heavily to the ground,Fuming tightly held the Godbreaking Halberd,Scan around。 Fuming reached out and probed,Feel something,A little cold,Very smooth,Suddenly lights ignited around,One,Two,Until all light up,Only after Fuming did I see what I touched。 It’s dragon,The legendary dragon! And the dragon in front of Read More

After a simple wash and dress,She casually went downstairs to eat something,I drove straight to the Yidong Media Office Building in the center of Futian District。

The charity cocktail party organized by Yidong Media to celebrate the 40 years of reform and opening up will be held at 8 pm,As the host of the reception,She still has a lot to prepare。 That night,ShenzhenAbig hotel,The brilliant crystal lamp exudes magnificent light,The stylish yet elegant decoration is full of oriental charm。Those who enter Read More

A trace of vitality oozes from the lavender flying sword,Quickly burned his turtle and snake spirit。

Just one breath,This promising Yuanshen Taoist,Completely dead。 The monk dressed as a miner waved his hand,Put away Yuan Yeyi’s body,By the way, I took away the magic treasure of another real Vientiane person,Then use the method of small shift(Because Yuan Yeyi died,Out of control,The power reduction cannot stop the small movement technique),Disappear directly into the Read More

So the stronger the gene,The stronger the power limit,The kingdom of God and the universe will be stronger。

quickly,The Kingdom of God reached 100 million light years。Beyond this limit,The barrier of the kingdom of God has become the wall of the universe。 at this time,Li Ming has been able to sense the kingdom of God,Do not,It’s the induction of the small universe back to itself。 But at this time,The small universe is still Read More

at this time,Guo Long looked into the distance,do not know why,In his heart,Suddenly have a very dangerous feeling。

“Boss,Let’s now,What should I do?” The men beside Guo Long,Asked Guo Long。 And this time,Guo Long raised his head a little bit to stare at him。 While seeing here,Actually Guo Long felt,till this moment,Such a thing,In fact, the performance is much simpler and clearer than expected。 And now,Guo Long subconsciously stares in front of him。 Read More

The sand flow is like an air current,Covers a large area,Bingchen Bailong just fell to the ground,I saw the sand flow tornado trapped Bingchen Bailong inside……

Sand flow,Many also hit the ice feather and frost armor of Bingchen Bailong。 They can’t even defeat Frost Armor,Naturally, I can’t hurt Bingchen Bailong,But the sand stream tornado will obscure Bai Qi’s sight,Make it difficult to see the surrounding situation,I can’t tell where the enemy will collide。 Cloudy sight,It is difficult to target,No matter how Read More

“What a boring memorial!”Sister Fang was stunned and said。

Wen Wenhao nodded,This memorial,He felt it was fake at first sight,I didn’t expect it to be true,Beyond his expectation,No one wants to roll his eyes more than him。 “Beat people,But I must be very depressed。” Hu Yang told him:“Why not?The Qing Dynasty has the most garbage memorials。In the Ming Dynasty,Some people just keep talking nonsense,Beaten Read More

Lin Feng covered his chest with one hand,One finger to the shopkeeper:“you,you……”Lin Feng has been acting upright,I met such an unreasonable shopkeeper,He really doesn’t know what to do。

Lin Yun’er saw Lin Feng’s appearance a bit wrong,Hurry up and smooth the younger Lin Feng,Comfort road:“dad,Don’t get angry,You just left the hospital two days ago,Don’t tell him anymore,Xiao Fan will be here in a while,Shall we leave the matter to him?” Lin Yoona now has 10,000 regrets in her heart,Why do you have to Read More