“I’m really crazy,So maybe you think my actions are a bit frivolous……I must admit,I will be more reserved if I can;Please forgive me,It’s the night that leaked the secret of my heart……”

“Bailing classmates,I wish you a good result in the competition!” “Hahaha,The video is so interesting!Zhang Song,You must be watching Lu Yi successfully confess the goddess,Want to learn,is not it?It seems,Our dormitory is about to hold an order-free training class,one class100Bucks,Estimated to be able to make a profit。”Dong Ge said with a smile。 “Is not,I……”Zhang Song Read More

Xia Jian sitting in front of the phone,Non-stop command and dispatch,Keep up with the dynamics everywhere。The wind has been blowing this night,Everyone’s heart is holding。The road outside,Sirens keep on,120、119’S voice almost rang till dawn。Xia Jian’s heart hangs,It seems that this disaster is not small。

When the white fish belly appears to the east,Xia Jian crawled on the desk tiredly and fell asleep。At this time Guan Tingna walked in hoarsely,She saw that Xia Jian was tired like this,So he quickly took off his coat and put it on Xia Jian’s body。 The sky is getting bright,But dark clouds are surging Read More

“mom,How are you lying,They obviously don’t have big fangs。”A four-year-old girl with pigtails,Said milky voice to his mother。

The girl’s mother looked embarrassed,Don’t know how to answer this question。 …… City Lord Mansion,Some blue bricks,Some gray tiles,The wet yard is full of plum blossoms,Plum petals are wet by rain,All over the courtyard,The fragrance is mixed with the fresh breath of the valley after the rain,Even more intoxicating。 A simple bamboo mat,Put a blanket Read More

Ouyang Hong smiled and said:“I want you to do more practical things for the people of Pingyang Town,So I wrote a document and reported it to the city,Let you work part-time as the deputy mayor of Pingyang Town,Do things like this,Will be more powerful“

“No no no,I now work,I’m almost too busy,Besides, I have to go to work in Bucheon,Give your position as deputy mayor to someone else!“Xia Jianyi listen,Hurriedly declined,He is not hypocritical,It’s true。 Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“Able people should do more work,Moreover,As long as the above approved,You can’t do it,Unless you are not from Xiping Read More

Just got off,Xia Jian felt too hot,He put his hands on his head,Is preparing to walk towards the city government office building,Suddenly someone calling him behind:“President Xia!Don’t rush to go together“

Xia Jian turned around,Seeing that it was Vice Minister Zhang of the Propaganda Department running after him,Xia Jian hurriedly stretched out his hand,I said hello to others,The two of them hid under a big locust tree,It’s a bit shady here,Standing a lot better。 “Oh, Mr. Xia!I’m sorry about the last time,I wanted to find a Read More

“Yes,It’s them!These two silly and unclearIDIt must be them!”The military division also discovered this situation。

“Turned out to be a straight,Meet this kind of rookie team that can play,It seems this is stable!”Shan Dawang said that,Actually, my heart is dripping blood。 This Legion Challenge,But the biggest test the Black Wind Mountain Army has faced since its formation,They have lost in a row before3Challenge…… If this game loses again,Blackwind Mountain Legion Read More

Zhu Minglang saw Li Yunzi,She is standing in front of the temple。

She turned around slowly,I seem to be surprised to see myself appear,There was an unpredictable brilliance in those beautiful eyes。 “Isn’t this Zhu Minglang?,The man impersonating someone from our clan,Returning from the arable land with Yunzi?”Kong Tong recognized Zhu Minglang at a glance,Speak first。 Li Ying also recognized Zhu Minglang,At that time he didn’t even Read More

“All right,You think about it first,I’ll go downstairs to cook for you!Korean Poems,You are really in the blessing and not knowing the blessing,How many women want to be my girlfriend,But they didn’t even have a chance to enter my house,Let alone eat my breakfast。You are the first woman to come to my house,Still sleeping on my future girlfriend’s bed。”Ji Yunfeng said excitedly,energetic。

Yu Shi can’t wait to bury his head in the quilt,As someone else’s girlfriend,She doesn’t want to have。It’s not that Ji Yunfeng is not good enough,But she didn’t have the confidence to start a new relationship。 Fortunately, Ji Yunfeng didn’t ask her the answer again,Send her to the company after dinner。 But one time,Yushi feels Read More

From the company,It’s impossible for anyone to stop him in Lingxiao City,For a martial artist who has entered the Holy Realm,It’s too easy to get out of town without a sound。

After that, I moved with all my strength,Display“Lightning Walk”in the case of,He can reach the edge of the Star Dou Forest within an hour and a half。 Even if someone finds out,Want to know where he went,Can’t keep up。 For this,Xia Chenglong has absolute certainty。 The entire Lingxiao City,Except for the Tujia Patriarch, maybe this Read More

That’s not a joke,Lots ofBOSSMonsters hit the city,Slaughter players,Low-level players are attacked by monsters,There is nothing to fight back,Was slaughtered directly。

If this system task is to restore the monster siege scene in the game,Then Lu Menglin doubts whether the City of Steel and the guards in the city can stop thoseBOSSMonster。 Should be unstoppable!Don’t sayBOSSMonster,Even if it’s another time for the Zuma leader and the giant monster statue in the cataclysm,With the current strength of Read More